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A Peek At My Week! #125

Hello, friends and fans!

Welcome to another “Peek At My Week” for November 6, 2023! Here are some things that happened this past week!

News About Writing & Publishing: This Is The Current State Of Things

  • Writing: Freedom Inc” (book 1 in my new sci-fi adventure series, “Threaders“) is now at over 74,800 words, and I’m now busy on the fourth part of the envisioned five for this book!
  • Articles:New Release: “The Last Hurrah” Audiobook“.
  • Audiobooks: The audiobook of “The Last Hurrah” – book 8 in the Quantum Series (narrated by Darla Middlebrook), was launched on Thursday 2 November, and is now available on Amazon and Audible. The audiobook is 7 hrs 47 min long. The audiobook for “Terror In The Outblack” will be coming out soon!
  • What Readers Say: I know I can’t please everybody (so I’m not trying to!). That said, it really pleases me when I see that I’ve managed to do it anyway! Drop me a line and let me know how you think I’m doing – or leave me a review on Amazon or Audible!

I guess not everyone loves time travel (neither does Gary Beck – it gives him the most awful headaches ). Either way, I’m happy to hear that CKing enjoyed the series so far!

Likable Series

“This was the second book of this series I read and a quick fun read. My only complaint was in the ending which exemplifies why I generally avoid stories with elements of time travel. Still, happy I read it.” – CKing, for “Dead Man’s Hammer“, October 21, 2023.

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Other Stuff:

*These are not the droids you’re looking for*

As always, I’ll keep you posted about any further developments, so until then, I wish you all a pleasant week! 

Thanks a lot for all your friendship and support, I hope you know it is deeply appreciated – and remember, keep reading!


In spite of some of my books having been on Amazon since 2005, not one of them has yet reached the magical 51 reader reviews yet! (The highest number any of them has, is 10 – which is a pretty good number compared to many others, but it’s still not high enough for the almighty Amazon!) I would really appreciate your help on this! Come on, leave a review – it’s free!

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