Free Filming Rights Up For Grabs!

My writing is NOT stereotypical, and my characters – regardless of their sexuality or gender – are anything but stereotypes! My lead characters are LGBT heroes and heroines – role model figures – the captains of star ships, bold explorers and adventurers, action heroes and people who change the world (or the galaxy)! Yes, I write LGBT characters into my stories, but I would like to emphasize (again) that my stories are not just “all about LGBT people” or intended to rub cisgender, straight reader’s noses in a rainbow flag and sprinkle glitter all over their cornflakes! 

However, it has again emerged that yet another mainstream movie is due to come out soon that presents the same tired old stereotype about transgender people – that they are only good for sex work and follows the worn-out old stereotype that “they look like men in dresses”. “Anything“, stars Mike Bomer – a cisgender male – as a transgender sex-worker, and demonstrates exactly what is wrong with the way transgender characters are portrayed in the industry.

Despite numerous transgender actresses having auditioned for the part and been rejected, a cisgender male got given the part. What does that say about the film? What does that say about the part? What does it say about the director’s perception of transgender people? It is a nasty trend in media that says transgender actresses are unqualified or unsuitable to portray transgender characters – or perhaps rather, to portray transgender characters as cisgender directors and audiences understand them – rather than as we are.

Don’t misunderstand me – this is not about whether or not the actor in question chosen to play the part respects transgender people or not – this is about the message it sends when a cisgender person is picked above actual transgender actors to portray a role they are obviously not qualified to. Many trans advocates have used the term ‘trans-face’ before to describe this – which is similar to ‘black face’ – where a white actor would paint his face black to portray a black character in old-time movies. It is insulting in that sense, and it is insulting in the sense of trans-face.

It is insulting – not only to the transgender actors and actresses who audition for these roles, but also to the entire transgender people – when it is preferable to portray transgender people as exactly what the ignorant biased masses expect – a gay cisgender male in a dress with troweled-on make-up, working as a prostitute!

It costs the movie in a number of ways – in terms of believability: Many transgender people are NOT the stereotype being indulged in. They are doctors, lawyers, congressmen, librarians, teachers, soldiers, cops and parents.  Additionally, many trans people are hard to identify in the ways these people portray us, so why do they perpetuate this stereotype? Is it a mockery? Or does it suit their political agenda to do so?

That is one of the reasons why I took up activist writing – and why my lead characters are on the LGBT spectrum.

I have said so before – and I am saying it again – as a writer, I will give any film-maker interested free access to any of my LGBT centered fiction novels where I break all these stereotypes, and FREE FILMING RIGHTS for the first title if they decide to take it further – provided they undertake to cast any LGBT characters with corresponding LGBT actors.

Interested parties, please look through available titles at and contact me via

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