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A Peek At My Week! #38

Good morning, friends and fans!

Welcome to a “Peek Into My Week”, a behind the scenes look into the (I hope) noteworthy events in my past week – January 24, 2022!

Here then, are some things that happened this past week:

News About Writing & Publishing:

This past Wednesday, I received tragic news of the death of my friend and publisher, Brandon Mullins who was the CEO of Moon Books Publishing in Indiana. I wrote about that in a short eulogy “Tragedy At Moon Books” on Thursday. Brandon’s death overshadowed my entire week, in fact I muddled through the last week with migraines brought on by a bout of sinusitis and tension and didn’t get up to much during those days. In fact, we even postponed our planned visit to Jeffreys Bay on Wednesday, probably to next month – after pay day!

Moon Books Publishing has handled my print and eBook distribution to Amazon since 2019, and saw to the recording and publishing of audiobook versions of my books, up to this January, with the completion of my 15th audiobook. Brandon Mullins and Moon Books Publishing was a one-man operation, and he did it all himself – editing, formatting, layout, cover design, publishing and marketing. And he was fast and efficient – in just two weeks during 2019, after I’d sent him all the raw materials, he re-published all my books in eBook and paperback formats on Amazon. In the following almost three years, he also succeeded in turning nearly all of them into audiobooks, made book trailer videos and new covers for almost all of them. It’s largely thanks to Brandon that my books look the way they do today.

Where and what position Brandon’s untimely death leaves the books I published through MBP is as yet uncertain, but if there are any significant changes, I will let you know.

To continue the topic of publishing, you may recall that I signed a contract with Hally Park Publishers, a local publisher in South Africa, last May to handle all local publishing and distribution of my books. I’m still waiting for a publication date on the first title.

As always, I’ll keep you posted.

Other News:

Now that we have the new car, I’ve been freed from slaving over a mechanical mistress! No more killing myself in the garage just to make sure I have wheels to go to work! Ha ha! We’ve been enjoying the newfound freedom of trouble-free new car motoring! This has enabled me to enjoy doing other things for a change! Sadly, I haven’t written a word on any story over the holiday, in spite of the best of intentions! Instead, I’ve been doing stuff around the house! In fact, I’ll probably have some new material for my DIY website again fairly soon! I might also be tempted to write a review of the brand new 2022 Mahindra KUV 100 K2+ #Dare. I still have another week left of my holiday, after all! Below, a snap of my more logical half, Kay coolly ignoring the camera on a drive to Sardinia Bay on the 8th.
With that, I’m all out of news for this week! Until next time, keep reading!


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