What Do I Believe?

Considering the amount of hate mail and hostile remarks I’ve had recently from trolls on Facebook, some of whom have asked me scornfully “what do you believe in?” I thought I would address the subject here on my blog.
Someone suggested that they should tell others not to buy my books, based on their agreement with several meme-type posters that have been circulated on social media lately, which claimed that I was encouraging child abuse by writing a children’s book about homophobic and transphobic bullying! According to the memes my books ‘turn’ people gay or transgender! 😛
For those of you wondering what I believe… keep wondering 😉
But seriously:

I believe in a world where everyone can live alongside each other, secure in their mutual safety, assured of their broad legal, economic and social equality with each other regardless of race, religious beliefs, gender, age, size, health status and sexual orientation. I believe in the protection and enshrinement of human rights in all constitutions, and in practice.
I stand against the all-too-prevalent harm done to others by demagogues and their adoring followers, regardless of what the convenient excuse is at any given moment – be it racial, be it religious, be it sexist, be it in any other way phobic.
I stand against the increasingly hysterical tendency of governments being hijacked by religious extremists and used as a means to destroy those whom their extremist views despise, and attempt to make it seem legitimate and justifiable.
I oppose the efforts of people to try and justify and normalize suffering – real suffering, not imaginary or exaggerated suffering – depending on a morality of convenience dependent on who is suffering, and who is not.
I oppose witch hunts of all kinds, including the line of thought that leads to panic and hysteria based on ignorance and lack of information, and reason supplanted by indoctrination. I advocate the return of critical thought and evidence-based reasoning. The value of teaching logic in schools has been grossly underestimated. Students need to be educated in order to become their full potential rather than to be simply worker-drones for the machine.
I oppose the restriction of education, learning and knowledge, and the undermining of public schools and institutions of higher learning. I oppose the limitation of education, or any other civil rights, only to those who can afford to pay for it, or based upon any other characteristics such as age, race, religion or gender.
I oppose with the increase in opposition to scientific reason and fact, the rise of the ‘alternative facts’ (and alt-reality) movement, and the practice of cherry-picking facts in order to suit biased narratives. I oppose the rejection and distortion of science and scientific research and evidence by the intrusion of religious superstition in schools, universities, government and civil society entities.
I oppose the concealment of information by the state from the public it is answerable to. I oppose any system of government which takes the power of decision-making away from the people.
I oppose the division of humanity into opposing armed camps called states or countries continually vying for supremacy, the upper hand or competing with each other for resources – to be divided by the elite puppet-masters who hide in the shadows of the global banking system profiting from the bloodshed resulting from their pitting one against the other; I believe all people should be united as people of Earth, and as people of the earth, with no-one better than another.
I believe that humanity should solve problems such as waning resources and overpopulation by adopting green energy processes, undoing the pollution of the planet humanity has wrought, and expanding to our neighboring worlds, Mars, Venus, and various moons of our solar system – rather than through slaughtering each other for them.
This is my belief. This is my ideal. This is the world I work to realize. In my own small way, every single day.
So it is done.
So, if you believe any of the things suggested in the posts being circulated below, that is, that my books can turn people gay or transgender, or cause them to be demon-possessed (!), or that teaching children not to bully others is ‘child abuse’, by all means, pass them on!
Becca 1Becca 2 OKAKAJLY 20170425
I suppose I should give picture credits to Becca from Cape Town for both images, since the one on the left came from her page last year, and the one on the right from this week looks very similar to it 😉
I’m sure they say I am a Satanist, because the same people who call me that are of the mindset that posting hateful memes and religious verses that support their intolerance of others makes them Christians.
All that aside, I will keep on keeping on, and having fun while correcting their ‘conservative’ grasp of grammar, spelling and reality. 🙂

Have a great day!


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