New Release: Galaxii – Into The Abyss

“Galaxii – Into The Abyss” is an omnibus of The Galaxii Series titles 1,2 and 3, containing “Blachart“, “Demonspawn” and “Dead Beckoning“.

Due to the variation in international markets and differing distribution marketing requirements, it has been necessary to reissue some titles in various series in different print formats. As a firm believer that the 4.25 wide x 6.88 tall “pocketbook” size is the appropriate size for “real” novels, I find it disappointing that some international distributors do not accept this size, favoring the 6″x 9″ format instead. It is larger for one thing, and as a result decreases page count, making books that were traditionally “long enough” to pack a decent-sized novel in the proper size, seem much smaller and less appealing in the 6×9 format.

At 363 pages in the new format, the print paperback copy containing all three stories in the Galaxii Series still works out cheaper than buying all three titles separately! Hopefully the new size will allow bookstores in South Africa to start stocking this title on their shelves soon! “Galaxii – Into The Abyss” is available only in paperback and the original separate titles in pocketbook size – as well as the separate ebook versions will continue to be available.

Order: Paperback only


Published: June 23, 2017
Pages: 363 (6″x9″)
Binding: Perfect-bound Paperback
Dimensions (inches): 6″ wide x 9″ tall

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Back Cover:

“Blachart, Demonspawn and Dead Beckoning – the first three stories in the Galaxii Series in one big volume!


Life hardly ever turns out the way we expect it to, and for Mykl d’Angelo it had just taken a bad turn for terrible. Stranded in deep space, he is handed a chance to redeem the other shipwrecks in his life – his lost career in the Imperial Space Fleet and a lost chance at a relationship with the girl of his dreams. In order to pull this off, he must confront hordes of Corsairs, a crotchety starship captain, his former girlfriend and a particularly dangerous character called Blachart who will lead him behind enemy lines, where he will learn the meaning of trust – but very likely, never return.


The battle cruiser was lost. Kaine was the last of his crew that survived – or if any others were still alive, he was unaware of it. It didn’t seem likely. Somehow the thing had managed to kill every one of them within the space of only a few days. They all died horribly – mangled and mauled to death. At first the deaths were taken as freak accidents, being at first sight unrelated and spaced far apart. Then, as suspicion was aroused, murder seemed the cause. Soon it became clear that it was no natural thing that was killing them.

Sabotage isolated them from their home, thwarting any hope of outside help. Frantic unreliable sightings of frightening things – horrible things, led to chaos. The crew, terrified, opted to die fighting and went hunting for their attacker. His only regret was that they found it. It killed them all. At first the discovery of the derelict alien ship had been an interesting diversion. Now the crew of the starship Mordrake had to face the terror and solve the ancient riddle of the Akx. Or suffer the same fate.


Meradinis – home to the once fearsome and legendary Corsairs, had finally fallen to the might of the Terran Space Fleet. Justice had been swift and those living under the name of ‘Corsair’ faced relentless pursuit, imprisonment or death. After decades of living in fear, the nightmare of the Terran colonies was over at last. Or was it?

The Terrans thought they’d caught them all, but there was still one left. The one that got away – Sona Kilroy, the most dangerous Corsair of them all! It was up to Mykl d’Angelo – a man called Adam, and the combined crews of the starships Antares and Mordrake to stop Kilroy before he could start the terror all over again.

“Engela’s eye for the quirky humor of even the darkest situations sets her writing apart from the masses. Her fiction combines oddball humor, in the tradition of writers like Terry Pratchet and Douglas Adams, with the best of traditional science fiction.” – Sarah Rutledge Fischer, Focus Mid-South Magazine.”

Book Trailer Videos

These are book trailer videos for the titles included in this omnibus:

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