New Release: The Peed-Off Peasant’s Collection Of Awesome Parking Memes

Just released! “The Peed-Off Peasant’s Collection Of Awesome Parking Memes“! Only available in ebook format.

Meet the Peed-Off Peasant. He’s just an average Joe living an average life. He’s a regular underdog who hates getting trampled upon by the rich, entitled folks who think that money, wealth and power make them better than him, or more deserving of being treated like a decent human being. He stands up to these folks, demanding to be treated with dignity and respect – or at the very least, consideration.

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This collection begins with #1, “The Peed-Off Peasant’s Collection Of Awesome Parking Memes”, in which the Peed-Off Peasant takes on the selfish, entitled asshats who selfishly park in his space or in his driveway. Download this item and print the 40 memes to use on offenders who park in your driveway or in your space!

Example memes:

Back Cover:

“Sometimes people can be really selfish and spiteful. I mean, look – you put up a sign in front of your house to say “NO PARKING – RESIDENTS ONLY!” – and people who don’t share your home with you, who aren’t even coming to visit you – just keep on parking there! Where are YOU supposed to park? Not forgetting the idiots who managed to get their driver’s licenses without knowing that it’s illegal to park in someone’s driveway, or in front of a gate or entrance!

And when it’s a bunch of rich folks who just want to “ego park” their Maserati’s, Porsche’s and Merc’s in front of your house, even taking up two or three parking spaces because they can be seen by everybody at the pubs and restaurants across the road, it becomes even more maddening!  What’s worse is when the authorities won’t even come out to write a fine or tow the offender away…

Are you angry? Are you frustrated? Want to cuss and swear and rant or throw something at them? With the knowledge that throwing a stone, letting down their tires or actually setting their cars on fire would be a touch illegal and would only get YOU into hot water, “The Peed-Off Peasant’s Collection Of Awesome Parking Memes” offers a satisfying alternative:

Printable memes. You can pick and print one you feel is appropriate and  *stick it under their windshield wiper to shame them for their selfishness before all the passers-by! With 40 humorous and sarcastic memes to choose from, the choice* of response to the asshats who rubbed you the wrong way is *yours! They may even learn from the experience and not do it again – who knows? Good luck!

[*The Creator of this work accepts NO RESPONSIBILITY or LIABILITY for the use of this work IN ANY FORM WHATSOEVER!]”

Buy: Ebook

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