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“Panic! Horror In Space” is series of horror misadventures in deep space with the crew of the starship Mercury – which, of all the starships in the elite Terran Space Fleet, is probably the unluckiest ship in history! Not once, not twice, but many times over, the same hapless crew – give or take a couple of replacements – on a supposed voyage of deep-space exploration – give or take a few dozen casualties, stumble into the weird, wake the creepy and trip over the downright terrifying and possibly even supernatural.

Panic! Is set in the Galaxii Series universe, using many of the same settings, references and background material.

There are currently 3 titles in Panic!, with several more in the pipeline, so readers hoping for the release of new titles shouldn’t despair!



Page turning space sci-fi full of chills and fun from beginning to end…‘

“I’ve mentioned before that I enjoy space science fiction quite a lot and my go-to author of that genre is Christina Engela who once again provides another awesome series but this one contains some chilling but fun spills that begins with ‘Static’. The ‘Panic! Horror in Space’ series is well worth a look for some awesome Halloween spooky goodness.” – Lee Hall, UK writer & reviewer in “Spooky Season Book Recommendations 2“, Oct 26 2020.

About Panic! Horror In Space

Since Panic! is a sci-fi horror series, there are the obvious horror plot twists and plot devices, and a whole universe of nasties, as well as good tension and suspense! Things like zombies, ghosts, haunted or cursed objects as well as assorted kinds of paranormal activity are likely to feature in a variety of settings such as deserted colonies or outposts, and derelict space ships or stations. But as any good horror writer will tell you, a good horror story isn’t ALL about the horror! One has to build up to horror, and there have to be releases from terror, otherwise constant terror becomes monotonous, loses its edge, and becomes dull – and the reader, bored.

One way to do this is to occasionally divert the reader’s attention to the other aspects of space travel, procedure and protocol, and of course, to add a little humor to the mix.  In Panic! this is achieved by highlighting the deteriorating relationship between the captain of the Mercury, Stuart Flane, and his superiors at Space Fleet HQ. Admiral Tawney, who although quite fond of Flane, has little patience for mishaps that cost lives of his crew – as well as flimsy reports that include impossibilities and words such as ‘ghosts’, ‘undead’ and ‘simply vanished’.

Commodore Peters, on the other hand had a far more direct method of venting her anger at him. One time she chases Flane halfway across her Starbase with her nine-iron after he’d lost her favorite nephew (a presenter on a popular paranormal TV show) on a special assignment on Floridia-7. That planet has a reputation for being the most haunted place in the known universe, and well-deserved it is too!

Aside from the lovable Captain Flane, there’s his long-suffering best friend and executive officer, Vic Chapman. Vic is an incurable optimist, amateur historian, romantic and tech-wizard, who tends to wax romantic over every unexplained mystery they encounter in deep space… whether it’s an abandoned space vessel full of dead people, or a long-dead alien world with just one life sign on the surface!

While most of the characters tend to come and go, it is Vic and Flane, and the Mercury’s CMD, Dr. Fred Killian who tend to be regulars. Every new story in brings with it new characters, and new threats – and new terrors! 

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