South Africa: The woman who spent 7 months in a male cell Mar 27, 2010

Quoted in Global Voices article:

Denise had her name mistyped as “Denis” instead of Denise and thrown in a cell with men where she was raped multiple times.

Christina Engela writes on her blog Sour grapes- The Fruits of Ignorance:

I think it should be pointed out that it’s not so nice to be treated like us, is it? And therefore it’s not nice the way WE are being treated – DESPITE provisions in existing laws that supposedly protect people from this sort of treatment.
Apparently some typically over-qualified genius in the employ of the State mistyped her name as “Denis” – when she was actually Denise. (Yes, that’s right, with an “e” – as in “education“) That one slip of a key could easily have cost this woman her life. In point of fact, I would say that her life has been effectively ruined. Yes, she was detained on suspicion of having committed a crime – but now, despite having been cleared in court of all charges – she is a multiple rape victim, has suffered various forms of abuse and trauma, is suicidal, may have contracted HIV and numerous other diseases. A simple “We’re so f***ing sorry” from the court and the Prison Service – or the State – is just not going to be good enough.
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