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The Crow Bar – my official author website now has a brand new forum! Unlike older forums that some of us may remember, this forum is mobile-friendly, so anyone with a smart phone will be able to browse it with ease!

I’m a writer, as you probably know by now, and this forum will be where we can interact, talk about my books and other projects as well as get sneak-peek previews of upcoming titles, covers, extracts, special offers, news, releases and giveaways before anyone else does!

Why do I need a forum, you may wonder – after all, isn’t everyone already on Facebook? Well, if you’re not in the mood for a rant, skip to the end of this post. Otherwise, plunge right in, or go to the Forum.

Go to the Forum.


To be blunt, Facebook is managed by an A.I. program these days – so that nobody can actually get any kind of human response from what has become a faceless and authoritarian organization whose word is absolute law in all things Facebook! This also means that users have no recourse but to accept whatever “punishment” is doled out by FB Admin, whether they deserve it or not.

In short, I have grown sick and tired of getting banned from posting on Facebunk (which prevents me from replying to messages or posting inside my own group as well) every time some neo-Nazi nitwit crybaby has a cadenza because I used sarcasm on him in public and it hurt his fragile lil’ fee fee’s.

Since this is now the second time in four weeks that I’ve been blocked completely from posting anything on Facebat – for a trifle I might add – I decided to stop relying on that platform to communicate with my fans! I was set to quit Faceblock altogether, you see. I was set on moving on to greener alternatives. for one, where I’ve had a profile for a while already, even though Minds is much smaller in user-count than is Faceblat. Minds’s controls are also only a little less weird and hard to understand than filling out an online tax form in breil.

It’s thanks to my loving fiancee’ Wendy K. Gloss that I changed my mind about deleting my Facebarf account – as my marketer and promoter, it would put a severe crimp in my internet footprint. As much as Facebrat is the bane of our existence today, demanding constant attention from users only too happy and willing to be slaves to the system and posting their personal lives and narcissistic selfies for the world to see, it is also a very useful marketing tool – and one no struggling indie author like me can do without!

I’m a headstrong, determined and also very grouchy individual when it comes to “being fucked around” – which is exactly what has happened to me in this case. When people or organizations cause me enough offense, or give me enough reason, I turn my back on them, move on, and find replacements. There are and always have been few exceptions. Ask MTN, DSTV, First For Women, and Vodacrap, ASSKOM, SABC, ANC, DA and the PE municipality, who are all still in business solely because possession of a flamethrower is illegal and I would probably go to jail – or be elected president. I can’t decide which is worse.

Oddly enough, it’s not even serious things that got me banned from posting – this time for three days.  In the line of my past human rights activism I think I’ve posted a great many more provocative things on Facebook about the hatefulness and corrupt nature of organized Christianity and Islam – and the idiocy and hatefulness of right wing politicians, than simple sarcasm in a reply to a knuckle-dragging moron who got a little butt-hurt about a snide reply to his own insult – and I never once had such posts removed or bans instituted against me. Not even when I was surrounded by enough Angry Buchan fans to bite me off at the ankles was any of my comments or posts reported, removed, nor was I blocked from posting!

These days its so easy to just click ‘report comment’ – and Faceblort’s little A.I. pet follows through with banning a person for no good reason at all. I choose to believe it’s an automated system, because it’s easier to believe than someone too bloody dense to grasp sarcasm sitting at Facefunk’s HQ with their finger hovering over a ‘ban’ button. The alternative is that the admin is a right-wing Nazi sympathizer who shared the Nazi crybaby’s views. I’d like to hope that isn’t the case, but I’m far too much of a realist to.

If Facebook wants to chat to me about violations of it’s so-called “community standards” – removing posts which clearly fall under their own second amendment freedom of speech laws, while complaints against real hate speech, threats of violence and death and groups advocating the same against endangered and persecuted minorities are dismissed out of hand by the same department, they are most welcome to do so.

Be that as it may, I have been blocked – again – without any recourse or chance to state my case or appeal. It was very nearly the end of my time on that platform – I had already lost my shit, resisted the powerful urge to throw, kick or punch a few immovable objects, swear profusely, and deactivated my account and scheduled it for deletion. Bye bye Faceless account. Bye bye nine years of photo uploads, posts, book marketing, contacts (a few of them real friends even if they are halfway round the world), and all my readers and fans on Facebook… Yes… rather rash, I agree.

But on the plus side, in the past two days without Facebrick in my life, my life has suddenly become a lot quieter, less busy, less depressing, less taken up with politics, drama in other countries, shenanigans in my own country, and morons baiting me into ‘debates’ about fairy tale religions and threats from “conservative Christians” telling me I’m going to a hell I don’t believe in and might actually look forward to spending an eternity in just as long as they’re not there with me. I intend to keep it up.

In future I will be using my Facefuck account solely for marketing my books, writing and brand and nothing else. I finally installed WhatsApp on my mobile yesterday, and a few very surprised friends asked me “No, seriously – who is this???”… Vleisboek can keep their crappy chat messenger thing and put it where the sun doesn’t shine.

They can be very glad I don’t own their company, and probably never will… because I can assure you, if I ever did, things would get VERY interesting in their offices for a brief period and there would be a lot of new job vacancies.

The Forum

Moving on, back to the Crow Bar’s new forum. What should you expect from this forum?

Go to the Forum

Well, that depends on the amount of interaction and activity of course, but aside from that, as a new forum I hope to see it grow and become very active in the near future!

Aside from that, I will be posting regular updates to the forum about my writing and other activities, news about projects, books I’m working on, new series, book releases, excerpts from my writing, reviews I received – including fan (and hate) mail – illustrations of my stories or characters, and my monthly newsletter!

I hope to start holding competitions again, depending on circumstances. Prizes may vary from free ebooks sent to winners via email, to autographed paperback copies sent by mail.

I’m especially hoping to build a personal rapport with my readers and fans – people who really want to interact with me as a writer – after all, if you enjoy my writing, that means we share the same lightly warped sense of humor! 😎

Please feel free to join the forum, and feel free to make posts (in the appropriate sections), and please post in the INTRODUCTIONS section to introduce yourself.

Thanks! 🙂

Go to the Forum

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