Authors Tackling Fascinating Topics – Herald Feb 23, 2015

A rather unflattering media entry from 2015, which inaccurately reports that Christina Engela’s books are only available in e-book format via, and not in paperback. The very short entry also gives no detail about WHAT her books are about. No ‘further information’ contact details are provided beneath the entry either. None of her books front covers were displayed either. They might as well not have bothered.

These snippy remarks and omissions doubtlessly resulted from the reviewer’s unreasonable refusal to accept an e-book copy of Christina’s work for review! (After all, two or three hundred rand is a lot of money to just ‘donate’ to a newspaper in the hope of receiving a few lines somewhere in the middle of the Monday edition! In any case, what do they review? The content, or the feel of a bundle of paper in their hands?)

If you would like to know more about Christina Engela and her writing, please feel free to browse her website.

If you’d like to send Christina Engela a question about her life as a writer or transactivist, please send an email to or use the Contact form.

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