African Assignment

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Published: (Fifth Edition) March 19, 2018
Pages: 135
Binding: Perfect-bound Paperback (6×9″)
Author: Theo Engela (Edited by Christina Engela)

Back Cover:

“Theo Engela’s short stories were written during the 1950’s and 60’s, and set in the South African bushveld and society of the day, providing a fresh look at a world now long vanished. Using imagery and place names unfamiliar to folk living in the 21st century, the author shows us a simpler, less complicated world filled with wonder and mystery, where crime could still be perfect and the world lived fearfully under the ever-present threat of the Cold War. Mesmerizing African folklore and almost-vanished cultures stand side by side. Rounded off in his own unique style, he displays a biting sense of humor and irony in his work, which would probably not seem out of place in a Hitchcock serial or even in the Twilight Zone.”

Contains the following short stories by Theo Engela:

  1. The Devils Pearl
  2. Harry’s Diamond
  3. Moment of Action (Kith and Kin)
  4. A Change of Heart
  5. Run, Hide!
  6. Assignment
  7. Year of the Wild Dog
  8. Caprivi
  9. The Wonderful Nightmare
  10. Mad Moon
  11. Assegai
  12. Under A Sickle Moon

All stories except “Under A Sickle Moon” were dramatized for Springbok Radio during the 1960’s and repeated through to the 1970’s. (Springbok Radio was closed down in 1985).



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