Read First, Pay Later!

For those of you who would like a look at my books before committing to buying anything, 😉 Google Books  – and now Scribd as well, display some of my books for free!

That’s right – you can go to Google Books and Scribd, and search “Christina Engela” and you will see a listing of some of my books there, and start reading them.

Both sites only provide about 20% of the content from beginning to end, so you will still need to buy a copy to read the whole book – but you will at least be able to decide if you want to commit, without it costing you a thing! 🙂

Somehow Google Books  got very old first edition copies of “Blachart” and “Bugspray” on their site, but the rest are current! Scribd has 14 of my titles, excluding “Bugspray“.

…Or you can just click on the links below, and browse the carousel of book covers at the top of the landing page!

Enjoy – and please don’t forget to leave a comment/review on Google Books  or Scribd!

Thank you! 😀

Christina Engela’s books on Google Books

Christina Engela’s books on Scribd

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