Christina Engela, Female South African Sci-fi, Fantasy And Horror Author

Christina Engela is no ordinary writer. As an individual she has a diverse background, being that she’s a transgender woman and a sci-fi, fantasy and horror writer – but that is just scraping the tip of the iceberg as it were. She is the most unique and eccentric female South African writer of science fiction fantasy and horror.

As a life-long resident of the city of Port Elizabeth (known locally as ‘the windy city’) Christina has developed an enduring appreciation for apples, penguins and has developed a taste for watching birds flying backwards.

Christina has accumulated 25 years working experience in a military environment (which accounts for many smirks, funnies, laughs out loud and also a great deal of story material).

In a recent interview, the following was said about Christina’s style of writing and LGBT character portrayal and content:

“Engela’s eye for the quirky humor of even the darkest situations sets her writing apart from the masses. Her fiction combines oddball humor, in the tradition of writers like Terry Pratchett and Douglas Adams, with the best of traditional science fiction. A government agency regulates time and its manipulation against the efforts of a brilliant scoundrel. A retired space cop turned bounty hunter grumbles and grunts like a classic pulp noir detective. A glamorous retired intelligence agent moves to a new planet in the hopes of escaping the mystery and mayhem of her former life.

And tucked inside her stories, like a kind of stealth activism, lurks a beast almost never seen in either mainstream or science fiction: fully fleshed out LGBT characters.

Like many of us, Engela has been frustrated with the representation of LGBT characters in mainstream fiction, where gay characters are often nothing more than superficially portrayed plot devices or worse, the object of satire and ridicule. Engela’s work breaks the trend. In her stories, a gay man may be the anti-hero or villain, but not because he is gay. A transwoman may fall in love with a cisgender straight man, and their relationship doesn’t revolve around her gender identity. LGBT characters, in Engela’s work, follow narrative arcs that occasionally intersect with their sexual or gender identity, but are more often driven by the human characteristics shared by all people—hope, fear, ambition, humor, and love.” – Sarah Rutledge FischerFocus Mid-South Magazine.

Christina has three series of books available:

The Galaxii SeriesThe Quantum Series and Panic! Horror In Space, as well as a number of standalone titles.

You can find out more about her and her writing at her author website

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