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A Week Of Bullying Achieves …Nothing

Good morning friends, fans (and critics) 🙂

I hope you all had a great weekend as I did!

Over the past week some of my posts on Facebook and the page for my children’s book were bombarded by trolls who spewed their hatred for LGBT people – and me for championing their cause, using a warped, skewed version of Christianity (Dominionism) as a justification for their hate, incitement to kill or otherwise harm them.

They seemed particularly incensed about my children’s book “Other Kids Are Kids Almost Just Like You” which addresses homophobic and transphobic bullying (as well as general bullying). A few even made weak attempts to threaten me and those dear to me. Clearly these people cannot appreciate the irony in threatening and trying to bully someone for writing a book about homophobic and transphobic bulling 😛 … but I suppose we all need to get our jollies somehow, right?

These ‘very intelligent people’ insist that a book which encourages children not to bully other children, but instead to try and accept and understand children they perceive as different to themselves will “turn them homosexual”, and that my book amounts to “a child abuse” (sic). Obviously they are ignorant about the last two decades scientific research which has demonstrated conclusively that sexual orientation and gender identity are the product of genetics and other biological factors – or rather, they prefer to deny scientific fact in favor of flawed and prejudiced religious extremist propaganda.

Those who know me, know that I have little patience for people who have renounced reason and refuse to accept facts – and that I will never be dominated by anyone. I will never sit still or remain quiet in the face of bigotry or simply ‘roll over’ to let them have their way. No. Rather I am the speed-bump that breaks their stride, the fly in their ointment, the frog that gets stuck in the haha bird’s throat and strangles it.

On the first day, I was engaged by 8 trolls who all gave up and then blocked me on Facebook and have been no further trouble. At least another 5 continued for a while, after which I blocked them. Some used fake profiles to spew their hatred on my wall posts.

The goal of these individuals – who appear to have various things in common (they all seem to be friends with each other, and definitely fans of Angus Buchan. A lot of them also seem to originate from Zimbabwe/Rhodesia) leading me to believe that they are part of a group rather than just individuals – appears to be to intimidate me into silence, and to try to coerce me into backing down and letting them and their idols ply their hatred in the world unchallenged. That has clearly failed.

To speak out against injustice, to oppose cruelty – that is my function – always has been, always will be.

Thank you for your patience 🙂

Until next time, keep reading!


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