Crisp, Quality Books Delivered To Your Door!


This morning my bell rang, and I opened the front door to find a Fedex courier holding a delivery for me from the Netherlands! One modest-sized package, containing – what? Why, a copy of one of my own books of course!

I’ve been buying one of each of my books – after all, it just wouldn’t do to not have at least one of each of them on my own shelf, would it? Anyway, so this morning I got a copy of “Black Sunrise” – in very nice condition too – perfect, in fact!

Lulu’s print quality is quite simply brilliant! The cover is glossy, thick, and the colors bright and every line is crisp and clear! The pages are brilliant white, the print clear and perfect – and it smells just like a freshly printed book should!

Having already received copies of “Blachart” (2 copies), “Demonspawn“, “Dead Beckoning” and “Space Vacation“, I have absolutely no doubts about the printing quality of Lulu’s books, or the reliability of their delivery system!


I can’t wait to get my copies of “Space Sucks!“, “The Time Saving Agency“, “Dead Man’s Hammer” and “Loderunner” – they’re next!


So don’t you fret, don’t delay – head on over to the Crow Bar to order one today!

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