Crime & Contemplation Dec 26, 2011

Quoted on Qoqa:

CHRISTINA ENGELA. This past week I have been contemplating crime… that is, the concept of crime & punishment. People seem to think that punishment and the concept of consequence provides a framework of limitations which go beyond just saying “don’t”. Punishment implies the “or else…” and waves a nobbly finger in the air. Some are so quick to demand the death penalty for a certain sort of crime, often without seriously considering the application, implications and consequences of all of the above. Right at the top of my list of concerns is the death penalty – which many people view as a necessity – which they also claim is some form of deterrent – a “magic bullet” if you will, against crime. Hang or fry a few people, and pretty soon, would-be criminals will be too frightened to get caught to risk it… or so the theory goes. But we all know that reality is completely different, don’t we? Especially here in sunny South Africa

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