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Theo Engela’s Bibliography – SA’s Own Alfred Hitchcock

Below is a complete list of works by Theo Engela:

Theo Engela’s Bibliography – SA’s Own Alfred Hitchcock:

Short Fiction:

Short stories appearing in ‘African Assignment‘ (published 2005):

  1. The Devils Pearl
  2. Harry’s Diamond
  3. Moment of Action (Kith and Kin)
  4. A Change of Heart
  5. Run, Hide!
  6. Assignment
  7. Year of the Wild Dog
  8. Caprivi
  9. The Wonderful Nightmare
  10. Mad Moon
  11. Assegai
  12. Under A Sickle Moon

Short Stories appearing in ‘The Drums Talk’ (lost):

  1. A Farewell to the Bush
  2. Appassionata
  3. Habanera
  4. Ingwe
  5. Man With A Crow
  6. Thieves Fall Out
  7. The Drums Talk
  8. The Elephant Curse
  9. The Ghost Carrier
  10. The Hunter
  11. The Return of Savu
  12. The Tramp
  13. Transkei Trader
  14. Song of Death
  15. White Devil Leopard


  1. A Treatise On The Musician’s Approach To The Piano


  1. Slowly Fades The Light
  2. Merry-Go-Round
  3. Drunkard’s Wife
  4. Doubt


  1. A Way Of Life (published 2018)
  2. Only Yesterday
  3. Shakandazu Valley
  4. Cigarettes & Ivory (published 2018)


  1. Mr. Veil

Musical Compositions (for piano):

  1. Adoons (Adonis)
  2. Moon Melody
  3. My Dearest Heart
  4. Yvonne
  5. Verlate Hart (Forlorn Heart)
  6. Wandelaarsbloed (Wanderer’s Blood)
  7. Welkom My Nooi (Welcome My Love)

The following is a visually enhanced 1975 radio dramatization of “Assignment”, a short story by Theo Engela, contained within the anthology “African Assignment”.


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