“Lange’s Legacy”: Official Pre-Release Announcement

In just a matter of hours, the fourth title in the Galaxii Series will be released. “Lange’s Legacy” has just gone through its final proof-reading phase to ensure maximum quality to you, the reader, and within 48 hours, after final formatting, should be available via Lulu.com and Smashwords , and then via the usual channels (Amazon, Kobo, Ingrams, Barnes & Noble etc.) and their distribution networks shortly thereafter.

Lange’s Legacy” is over 39,000 words long, which will make for a printed book around 125 pages long (US Trade or 6×9 inches). The book also features 16 color illustrations (gray scale in the print version).

Here is the front cover of “Lange’s Legacy“:

A few reader reviews:

A Touch Of The Old ‘Who Done It’

“It was an adventure with a touch of the old ‘who done it’ feel to it. Also kind of romantic. Another really good read along with that ever present wicked humour!” – Wendy Keran Gloss

Vampires In Space? Loved It!

“I really didn’t see that coming! Vampires in space? Loved it!” – Jim


“Nice twist at the end. I like unforeseen twists. Loved it! A very good story, its impressive!” – Duncan Greene

Here is the book trailer video – enjoy, and keep your eyes open for the release!

The Galaxii Series

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