Constant Changes

So last night I started moving stuff around the house… the front room some of you have already seen was a combination of a bed room (2 beds) and my office… I decided the best way to do things was to move Mom’s bed and some other bedroom related furnishings into the spare room and to turn Mom’s room into my office.

To do this, I had to move some of the stuff out of the spare room first – and the house being laid out the way it is, there was nowhere else for that stuff to go but into Mom’s old room. I think you can imagine the chaos and the mess. It’s indescribable. I think the mess left by burglars comes close. But only if they are sloppy burglars.

Of course there were the momentary break-downs as I felt like an intruder rifling through Mom’s stuff, realizing that with every little change I had lost some of mom’s presence in the house. Also that, no matter what, that is inevitable anyway. I also had to rewire a lamp while I was at it, without blowing anything up, which was nice.

It’s amazing how light furniture can be – if you first empty out the contents. Piano’s being the exception of course. Putting the contents all back again also makes for an interesting experience, and a slight delay in moving on to the next thing. It’s amazing how perfectly some things fit into the new room… like it was meant to be all along. I think when done, it’s all going to look just fine.

I finally quit around ten last night, after realizing that I hadn’t eaten anything since ten am and that my body (and my feet) were saying “enough now”. When you risk dropping heavy shit, it’s time for a rest – especially when the heavy shit is as precious to you as your feet. Or you don’t have any safety shoes. Um. So I wrapped up for the night, had a nice hot bath, chased that with half a bowl of pro nutro, and went to bed past 11. I half-expected Mom to rouse me, asking where her bed is. She didn’t. But I did dream I was holding a little yellow baby chick in my hands. I have no idea, don’t ask.

Today when I get home from work, I will be carrying on – and over the weekend too. I might not notice until it’s Monday. Basically the front room (now the guest room) has 3 beds, a dresser and a chest of drawers in it. And 2 chairs. And an antique wooden radio that has clawed feet (that don’t work – it hasn’t moved in years). Plus a lot of other stuff that still needs to move out to various parts of the house (tools, picture frames, clothes in the drawers, kitchen sink etc). Naturally the “thrift store” pile and the “hospice shop” pile are growing. I can’t quite bring myself to discard Mom’s stuff yet. I have a mountain of old papers, journals, notes, black and white photos and other misc stuff to sort through. (Sad to say, I have not found a map to the lost Kruger millions, or a winning lottery ticket among them.) Her desk, although moved out of the lounge, still has all her stuff on it, just as she left it.

The office needs to be organized. It still has three wardrobes in it for one thing – but one of them is built in, so forget it. The other two have to go, but where to? The only alternative is to dismantle one bed and slide it under one of the others in the guest room, and then put the wardrobes where the bed is currently. Only then I will have space for 2 guests instead of 3. Then again, when last have I had 3 guests stay over? Or 2, come to think of it?

Bedding conundrums aside, my desk needs to be reassembled – or rather, I need to decide if I want to use it, or Mom’s desk (which I rather like better), or both. My computer must be set up (once I find it again) and I’m thinking the carpet and under-felt need to come out before any of this takes place… it doesn’t cover the whole floor, needs a major clean, and the under-felt is ripped to ribbons on one side. And then of course, BOTH rooms need complete repainting – and the part of the guest room that used to be my office until yesterday, needs quite a lot of filler for the holes left by stuff that I took down.

Before I’m done, I think the office will get a floor sanding treatment and a coat of sealer. Maybe a loose mat in the center. I’m done with fitted carpeting for the next decade or two. Or maybe three.

The filling and painting I will handle in due course, most likely within the next month. Meanwhile, my friendly builders will be coming in over weekends to work on the entertainment area. I will post pictures on Facebook as I go.

If change is as good as a holiday, and if change is a constant, then I must be on a constant holiday 😛

Till next time.

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