Shakandazu Valley


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Published: Due out in 2018
Binding: Perfect-bound Paperback
Author: Theo Engela (Edited by Christina Engela)

Back Cover:



“I’m working on another of my dad’s books, getting it ready for publication. My dad, Theo Engela, died in 1985. “Shakandazu Valley” was the last book he finished, in the year before his death. He tried unsuccessfully to get it published up to the time of his death, sending typed copies to publishers who weren’t interested in anything from South Africa due to the political climate etc – that’s right, politicians have a long, long history of shattering dreams and screwing things up for us ordinary folk!

So, I’ve been editing it for him, which has been quite a mission since it was typed on paper old-school, with a manual typewriter that imprinted slightly smudged letters on the paper. The only way I could do this, was to scan the pages into digital images and run them through a text-bridge application – which provided me with a Word document with a truckload of errors! Aside from that, I think the lady who typed the manuscript for dad altered the text in typing from the handwritten manuscript by replacing contractions (i.e. “can’t”) with full words (i.e. “cannot”), and so this makes for a rather plodding text, especially in dialog, so I’ve had to modify it to make it easier to read. That’s just what I’m up to with the first edit which is still in progress – during the next edit, I’ll be working on the flow of the story telling, the dialog, and any other errors I find.

The book should go out soon.” – Christina Engela


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