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My sci-fi novella, “Lifetime” is a story of love, loss, survival and desperation. At its center, a devoted couple run a deep space prospecting empire together, while raising a young family. But – as Harald and Virian Vanderbilt discover to their cost, you may be wealthy, you may be influential, even popular… but just because you’re successful at life, doesn’t mean you’re necessarily successful at everything. Those things don’t protect you from everything fate might have in store for you.

One day, the unexpected happens – the ship Virian is aboard is lost during a deep space prospecting voyage. Harald spares no effort or expense and launches a desperate attempt to find her. He redirects all the ships belonging to Terran Ecospace Inc. to search for the Alluvion, and immediately sets out to mount a rescue.

Meanwhile, on a remote planet, surrounded by the wreckage of the Alluvion and the bodies of her crewmates, Virian Vanderbilt has miraculously survived, treated her injuries, and fights to stay alive while she awaits rescue… She knows Harald, she knows he’ll keep looking for her… but… will he find her? Will she ever see him again? Will he be in time? Will she be okay?

What will he do if she’s not?

Sometimes not knowing is better. But you can – if you want! All you have to do is read the book! 


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