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A Peek At My Week! #146

Hello, friends and fans!

Welcome to another “Peek At My Week” – April 16, 2024! Here are some things that happened this past week!

News About Writing & Publishing: This Is The Current State Of Things

  • I’m Not Writing (fiction) Right Now – as soon as it’s appropriate, I will be sure to let you know why – in the meantime, I beg your indulgence, and your patience! I apologize for not having terribly much “news” to share with you lately, but unfortunately that’s just how things are right now, and will probably remain so for a while. <- I will leave this up for as long as appropriate.
  • What Readers Say: I know I can’t please everybody (so I’m not trying to!). That said, it really pleases me when I see that I’ve managed to do it anyway! If there’s nothing new below, just pop along here to have a look at all the reader’s comments I’ve collected so far.

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Other Stuff

The old advice that says “never do business with friends if you hope to keep them” holds true. That said, let’s look at this week’s sage advice and “rants”.

The World DOES Owe You A Living

The idea that everyone should be able to live, to have the necessities of life, regardless of ability to work or pay for it, is somehow one of the most contentious ideas in human history. – End Stage Capitalism page on Facebook.

There’s the old saying “the world doesn’t owe you a living”… remember that? Here’s the thing:

Well, it seems that the world only tolerates you in order to squeeze revenue and resources out of you, no matter what you do – or don’t do. If you exist, you’re a fucking copper-top battery in one of hundreds of different ways: taxes paid from whatever you earn, taxes paid from whatever you spend your money on. Tax write-offs for companies that support the homeless even – and even if only by your death and disposing of your remains. Every single step of the way is marked by a transaction in which the system – the “world” gains in some way, whether you do or not.

So yes, the world does fucking owe you a living.

German Polizei Break Up Peaceful Event & Arrest Jews… In 2024

Really, Germany? Really?

Arresting Jewish people opposed to Israel’s genocide in Gaza on charges of “anti-Semitism”? How the hell do you even balance the insanity and immorality of this with continuing to arm and support a literal genocide – especially given the largest stain on German history?

Will Gaza be the second biggest stain?

Thought For The Day
Oh, you prefer women to look “decent” and “wholesome” do you? Let me tell you what I prefer… I prefer a world where women can wear what they like without their morality or worth as human beings being questioned or criticized by men who objectify them no matter what they wear.
No woman should be arsed to care what you think – or prefer.
The Support Of Hate & Terrorism
It’s really sick and twisted how many people out there actually support the TERF terrorist J.K. Rowling simply because she’s a leading voice in the misogynistic movement attacking and undermining the humanity of transwomen, and her blind ignorant hatred of us resonates with theirs, but whereas she has a platform and they don’t, they’re happy to BE her platform.
They don’t mind that they’re helping to enrich her further by supporting her campaign of terror against transwomen worldwide. They don’t mind that people like them whip up fake news and neo-Nazi rhetoric in tabloid presses around the world, or that people like them, encouraged and emboldened by false narratives that they’re “protecting women’s spaces” or “safeguarding women’s rights” by acting out their hate and committing violent acts against people like us.
To people like this, to populists, the end always seems to justify the means. As long as they can get rid of us, they don’t care what sort of horrors they need to commit – or inspire others to commit.
That’s the very nature of stochastic terrorism – and make no mistake – Rowling is a stochastic terrorist wallowing in pools of innocent blood.
In Conclusion

As always, I’ll keep you posted about any new developments, so until then, I wish you all a pleasant week!

Thanks a lot for all your friendship and support, I hope you know it is deeply appreciated – and remember, keep reading!


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