Sad News

My dear fans,

As you know by now, I’m a writer living in South Africa. For over twenty years I’ve been struggling to get a foot in the door as a writer, having worked the self-publishing route for thirteen of those years. I write a peculiar blend of sci-fi/fantasy/horror, sometimes using vampire characters in sci-fi situations. I also write some LGBT characters since I am part of that community as well. As I’m sure you also know, getting published while writing material of that nature in today’s world is not as simple or easy as people may think.

In 2014 I was lucky enough to sign with a new traditional publisher based in Texas, who agreed to re-release all of my completed works under their label. The publisher was new and popular and grew quickly – too quickly perhaps, to be able to handle the workload. Some of you may have noticed over the past year, the output from that press seemed to diminish – as a result of the staff becoming swamped with work. Something had to give, and apparently, something finally did.

This past week I received news from the publisher that they are downsizing, narrowing their focus to publish pure horror material only. They are letting all their non-horror writers go, including me, giving releases for all our contracted works. This morning, I returned the signed release form for “Blachart”, “Demonspawn”, “Dead Beckoning” and my dad’s anthology “African Assignment”.

What this means is that my books will be taken down from while I negotiate with another publisher to take me on. They are still up for now, and I have no idea when they will come down and the master material forwarded to me. However, once this is wrapped up, the new publisher will put the books back up on Amazon. Of course, this means that none of the purchasing links on my posts or other ads will be valid anymore, since they will be effectively ‘unpublished’ until this process is finalized. As you can imagine, having to make alterations to each cover and each manuscript to reflect a change in publishers and editions etc, takes a little time.

Like those of you (however few you may be) who follow my postings and are truly interested and supportive of my writing and my writing career, I will be waiting impatiently to get everything up on Amazon again in order to get back in the game.

Thank you to J.Ellington Ashton Press for the opportunity you gave me, and for the experience – and the friendships I gained that I would not have otherwise had.

I apologize to those who enjoy my writing, for the inconvenience and for the disappointment – believe me, I am disappointed as well! This isn’t over – this is just a slight set back. I will keep you all informed of progress in this matter.

All the best!

Christina Engela

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