“Embracing Justice” – Submissions Open!

15219426_10202600603052181_2501610761163831644_n.jpgI’m very happy and proud to announce that I’ve been asked by my friend Alex S. Johnson (of Nocturnicorn) to edit this anthology !

Riot Pink Presents an Anthology Edited by Christina Engela: “Embracing Justice”, a benefit anthology to fight anti-LGBT discrimination. This is a benefit anthology to promote awareness of discrimination against LGBT people, tell our stories and find resources.

What is the inspiration behind “Embracing Justice”?

The huge increase in incidence of hate crime and violence reported across the USA against LGBT people – and in other places around the world, linked to an apparent rise in bigotry and anti-human rights sentiments – is nothing less than an outrage! There is also legal discrimination to contend with, where a vulnerable minority faces discrimination which although immoral, is nonetheless enforced by unjust laws.

The type of content we’re looking for will fit into four sections:

  1. First-hand accounts of anti-LGBT attacks (i.e. from personal experience – what happened, how did it affect you, how did it make you feel?),
  2. Poetry (about homophobia or transphobia etc),
  3. Short fiction (also about homophobia or transphobia etc) and
  4. Resources (information, links or organizations that assist LGBTI people, suicide prevention etc) – and since this project is open to international entry, these can be based anywhere).

(Submission of material is not a guarantee of placement. Riot Pink and its editors reserve the right to select content which is appropriate to the project.)

Please mail me your entries/submissions at christinaengela@gmail.com

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