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Adult Homophobes Bully Author Of Anti-bullying Kids Book & Fail To Notice The Irony

I recently published “Other Kids Are Kids Almost Just Like You” – a book against bullying.
It’s pretty ironic when a homophobe makes hateful posts intended to intimidate, threaten and insult – on a Facebook page about a book which addresses the topic of bullying! LMAO!
It says a lot – about the mentality of bullies – as well as the very real need for something to be done about bullies!
Fortunately there exist safeguards on this social media platform that allow us to block, ban and report such wannabe online bullies who try to flex their muscles and bombard people they detest with messages of outright hate!

But in the offline world it’s not so easy… And for kids it’s harder to place these attacks into perspective than for adults. Kids take personal criticism and bullying by their peers far more harshly than do adults, and because of this, the consequences can be so much more tragic – to them and to their families. We lose so many beautiful children each year due to suicides resulting from “peer pressure” and bullying.
Scientific research has already shown us that bullies – children and adults – are less educated and less secure in their personal lives because their lack of understanding of others results in fearfulness and paranoia. In my opinion, the importance and significance of this is grossly under-emphasized.
Worse than some simple ignorance and insecurities are the bullies who lack compassion or feeling for the plight of their victims. These are the true sociopaths and psychopaths one has to be wary of, and our society today is a breeding ground for monsters who see nothing wrong with utterly destroying other people, for whatever reason – be it religion, sexual orientation, patriarchy, power or greed. Such adults don’t just ‘pop’ out of nowhere as adults – they start as children, and so care needs to be taken with all children that they do not become adults of that ilk.
What happens to childhood bullies that don’t outgrow their bullying tendencies? They grow up to be adult bullies who terrorize adults and even children, in schools, in the workplace, and other social arenas. Prevention is better than cure.
Education is a vital tool in this struggle – particularly for younger generations, because their minds have not yet been as tainted by prejudices and hatreds of their forebears.
Supporting this book and others like it would definitely be a step in the right direction. 🙂
Until next time, keep reading!


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