Starting “High Steaks”: Galaxii Series #8

High Steaks by Christina Engela

New book, new story… New characters… Nothing more intimidating than starting a new book and staring at the first horribly blank page… and the cursor blinks… blinks… blinks… This could turn out to be a horror novel 😛

Imagine if you will:

Life is a cheap thing in the cold of space, out here – far from home, in the face of an alien star burning bright with the light of loneliness – an alien place, where a small ship from far away now found itself through a peculiar combination of bad luck, bad timing and gross misfortune – a place where the only witness is space.

And space is silent.

It was said, by some, that space is like the ocean.  Never turn your back on it, they said – it’ll kill you.  Go unprepared and it will chew you up and spit you out like yesterday’s leftovers.  Whether it’s radiation poisoning or a micro meteorite that punches through the hull of your ship, space is a perilous place.  Treat it lightly or play with it and it will kill you when you least expect it.

. . .

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