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A Word On (Spiritual) Home Protection

Good morning, friends and fans! In this article I’ll give you my personal insights, based on my own experiences, on the subject of protecting your home against nasty paranormal entities!

The thing with houses and homes is that people who live in them need to protect themselves and their loved ones from outside forces. I’m not talking about burglars or home invaders in the conventional sense here, but in this case, I’m referring to the supernatural. Aside from the likely ghostly visits of friends, family and previous residents, there are a few other possible threats that need to be guarded against – such as nasty entities summoned by others and sent against another individual, or spiritual attachments that can follow a person.

A lot of people don’t believe in ghosts or the paranormal. For whatever reason, they’re skeptics who will scoff at any evidence or try to pin whatever paranormal experiences they endure on anything else, no matter how ridiculous. Here’s the thing folks… ghosts and nasties
don’t need you to believe in them to hurt you.

It’s a given that from time to time, you will need to cleanse your home or banish a nasty from your home. Otherwise, that sort of negative energy could pile up and accumulate, which won’t present a pleasant outcome at all. That aside, prevention is always better than cure, so it’s also best that you prevent as many negative entities from entering your home in the first place.

Where do they come from? Well, there are about as many answers to that question as there are types of spirits or incorporeal entities! Here are a few examples:

Ghosts can be either benevolent or hostile. One needs to remember that ghosts are people, and so they could be hanging around for whatever their reasons – be it curiosity, wanting to find help in moving on, being attracted to the light of an individual, or just being lost. Many times, the ghosts in a particular building are usually people who used to live or work there, or even died there, or who died elsewhere but were drawn back to that place because of unfinished business, or because they were once happy there and so on. Sometimes, with the passage of time, ghosts can even forget who or what they once were and basically go mad – and such spirits can even be mistaken for demonic entities because of their dark, heavy energy and the effects their presence has on the living in that space. They could even physically affect their surroundings, move objects, open and close doors etc., or push or shove people down stairs and the like – they can be quite dangerous – but they’re still ghosts, even if they’ve forgotten who or what they once were.

What we did in our home was to make an arrangement with the benevolent spirits there, we set a few ground rules or boundaries – such as not bothering us at night in bed, or freaking out the cats – and otherwise gave them free reign, since we don’t mind a little spooky activity just as long as it doesn’t get out of hand!

Now we move to non-human entities – a.k.a. inhuman spirits, and there are a lot! There’re too many to really cover in such a short article, so I’ll address the more common ones you may encounter.


Poltergeists are the invisible forces that are usually identified by the stacking, grouping or piling of objects, the knocking of things off shelves, or sometimes the pulling, pushing or shoving of someone in a targeted, deliberate fashion. They’re created (unwittingly) by the living, and usually are not independent entities of their own – although if a poltergeist is allowed to continue unchecked for long enough, it can become a thing on its own, independent of the individual that unknowingly created it. Otherwise, they tend to follow their creator around wherever they go, since they’re generated by that individual and they’re it’s source of energy. The best way to deal with a poltergeist is to figure out who is creating it, and why – and then address the issues which have caused it to arise. Bear in mind that those who create poltergeists generally aren’t aware of what they’ve done or how, and it is a process achieved subconsciously.


Demons are perhaps the go-to entities for any amateur ghost hunter or paranormal aficionado to jump on, whenever there’s a bump in the night or something unexplainable happens! ‘Demons’ vary greatly, essentially in terms of age and ability, but there’s one common element in dealing with typical demons: they can be got rid of by normal means, i.e. banishing, cleansing, exorcism, putting salt around a bed or room etc. This process becomes more difficult the older the demon involved, or the longer it has had an attachment to a person or place. Even if some demons take more effort or preparation to remove than others, they can still be removed from a person or property. A good cleansing, house blessing or exorcism will usually get rid of most demons, even if you need to call in extra help to do it. Demons then, can be a little scary, but they are by far not the worst ‘things’ out there.

What’s really scary is the entities that cannot be disposed of as easily. No matter what you do, they simply remain – or keep coming back. There are a number of entities that fit under this umbrella, including elementals and the strangely named Sixes. Let’s begin with elementals.


Elementals are far older than any other entities we know of, and the best description for them is Earth spirits. As such, there are spirits of the different elements; air, water, earth, fire, etc. Perhaps the more commonly sighted elementals are those that are seen in forests or woods, or in the area of bodies of natural water. Elementals are generally neutral, that is they’re neither “good” nor “evil” – in fact, their true purpose appears to be to defend whatever natural resource they’re connected to – against whatever may threaten them… which in general appears to be Humans, or more specifically, industrial Humans. That said, elementals tend to view people with a measure of distrust, suspicion and resentment – to say the least.

You may try to appease angry elementals if they occur on your property, and you may even succeed in doing so, but you cannot banish or evict them from their space; they were there long before you, and they’ll be there long after you, so you might as well try to make peace with that! The exception to this is if they have been summoned, either through a ritual or some form of curse or magick – such as when a patch of land has been cursed, usually by an ethnic tribe who once lived there; generally the elementals of that land would become rather agitated in that area. The best way to work around elementals is to show respect, make amends for any harm done in the form of gifts i.e. incense, ethnic rituals, food etc., and try to communicate a promise that you don’t pose a threat to the area to which they are connected.

If you spot elementals on your land or in your home, it’s not your home that really has the attachment, it’s the land. Just show them respect and leave them be – make amends if necessary, but they’re there and that’s that. If elementals on your land remain angry and unreasonable, despite attempts to appease it via even the efforts of ethnic peoples who may have cursed it to begin with, frankly you’re better off moving. Elementals come and go as they please, and there’s nothing you or anyone can do about it. At least to some degree, elementals can be reasoned with, unlike the next item on the list!

Sixes (& Sevens, or Leviathan):

Leviathan is the biblical name for the entities which claim “we are many” – and there are, and they seem to travel and work in groups of three. Rather, when in communication via spirit boxes or EVPs etc. they more commonly identify themselves as “Six”, “666” and sometimes, as pertaining to the number Seven. Their identities as given in reply to demands for identification tend to be numeric. Sixes aren’t demons per se’, they’re much worse – simply because they’re so hard to defend against or neutralize – and while demons may try to sow misery and negativity, and even try to kill people for the fun of it, they aren’t as single-minded about it. At least you can get rid of ordinary demons with salt, rituals and banishing etc. or even, at the extreme, a house blessing or exorcism. These only serve to annoy Sixes and their effectiveness lasts for a very short time, if any. Exorcisms are completely useless against Sixes. Their aim isn’t to possess their victim, but to feed off them and kill them. Sixes appear to feed off their victims while they’re still alive, and perhaps from their deaths, but they don’t bother with their ghosts afterwards. In fact, all the evidence appears to suggest that Sixes completely ignore ghosts.

No-one knows how or why Sixes choose their victims, but they appear to be very fastidious about their choice and extremely possessive about their food source aka victim. As for the living, unless you’re actively getting between them and their victim, they won’t waste their time on you either. They don’t do vengeance after the fact. Sixes are thought to travel via natural flowing water sources, such as rivers, the sea, underground water, wells and marshes, etc. Although they sometimes are encountered alone, they usually operate in threes and appear in different forms. They feed off the living and they target the person they feed off, manifesting in the form of invisible physical attacks, often bold and blatant in front of witnesses. Sixes seldom bother to respond to attempts to communicate, but when pushed hard enough to identify themselves respond with the abovementioned names. Sixes attack anyone who gets between them and their prey, so be very, very careful when intervening in a case where Sixes are evident.

There have been several examples of TV paranormal investigators slash demonologists and the like getting seriously messed up after unwittingly confronting one or a set of Sixes! They are most powerful and deadliest when all three Sixes are present, and a would-be crusader bravely trying to rescue their victim while thinking they’re dealing with ordinary demons, and immune to consequences because of their faith, is in for a very, very rough ride indeed!

While there appears to be no known definitive means of defense against Sixes, or a means of neutralizing or banishing them entirely, the only practical advice there is for saving someone from Sixes, or saving themselves, is for them to relocate away from the place where they’re being attacked – which is likely to be near a natural water source such as a river, well or underground water. The victim will have to arrange a new place to stay, away from that source in particular, then before moving, will need to cleanse themselves with a full-on exorcism, and then leave quickly to prevent the Sixes from following.

Sixes can follow, but not for long, and not far from water as it weakens them – consequently they will not be able to sustain their campaigns of attack against their victims. These things “tag” their intended victims so they can follow and find them (and the exorcism removes this “tag”), so the victim will have to avoid living near that water source again in future in order to avoid the Sixes in question picking up their trail again. If they go near that water source again, they risk being found and the whole process will begin again.

Essentially if you have Sixes at your house, forget protection or cleansing – you’d have to move. Anyone who lives there will be at risk of being chosen for dinner.

Now we come to the subject of how to protect your home.

Basic Home Protection:

One method is to place a clear quartz crystal at each of the four corners of your property, whether inside or outside. Sometimes called Wards, these quartz crystals need to be charged by moonlight at every full moon (for the best results) and will keep most negatives at bay. If you wish, you could also repeat the process inside your home, for individual rooms.

Another alternative is to place sigils at each corner of the property, which invoke the will of the creator for that specific purpose. These do not need to be charged by the moon, since they are an embodiment of the will of the person who created them, so in that sense they’re more reliable, since it’s easy to forget to recharge crystal wards. This can be done by simply drawing the sigils onto the walls in corners, behind a gate post for example.

Other more common (though short-term) methods are to lay salt lines around the building, or to seal windows or doors or to aid in banishment or cleansing. Hanging bells or chimes are said to annoy spirits, but they’re just as likely to annoy the living as well! Using incense in a simple banishment ritual is also a popular option.

If you have mirrors in your home, mirrors can be used as portals by spirits to enter from outside, so you might also consider placing a sigil on the back of the mirror to seal it against traffic. Another method to protect your home from nasties entering, is to place mirrors so that they face any entrances to your home, reflecting outward at the doorways.

However it must also be added that Feng Shui also plays a role – even if the house is secured by wards and sigils, it won’t help much if there are portals inside the house, or if the layout and Feng Shui of the building draws on negative energy or creates its own portals!


If you receive a lot of visitors at home, I’d advise you to have regular house cleansings, say once a month or so. People carry energy with them, and a person with a lot of emotional trauma for instance, could be unwittingly carrying passengers (we call them ‘taxis’) picking up attachments and dropping them here and there as they move about. Nasty energy can accumulate as well, over time. A good cleansing will help boot out any stragglers that happen to get in with visitors!

Lastly, I’d like to thank my better half Kay, for her input, advice and assistance in compiling this article!

That’s all for now! I hope to have more good news to tell you soon! Have a great week!
Until next time, keep reading!


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