Dear South African ‘Student’ Rioters

Cheerful, isn’t it? The scenes of destruction and violence all over the country… universities burning, educational infrastructure going up in smoke, and a horde of ungrateful, purposeless and savage ‘students’ roaming the streets, knuckles dragging on the pavements as they riot, loot and destroy it all in the name of ‘free education’ – not caring who has to pay taxes to rebuild it all – or IF it can be rebuilt at all.

It won’t be you… that’s for sure.

There will be no ‘class of 2016’, because it is nearly November and no universities are open. I don’t feel sorry for you, not one bit – except for the ones who want to learn, the ones who want to make something of their lives, and were prevented from doing so by the rest of you – criminals, thugs and thieves.

Either way, all of you have lost this year.

Your selfishness will impact on other people’s lives. Your short-sightedness may cause the deaths of others – and not just those whom you threaten, endanger or throw bricks or Molotov cocktails at!

Next year there will be shortages of nurses and doctors at clinics because there will be no graduating replacements to start com-serve. Who will tend to the sick in clinics and in rural areas? What will you care when they die waiting for a doctor’s attention? Will it matter to you when school leavers can’t get into a university next year – or even the year thereafter – because they’re all gone?

Did you think of that when you put down your books and picked up stones and petrol bombs instead?

You’re not doing anything noble or admirable or worthwhile. Nobody thinks you are.

You are not the victims here! You aren’t the only ones who want to study and can’t afford it. You aren’t the only ones who can’t or don’t want to pay for your education. You are not the only people who finished school and then couldn’t afford to go to university, or struggled to pay your way through it. You think this is a new thing? Generations of students before you endured the same – and worse – handicaps and setbacks without resorting to violence and vandalism!

If our actions define who we are – WHO are you? Where do you come from that you think you are justified in burning down public buildings, destroying other people’s property, burning and stoning cars and buses?

You’re a student – you’re not working, which means you’re not a tax payer. Do you expect me to pay to rebuild what you have destroyed, taken from my hard-earned salary in the form of taxes? Unlike you, I wasn’t able to study at a university because I couldn’t afford it. I still can’t – I had to find a job and work! But now I have to pay towards rebuilding a university that YOU burned down because you didn’t appreciate the opportunity you had been given! Did you even stop to think about the unfairness of it all? Did you even think?

What are you? Are you human beings? Are you the next generation of lawyers, doctors, nurses, scientists – people who will expect to be perceived and treated like educated, learned, refined and civilized professionals? Do you one day hope to be addressed by titles such as ‘Doctor’ and ‘Professor’? Do you? When you do these things?

The university you burned down wasn’t YOURS to do with as you please – it belonged to everyone – it was promised to those who want to learn, and to those who would follow in your footsteps for generations to come. It was promised to those who wanted to build a future for themselves – not a future of dust and ashes.

Education should be free at public institutions, yes – but THIS is not the way you achieve that! The system is flawed, but it cannot change overnight. The reality is, these things take time – and you have literally shot yourselves – and everyone else in the country – in the foot!

Like any spent force, once you have turned the last university into ashes, and even after your madness has spread and your lust for destruction has burned through colleges and perhaps even schools, you will have achieved your potential.

You will have become all you could ever be.

Who would want to follow in your footsteps now?

I have no respect for you.

I think less than nothing of you.

That is your legacy.


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