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Christina Engela is a writer based in Port Elizabeth, on the South East coast of South Africa – a tourist destination known as ‘the Windy City’, where watching birds fly backwards is a thing.

She lives with her wife Kay and four cats who compete for her attention and distract her from writing!

Christina has accumulated diverse experience as an IT support technician and multimedia, human rights advocacy, and as an indie author and publisher.

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I was born in the sunny seaside South African city of Port Elizabeth - known for friendliness, birds flying backwards. The city's mascot is a jackass penguin - which should give you some idea!
I live in Richmond Hill, a suburb in Port Elizabeth, the city where I was born. We have a happily haunted Victorian home dating from 1901, which I share with my wife Kay, three cats and numerous visiting and resident spooks!
Oh yes! Ever since I was old enough to hold a wax crayon! My dad Theo was a well-known local writer whose short stories were broadcast on Springbok Radio in dramatized form, and my mom Yvonne was a bilingual poet. From the start I wanted to follow in my parent's footsteps!
Yes I am. I'm also a lot of other things.
Yes! I'm married to a wonderful girl called Kay. We've known each other since 2010 and we were married in 2018!
I spend time on my hobbies, doing stuff around the house, tinkering on projects - and of course, work, work work!
Quite a few actually, including writing! I include writing among my hobbies because I really enjoy it - and I feel that if you're not enjoying writing, how could anyone else enjoy reading it? Among my other hobbies, I include woodwork, metal work, painting, photography and the like.
Yes, we have four cats; a black one, a white one, and another one somewhere in the middle. Their names are Nyx, Lily and Ash. A new arrival from 2023 is Kali, a lively little tuxedo.
It's so nice of you to ask! I do have a hectic schedule, with the writing and work, but I do sometimes get to poke my head out! Please  check the “events” section of this website to find out about any scheduled appearances, or get in touch via the Contact page!
No. Sorry. For lots of reasons - mostly legal, but mainly because I honestly don't have the time.
You can see the latest updates of new releases in my monthly newsletters and weekly "Peeks" at my week to receive news and updates!


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