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A Peek At My Week! #122

Hello, friends and fans!

Welcome to another “Peek At My Week” for October 16, 2023! Here are some things that happened this past week!

News About Writing & Publishing: This Is The Current State Of Things

This being Halloween month, I’m hoping you’ll be celebrating (or preparing to celebrate) the Halloween season with me!

  • Writing: My main focus at this time is “Freedom Inc” (book 1 in my new sci-fi adventure series, “Threaders“). The story is still sitting at just over 56,400 words. Due to a very weird week at work and being too busy and distracted in the evenings at home, I’ve not had enough time to do any writing at all! I’m currently working on the newest, third part of the envisioned five for this book. Hopefully I’ll be able to report back with more impressive progress to you next week!
  • Articles: Last week I posted “Thoughts on Forgiveness“.
  • What Readers Say: I know I can’t please everybody (so I’m not trying to!). That said, it really pleases me when I see that I’ve managed to do it anyway! Drop me a line and let me know how you think I’m doing – or leave me a review on Amazon or Audible!

Bibliography – A listing of all my books:


Other Stuff:

The audiobooks for “The Last Hurrah” and “Terror In The Outblack” will be coming soon!

In spite of some of my books having been on Amazon since 2005, not one of them has yet reached the magical 51 reader reviews yet! (The highest number any of them has, is 10 – which is a pretty good number compared to many others, but it’s still not high enough for the almighty Amazon!) I would really appreciate your help on this! Come on, leave a review – it’s free!

I wish you all a pleasant week until next time!

Thanks a lot for all your friendship and support, I hope you know it is all deeply appreciated – and remember, keep reading!


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