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A Peek At My Week! #39

Good morning, friends and fans!

Welcome to a “Peek Into My Week”, a behind the scenes look into the (I hope) noteworthy events in my past week – January 31, 2022!

Here then, are some things that happened this past week:

News About Writing & Publishing:

On Wednesday I was mindful of a funeral taking place that I could not attend, due to distance. The funeral was for Brandon Mullins, my friend and the CEO of my publishing company in the US, Moon Books Publishing. My previous Peek article gives details of his passing and the contributions made by Brandon to my publishing career.

It’s strange how one can miss another person you only knew through online chats and interactions. It’s as strange as having a friend you’ve never actually met who’s become such an important part of your life that their loss has more far-reaching complications than you even thought possible. Brandon and I used to chat almost every day for the last three years, about how our day was going, our general news, our problems, our successes, and of course discussing Moon Books issues – and of course, my books.

I’d often start with “Are we millionaires yet?” and we’d have a good laugh about it, because the answer has always been “no”. Somehow, it never got old. He’s been absent from my life for over 2 weeks now, and I find myself missing our chats something awful. There’s a gap in my life. There’s no Brandon to tell my news to anymore. No more jokes or banter, no more sharing of geeky stuff or links to cheesy movies or quaint, secretive internet archives. I miss him. It’s made me irritable and grouchy, and realizing the reason – being sadness – and knowing that things will get better, just isn’t enough.

Meanwhile, I await news of what the future holds for Moon Books Publishing, but in the meantime there has been some movement on the Smashwords side of things, with a few sales coming along to perk me up. Whether or not things will go as well on the publishing side this year as they did last year, remains to be seen.

As though right on cue, I heard on Sunday from Hally Park Publishers in KZN that “African Assignment” has returned from a third round of editing in a process which began in May 2021, and my hopes are that it will finally make its appearance before May 2022. The less I say about any of that, I suppose, the better.

As always, I’ll keep you posted about any further developments.

Other News:

I kept myself busy at home for the last few weeks, doing this and that. One of the things I got up to was to sacrifice our guest or spare room and turn it into a library! Both Kay and I love books, and so we figured since we get so few visitors and even fewer house guests, it was a far better use. Besides, there’s a sleeper couch in there that’s great for sitting and reading on, as well as for guests to sleep on! I built a lovely Victorian/Gothic inspired book shelf out of the floor-standing book shelf that was in the hallway, and wall-mounted it. While repacking the books, we whittled out the ones we didn’t want anymore, and put them aside for the thrift store. Then on Saturday, we happened to spot this gorgeous antique Italian lamp by PrismArte’ at a secondhand store, and decided with a little TLC it would make a wonderful center piece!
I often hear my older colleagues preparing for retirement expressing their concerns about how they will pass the time or keep themselves busy once on pension. Some of them are quite worried about that – but I at least have the reassurance that I will never have that problem! No, I’ll be too busy writing and creating new worlds and adventures for my characters – and of course, doing stuff around the house like painting, woodwork and the like – to be worried about what to do next! As a matter of fact, with just shy of ten years remaining of my working career, I’m actually looking forward to it! The end of February 2033 couldn’t come soon enough as far as I’m concerned! Keeping that in mind, keep me in your thoughts as I toddle back to work on Wednesday morning – wishing the next ten years by!
With that, I’m all out of news for this week! Until next time, keep reading!


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