Coming Soon: High Steaks

Coming Soon – in June 2017!

The story so far:

Prodigal Sun” begins the tale. Troubled times have come to the small backwater Terran Colony planet of Deanna.

Having amusing names for its sun (Ramalama) and two moons (Ding and Dong) have not made this quaint little world immune to bad things – not even having a small moon famous for falling down occasionally… and bad things are afoot indeed.

A powerful and very well organized, er – organization has set down roots on Deanna. Its operatives have lived among Deannans for two or more years, and have slowly spread the roots and tendrils of their evil underworld movement throughout local government departments, the SOD’s, the space port – even at Atro City University while the Chancellor of ACU is taking an unscheduled break (with the braking dolphins in the depth of the Landlocked Ocean).

Suddenly people began to notice skinheads everywhere. Was it a popular new hairstyle perhaps? Or something with a more sinister meaning? A prodigal sun has returned to Deanna, to settle a score, to get even, to take vengeance on a father who spurned him at birth. Coincidentally, Sheriff Peggy-Ann Muller notices an increase in rural lynchings and city-borne hate crimes against minority groups on Deanna – LGBT folks, local aliens – typically Jimwaian’s – and it begins to get uglier.

After the shocking assassination of a visiting Prince at a public parade in Lupini Square, the Sheriff’s Office Deputies (SOD’s for short) who are either dead, ‘off the map‘, or just plain missing, and with the local government in complete disarray, there is nothing to stand in the way of Professor McMillen’s bold plan to take over the colony and wrest it away from Imperial control!

The Planetary Governor, hiding inside the Governor’s Palace while surrounded by a veritable army, is in no position to put up any fight at all. Without a functioning law enforcement department, all he has to back him is a couple of dodgy old security guards, a secretary and a PA who wheezes when he walks. After all, the Terran military has no presence on the colony – well, except for those retired old codgers who chuck dynamite in the river every other weekend and call it ‘fishing‘.

Young Danielle finds herself trapped inside a cordon created by a horde of strapping young soldiers who are keeping an eye out for people just like her, being weeded out and detained, searched, stripped of their possessions, and beaten. Where are they being taken to? What will become of her? And why, oh why didn’t she listen to her friend Marla’s warning to not go to the parade that morning?

Fred the Arborian enjoys socializing with humans, which is just as well, since he started working as a barma- um, barista at the Slipped Disk. He knows something bad is coming – something big and bad – and not just because of the tingling of his areal roots. The fight in the Disk might have something to do with his hunch – the fight between three skinheads who barged in – and a secret vampire called Marla De Bris.

In the meantime, in the offices of that mysterious and clandestine society calling itself The Time Saving Agency, time agent extraordinaire Johnathan Scrooby ponders one of his biggest life decisions yet. To intervene… or not to intervene. And if so, how? Whatever he decides to do, you can bet on the renowned bounty hunter Beck the Badfeller – and his fiancee’, former CIA (Colonial Intelligence Agency) agent, Cindy-Mei Winter having a role to play.

And so, with McMillen and his thugs apparently in complete control of Deanna, with the space port on lock-down and hostile ships in orbit, all communication links to the rest of the Empire severed – and all the key pieces on the board primed – the stage is set.

War is coming.

Read “High Steaks” – coming in June 2017 to see what happens next!

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