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A Peek At My Week! #6

Good morning, friends and fans!

Welcome to another “Peek Into My Week”, a behind the scenes look into the (I hope) interesting events occurring in my daily life!

June 07, 2021.

For the most part, my weeks are the usual ensemble of dreary routine events – work, book marketing, tinkering on Dolly (my 1962 Beetle and daily transport), arguing with my wife about dinner, tripping over cats and rearranging the furniture – but just occasionally something interesting happens, interesting enough to want to tell someone about!

Here then, for your enjoyment, is my recollection of noteworthy events in my past week!


I added more words to “Sentinel“, book 4 in the Galaxii Series! I’ve been doing so well on this project in fact, that I reached something of a landmark – 51,282 words – which surpassed the 51,275 words that made up “Dead Beckoning“, book 3 of the series!

In celebration of the above landmark, I made a new video for my “Author’s Vlog” channel on YouTube:


Progress On “Sentinel”

On Tuesday I varied it a little by working on the next Panic! Horror In Space book, “The Song Of The Drillipede”. I find that changing subjects like this really helps to prevent writer’s block.

Face Block

Next, we come to the topic of blocking people on Facebook. Having spent quite a lot of time arguing and debating – and showing up people for their gullibility, stupidity (and in some cases, sheer malice) on that app, these days to preserve my peace of mind I simply block the idiots. So, if people add me as a ‘friend’ and posts they share promoting homophobia, transphobia, racism or peddling conspiracy theory rubbish, I simply block them. Of course, there are the exceptions… it’s difficult to block some people you actually know or have to maintain relations with in real life – your boss for example (although I’d generally advise people to NEVER be ‘friends’ with your boss or supervisor on Facebook – it just makes things weird… and dangerous!).

That aside – have you ever had a ‘friend’ on that awful ubiquitous anti-social media platform that keeps sharing rubbish conspiracy theory crap – and for some reason (possibly because blocking them would cause awkward pauses around the dinner table at some point) you don’t block them? I have several of those – but (looking on the bright side here) they provide me with so many more other people making or sharing the original posts – or commenting to agree with them! I have quite a few actually! Geeeeez!

Newsletter For June

I also posted my latest newsletter for June on Tuesday.


Easy DIY Article On Sewing Machine Revamp

I posted my article on the revamp I carried out recently of the Singer sewing table I told you about – with pictures! You can read it here.

Pride Month

June 2021 is LGBT+ Pride Month and I also changed my Facebrick profile pic to reflect solidarity with LGBT+ people around the world who are far less fortunate (and far less safe) than I.


Another Word-Count Milestone For “Sentinel”!

In another new milestone for Galaxii, “Sentinel” the new 4th book in the series passed the word-count of Book 2, “Demonspawn” at 52606 words! I’m really happy with how this story is going thus far and I can’t wait to share it with you!


I spent some time marketing, as well as some time working on several stories. Nothing much of note happened on Friday to be honest.


Saturday morning was taken up by a shorter version of the usual errands and stuff, and when I got home I jumped into my next project – sorting out a few things on my daily transport – Dolly, my 1962 Beetle! Ever since I’ve had Dolly (October 2015) I’ve been meaning to sort out the hooter (horn for my American friends – before I get into another awkward situation, because Dolly has two of them!) which was operated by a doorbell button someone had screwed under the dash! It was a crude affair, but it worked, and despite performing a lot of minor work on Dolly in the past six years, that was one of the things I never got around to – until Saturday!
All it really needed in the end, was to replace the earth wire that ran down the hollow of the steering column from the horn button on the steering wheel, which had broken off. Shows how lazy some mechanics are – it took me all of 20 minutes in total – aside from the few hours it took for me to remove the metal tube and repaint it and put it back. The tube had been scratched and became a bit dirty over the years (it is almost 60 years old after all!) and after a nice clean, I gave it a little paint the same as the body color. Removing that tacky doorbell switch was also a huge relief! I’m happy to report the operation was a success!


On Sunday morning I took on another job that I thought was going to take me a lot less time and effort than it actually did! In about 2016 I fitted a switch panel under Dolly’s dash to mount a USB power hub and electric power socket, as well as a little toggle power switch for the radio. Since then I’ve added a second hooter to Dolly (the one that goes “Ah-oohgah!” not “Beep-Beep”!) and intermittent wipers, which all needed switches of their own. I decided the original panel I’d made was too small – and also quite ugly. I decided to make something new and better!
In the photos above, you’ll see from left to right, the old panel. In the second photo, the new console I built from wood and metal, with new switch gear added. I also fitted LED lights to the sides to illuminate the sides of the parcel tray! The last two photos were taken with a flash, and then without. I think there might be a DIY article in this somewhere, but I’m still thinking about it – at least I took a lot of “in the process” photos if I do.
That’s all for this time! I hope to have more good news to tell you soon! In the meantime, have a great weekend and I’ll chat to you again soon!
Until next time, keep reading!


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