Human Rights Resources

These are quotes and links to useful articles compiled by Christina Engela since she began human rights advocacy work for the Pink Community, and then later also for religious freedom.

This list was first hosted on her original activism blog on Blogger and then migrated to this website, which allowed for page hierarchies rather than just a huge cluster (or clutter!) of pages on a site!

How to use this resource:

Please read them, link to this page, and pass the resource around as far as you can. Information is useless unless it is read, absorbed and passed on. Knowledge is power, and knowing who your enemy is, is knowing how to fight them and to beat them.

Material is divided into two sections:

  1. LGBTI HR Advocacy Reference Material
  2. Religious Tolerance Advocacy Resources
  3. Disclaimer

Read Internet Advocacy 101: How To Use This Resource.

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