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Hate Mail & Negative Comments – Christina Engela’s Gallery Of Hate

Over the years, as a writer and human rights activist, I’ve accumulated a large amount of hate mail. It all began in 2008, when I embarked on an ambitious career as an LGBT activist, and believe me, as an outspoken transwoman, I ruffled a lot of feathers! Homophobes and transphobes alike were not used to being spoken at and stood up to by people like me – no, they were used to dishing it out, not getting served – and remorselessly so!

I suppose it was to be expected that I would attract the ire and hate of cuntservatives and bigots of all color, race, creed, orientations and descriptions – and did I ever! I also received the odd verbal threat in person, and even in the work place – although none of those ever materialized, and I just carried on in spite of them all. It’s a great pity that I didn’t keep all the hate mail I received from the beginning – some of it was lost as I migrated between email addresses and computers – but I did retain a fair amount!

Later, as I rekindled my writing career in the post-advocacy organization phase of my life, I continued to receive hate mail from people who accused me of “promoting homosexuality” and other similar nonsensical accusations. While broadly I’ve received a lot of positive feedback for my activism and my writing in total (which you can view here), I also received a lesser amount of criticism, nasty and even vicious remarks and general hate mail. 

There never seems to be a shortage of those tightly wound aunties (males included) whose underwear is too tight and their brows furrowed (these days we call them Karens), who have nothing better to do than to send me a strongly worded (usually badly spelled) email or message to my Facebook inbox, to flaunt their blatant ignorance, shocking stupidity, festering hatred and deplorable lack of humanity, warmth or compassion.

All in all, it amounts to a pile of rather amusing poorly-spelled hate mail, inane nonsensical rants (Christ, but can people really be that bloody stupid?) and even a few tinfoil-hat and battery-clamp death threats.

I invite you to pour yourself a glass of wine, serve yourself a plate of your favorite chees, and to read through this wonderous pile of steaming crap with me. Just don’t choke while laughing!

As always, keep reading.


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Christina Engela’s Gallery Of Hate

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July 06, 2021

A comment received on a share of an article on July 06, 2021. People like this are the reason why I have to write silly articles (1,2) explaining sarcasm, wit, puns, parody and satire to literalists and idiots. Exactly how doomed is the Human race?

October 21, 2020

This creature left a 1-star review for “Space Vacation”, which he then filed on his “worst book ever, bullshit” shelf on Goodreads. His buddy chimed in with a “told you so” in a comment added below it.

Not that I care for their ‘enlightened’ opinions, but why read a book that isn’t in their preferred genre in the first place? Okay, he didn’t like it and he’s entitled to his opinion – but why be such a vicious little cunt about it? Secondly, as the book’s been out of print since 2017 (when it was included in “Panic! Horror In Space book 2 – “Life Signs“) where did he manage to even find a copy? They’ve been unavailable for years. Did he use a shovel? A time machine? *Scratches my head, eyeing the pirate community suspiciously*. Or did he just take that long to read it, using his finger and moving his lips as he did so?

September 14, 2020

Apparently I’m unhinged and need help? *Wails* “Oh, won’t someone help me?”

July 17, 2020

On July 17, somebody thought it would probably be hilarious if they spam bombed my inbox with email notifications for a fake account they created in my name – on an Asian Dating Site in Indonesia! Unfortunately for them, I left the factory with a warped sense of humor, so instead of being bent out of shape by their ‘ingenuity’ all they did was give me a few good laughs… I mean have you seen the profiles on any dating site?? Anyway, I know how to filter and block email addresses – and the admins of said dating site were kind enough to delete the profile for me when I asked nicely, so – better luck next time, whoever you are!

May 07, 2020

This comment arrived from some local idiot who wasn’t even on my ‘friends list’ on Facebook before I started cleaning out ‘covidiots’ – goodness only knows what set him off.

March 09, 2020

I received the following comment from this ignoramus who still thinks there are only two genders and that gender is a polarity and not a range.

February 28, 2020

While not hate mail outright, I received the following response to one of my book/series ads on Facebook on Feb 28:

December 01, 2019

This underwhelming rating was left by a reader from Germany for “The Pink Community – The Facts“.

Someone seems to have entirely missed the whole point of the book – 1) it’s free 2) it’s aimed at LGBT human rights activists (who are presumed to already generally know all the facts referred to and 3) it’s meant to be a digital resource from which TO SHARE information from the links contained inside the book.

October 02, 2019

Stacie made the effort to look me up and “not recommend” my Page, and then to fire off a couple of cheap shots about my being self-published. (Note she’s the one telling me I should get a “real job”!) At least she used “there” in the right context, I’ll give her that.

October 11, 2019

September 27, 2019

This Levitican (who was on my Facebook friends list until then) made an effort to let me know what a hopeless transphobe he is by posting this string of abusive comments on a share of LGBT Heroes in Galaxii & Quantum – the “G” in LGBT. Yes, I write about LGBT characters in some of my books – and I’m open about being transgender and lesbian myself – so if you’re a homophobe or transphobe, why send me friend requests to begin with?

This next ignoramus stepped up to demonstrate what happens when you’re a hate-filled sack of shit and you miss your turn to use the family brain cell – when you open your piehole, you sound like a TERF.

August 18, 2019

Had Potential (“Death By Vampire”)

“This book was only 19 pgs. Had potential. ***spoiler seemed to have a lot of unnecessary information. Also the description of the blood diamonds didn’t make any sense, they are named for their color but the color is green? Needs some editing.” 2 stars – Anonymous (via Barnes & Noble).

[I know this person didn’t actually READ the story, because in it there was a whole paragraph that EXPLAINS how the aliens called the green stones ‘blood diamonds’ because they had GREEN blood – but it “needs some editing” because they didn’t understand it? As to length, it was a free short story, but they obviously missed that part too.]

It’s Okay (“Wiggle Room”)

“This book is about 20ish pgs. It’s okay. Predictable. ***spoiler the biggest problem is the author telling you about good vs evil, and that evil wins, but in the end evil doesn’t wn. Then you have the author comment about perceptions of good vs evil, in this case it’s pretty easy to assume the creature was evil. So considering the ending was predictable and the creature was evil I am not sure why the author had any commentary.” – 2 stars – Anonymous.

[Summary: The same person again complains about the length of a FREE short story, gets tangled up in the “about blurb”, and then laments their own inability to comprehend what they read – a common and tragic consequence of a failing education system.]

Not Overly Good Or Bad (“Death By Vampire”)

“Not overly good or bad. I will probably try another work by the author.” – 3 stars – James Jenkins (via Smashwords).

[You just can’t please some people, but at least James didn’t run for the hills, screaming and tearing his clothes off.]

July 03, 2019

[Another example of what you get while running book adverts on Facebook – unsolicited bullying from Christo-nazi thugs with the word “pastor” in their Facebook names.]

June 26, 2019

[This one came from a local self-appointed “pastor”, posted on a Facebook advert for “Malice!“. I wonder if he ever realized it’s a collection of horror short stories?]

June 07, 2019

This is what you get from lowering educational standards, folks – morons who can’t understand what they read. Just when you think homophobes and transphobes are the only asshats out there you need to worry about… then “allies” in the LGBT community come along to twist the knife.

June 02, 2019

[…And a pedestrian comment on Facebook from someone who probably has no problem at all trimming his beard, wearing different fabrics together, or doesn’t have a rail around his roof in case anyone falls off.]

May 01, 2019

[Just another example of what you get while running book adverts on Facebook – unsolicited bullying from dumbass Christo-nazi scumbags with nothing better to do with their time.]

March 06, 2018

[It’s weird the funny ideas some people have about me…]

November 30, 2017

[I’m not sure what this guy’s malfunction was… Perhaps sending women he has never known nasty little emails helps him to get it up. Who knows?]

June 05, 2017

[As you might know, I do a little social media activism, and sometimes I get naughty notes from some butt-hurt religious extremists and fascists and homophobes, such as this one who says he’s going to start a Facebook group “Against Christina Engela”! LMAO – more free publicity than I can shake a stick at! Oh, goodie! ]

April 26, 2017

Whoever “pastor” Jimmy Colton is, thanks for the free publicity, mate

April 25, 2017

Christina Engela probably doesn’t even exist ! This is how Satan works !” Well there you have it, folks – mystery solved!

April 24, 2017

Apparently I’m a “stupid bitch”.

April 23, 2017

Oh look, another fan!

November 11, 2016

Oh no! I’m a lesbian liberal!

October 22, 2016

[I’ve seen memes like this one popping up on Facebook, being pushed by fundamentalist Levitican types, accusing me of ‘promoting the gay agenda’ among other things – although I think these people could use an open mind! 😛 Anyhow, it seems some people find it amusing, as can be seen by the comment made by this re-poster!]

September 07, 2016

[The South African right wing ‘Christian’ (aka Levitican) community went hysterical about a free e-book giveaway contest held in my Facebook author group in August – in which I gave away a sample of my ‘demonic writings’, ‘promoting homosexuality, sodomy and demon worship’! – oh well, just doing my bit to advance that pervasive ‘homosexual agenda’ they’re so terrified of!  …Perhaps I should send a free, signed copy? ]

September 06, 2016

[Also shared by the same poster with ‘flat earth’ memes in a different post – which pretty much sums it up. ]

August 18, 2016

[“Please, for the sake of ARE children” – go back to school and learn how to spell & grammar! 😛  The South African ‘Christian Right’ lately seems to have got their knickers in a knot about my fiction writing. Interesting little poster they’ve got there – at least they used decent screen-grabs and managed to spell my name right…]

August 18, 2016

[This dominionist bigot posted multiple brain-farts all over the Facebook page for ‘Other Kids Are Kids Almost Just Like You’ (my children’s book about homophobic bullying). What’s so amusing about this is that in doing so, he completely missed the irony in a homophobic bigot trying to bully the author of a children’s book about homophobic bullyinghaai, foei tog, shame. ]

August 10, 2016

[A homophobic evangelical ‘pastor’ from ‘Down Unda’ thought he was going to publicly humiliate me… ]

July 27, 2016

[According to this guy my writing is ‘really not that good’ and he ‘wasted a whole night reading it’. You can trust him – he was on my Facebook ‘friends’ list for almost a whole 24 hours. ]

July 20, 2016

[Just some more random hate-mail. ]

June 04, 2016

[One for the ‘Draw your own conclusions’ department. No idea why this guy took offense to my automated message response to new friend ads on Facebook, but he got blocked right afterwards.]

May 22, 2016

Some more random hate from the “watchers” of my LGBT human rights advocacy blog.

May 07, 2016

What is it with this idiots that they just can’t spell – or use the right words?

March 23, 2016

[File this one under ‘Some people just don’t have any manners’. ]

March 10, 2016

[No idea what this guy was on about – but he got sent to the naughty corner – with his rat’s ass.]

November 12, 2015

[More random hate-mail in my Facebook inbox.]

December 22, 2014

[Random hate-mail in my Facebook inbox.]

February18,  2014

This is how Ugandan homophobes “debate” – when they can’t argue a point, especially with a woman opposing proposed genocide of LGBT Ugandans, they resort to sexual bluster and harassment to try and throw you off your game, or intimidate you into quitting the debate. Most shocking of all, these dickheads were supposedly “scientists” at the University of Kampala distorting science to support their genocidal views. Nice try, asshole.

July 01, 2010

“From: Centurion Computers <>

Obviously you are also one of them. I did not even waste my time to read your mail.

Why do you not wait till you stand in front of Jesus oneday and see what will happen to you.

Chris Mengel”

[Apparently I am ‘one of them’ and this very astute fellow saw through my cunning disguise ]

May 29, 2010

“Jonathan-fernando Reissenberg

im surprised; you an equal rights activists; deplore religion for its propensity to violence yet u like so many violent movies (Star Trek, Starwas, Tom & Jerrie, & Oh; Barak Obama’s quote yes we can, can what, blast those Afghans to smitherings); Stop the hypocrisy please or is it incoherence. I believe in revolutionary violence to bring about real peace and equality. Please enjoy you next move of violence pink lady”

[Star Trek is violent?! Really? ‘Tom & Jerrie’ (sic)? What is ‘Starwas’? …and ‘Smitherings’? Then this person is still cocky enough to accuse me of ‘hypocrisy’ and ‘incoherence’ – after saying he believes in ‘revolutionary violence to bring about real peace and equality’! Someone needs to take that bag of crack back to his dealer and ask for a refund…   ]

February 16, 2010

[“Marius left a new comment on your post “Feeling Threatened?” (clearly, he was). Apparently arguing that Christ loves LGBT people is “anti-Christian”]

December 19, 2009

“Mari Kraft commented on ~ Die Afrikaanse Christen Vriendekring Op Facebook ~’s wall post:

‘Dis nie eens nodig dat ek dit oordeel nie, God doen dit klaar. wat die bloed betref, gaan op jou kniegies en se dankie Jesus want daai einste bloed gee jou toegand tot God'”

[Just another bigoted ‘antie’ pretending she is looking down on dirty LGBT sinners from her pedestal while openly celebrating her complete detachment from reality.]

November 08, 2009

“Subject: If God does not punish U!!!

I stand against all evil! – and I do not like the tone and the abusive language U guys are using! I would like see everyone created by God find redemption through Jesus Christ. Homosexuality is an evil and vile abomination in the eyes of God. I am against homosexuality and the homosexual movement.

Christina Engela and all of U who practise and take pride in homosexuality (including the nations that condone it), I almost would say, like Pst. John Hagee, “If God does not punish U then He will apologise to Sodom and Gomorrah.

Billy Birungi”

[Another Christianist bigot who brings to mind the saying ‘Jesus, protect me from your followers’.  Imagine how frightening it is that people this ignorant and stupid are allowed to operate machinery unsupervised.]

September 06, 2009

“From: Mngr <>

Sent to: info.ecgla

Fear God and desist from sodomy and lesbianism
Otherwise you shall burn in hell forever

no matter what you claim, gays are not born that way. animals are not gay, so human who are more superior should know better.

God destroyed the people of Lot. God created a male with a male organ -female with a female organ. they fit like gloves (male-female). what horridnes to insert a male orgin into an anus filled with excreta. yes this is the punishment of hell where red hot steel poles will be shoved into the anus. so you guys are enacting hell.

Dont hide behind the mercy of God. God will PUNISH wrong doers. Why do you think He created Hell? For fun??
In this world you are being punished with aids. Recent research revealed that if you pelt a person to death with stones, his death looks very similar to a person who have died of aids. Glaring punishment.

I do not judge you, I am simply guiding you to the correct path. If you see a person heading down a dangerous road and you shout to him to stop, you do not call that “judging” – in fact it is a noble act otherwise he may die.

Gay is simply an evil desire which must be curbed. God will not punish you for your desire, He will punish you if you impliment the desire physically

From your email I gain that you reject God. That is your baby. You shall die and we shall die. You reject the day of Judgment – but beware if you are wrong.

Maybe your emotions are running away with you. You do not have the faintest idea of sex. You and your group simply think that sex is a toy to simply stimulate your penis/pussy. This is animal behaviour. You do not realize that sex is not simply a desire that MUST be fulfilled, no matter how or with whom. Your corruption will lead people to have sex with mother, father, daughter and son and even animals.- yet you wish to claim that this is “natural” behaviour.

Natural!! Sis most nauseating!!

Natural sex was created to create offspring (without natural sex you would not be here today). Can gay produce offspring? If God did not make sex “tasty” no one would have children.
But your taste is corrupted and influenced by Satan.

Remember, once you indulge in Satan style sex, you will dislike God’s natural ways. I once asked a female divorcee friend that would she ever consider a remarriage. She lamented and said that since she got involved in an orgy with two men, she no longer have any desire for one man only. She tried once but the session was hopelessly dry –SHE COULD NOT CLIMAX until she has this satan style sex with two men. Similarly, you gays will never be able to climax naturally any longer–(what a curse!).

No I am not jealous, rather I pity you. I pity a person who dislikes a clean slice of bread in favour of a morsal of excreta taken from the toilet”

[‘Methinks the lady doth protest too much!’ –  Shakespeare. If you had to hang a bell on it, it would be a great big phallic church spire.]

August 09, 2009

“Dear Tina

You know, we all are born into the same world. We were all made fun of and bullied at some stage, but we grow up and become what we want to be in life. I have read your personal life story because I wanted to know why you have become so hateful toward God. What happened in your life that God has become the bad guy? At first when I read your openly blatant letters and blog, I was determined to defend the honour of God and publicly bring down your arguments in the light of the Word of God.

You see, as a believer in Christ, I cannot allow anything that exalts itself above the knowledge of God to stand. As a believer, I am obliged to defend the faith at all costs. As you have noticed, I take this very seriously and will not quit until I feel the battle has been won for the Lord. I know I am wrong sometimes in how I express myself, that I might hurt sensitive people, but I am also just human and God will forgive me and over time make my heart softer than it is now.

Now, why am I writing to you, my public ‘enemy’? I have read your story and I felt pity for you and how you grew up and the bad things you experienced. I can understand much of your pain and what lead to it. I am not the most sensitive guy and can be quite a blunt instrument sometimes, but I felt compassion in my heart for you. I just wanted to let you know that I do not hate you, nor would I treat you the same as you were treated per your experience.

You must understand, that I cannot sit back and become passive and let godless philosophies and practices go by and do nothing. If I know what is right and true and do nothing, God will hold me accountable for it. The gay agenda is being pushed down our throats globally very aggressively for acceptance and I can never accept it. That is why, when I read the things you write wrongly about God, Christians and spread your false doctrines, I get really pissed off and you invite me for a stand off. I will every single time, challenge anybody, anywhere to defend the Honour and Glory of the Most High God, Who alone is Holy. I am His child and I have His Spirit leading me to attack and bring down the works of Satan wherever I find it.

I am just so sorry that you are on the wrong side of this battle, regardless of your traumas and life experiences.God does not hate you. He brought you life. He made you so carefully in the womb of your mother. He made you for a very special reason to fulfill a very special task that only you can do. I honestly wish that you could just sit and think about this. God made you the way you are, not gay or lesbian or perverse. Neither did He make a mistake. You need to find out what your purpose is in life and fulfill it in God. If you truly know God as He really is, you will see that He is different than how you might feel about Him now. You were never born gay, just different. Not gay, but sensitive. You can be who you truly are without practicing homosexuality or promoting it.

The reason that God brings judgement is to set right what went wrong or what deviated from His ways and plans. He is obliged to act in righteousness because He is a righteous King and His own Holiness demands that justice be done fairly to all. God does not take pleasure in destruction, but He will destroy if His creation is in danger of becoming a place of darkness. You need to stop backing the wrong players here. It will not end well for you. Only in God will you find true peace and happiness.

Do not hate God for what people did to you. My cousin also claims to be gay and has caused great distress and unhappiness in himself and his family. He is a sensitive guy with sensitive tastes and preferences. I say claim to be gay, because I believe he has always believed he was gay because other boys always called him sissie or moffie, because he did not play rugby and had a sensitive demeanor. I don’t believe he is gay, but he does because he has believed everything that was ever said to him over a long time. So, if everyone tells you that you are gay, then you must be, right? He also has a very tough, emotionally unavailable alcoholic dad who wanted a rugby playing tough son and an overbearing, overprotective mother and grandmother who dressed him in froks and dresses since he was a baby. I can understand that he has issues with his male identity, but it does not change that he is still a man, although just a sensitive one with other talents.

I am afraid though, that he will believe it enough to engage in gay sex and then it’s a different story. I do love him, but I will not make an exception even for him, when defending the truth of God that homosexuality is very wrong and God does hate it. God really does desire the gays to come to a realization of the truth so that He can save them and keep them close to His bosom. So, that is my sincere prayer for you too..

We are both people. We both have faults. I were saved by God when I decided that my life was not worth living because I felt there was no purpose in the emptiness that the world offered me. I turned to God to save me from my own destructive tendencies and to give me peace and belonging. God is my Father and I do love Him very much. He is always good. He will be good to you too, if you want to find Him…



PS. Although I do feel compassion for you, it does not mean that I will not in future attack any of your arguments if they happen to be against the truth and way of God as revealed in the Bible. If you promote gay and lesbian lifestyles and try to justify it in any way, I will be there publicly fighting it. I do not mind if you want to communicate privately or if you have questions about certain things.”

[Daniel completely missed the point of his own lengthy sermon on bullying… not recognizing what he himself is doing as exactly that. Sometimes there is so much irony in people’s blind hatred and intolerance, if they had to fall into water, they would sink like a stone.]

July 10, 2009

William Dicks has left a new comment on your post “Cross This Line“:

Hi Christina,

You should not confuse disagreement with hate. I served in the ACDP up to provincial executive level for several years, and not once did I hear anyone speak ill of homosexuals as people.

Just because somebody hates what you do and your lifestyle can in no way be construed as hate for you as a person.

I have been dealing with CAN as well, and I have read almost all their online articles on the subject of homosexuality, and I have never heard or read an expression of hatred from them concerning homosexuals as people.

I hope you can see the difference.

May God truly have mercy on you, your family and friends. “

[The organizations he defended entire histories are replete with very vocal activist and political homophobic and transphobic hatred, bullying and political lobbying to their names. I doubt he will ever be able to see the difference.]

March 12, 2009

[Apparently standing up to homophobes means I’m a ‘heterophobe’…]

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