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Interviews with Christina Engela – South Africa’s Most Unique Sci-fi Author!

“Some people just don’t understand how difficult it is for an introvert to self-promote their own work.” – Christina Engela, 2020.

I’ve had many interviews over the years – some to do with my writing, some related to my human rights advocacy work, and in different formats: TV, radio, for newspapers and magazines; interviews conducted for local South African publications, and also for international ones; interviews conducted in person, via email, and even over the telephone a few times. 

The TV and radio interviews always have me on edge – and I’m much happier doing interviews via email – but I won’t mind meeting a friendly journo (or podcaster, blogger or vlogger) over a cup of mocca choca at a coffee shop – so if you want to interview me, drop me a line and let’s set it up!

Here is a short listing of the interviews I happened to keep copies of, or have url’s to show them to you! They’re arranged with the newest at the top, and the oldest at the bottom.

Enjoy! 🙂

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A Selection Of Interviews with Christina Engela:

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