1) I am an activist for HUMAN RIGHTS, including LGBTI RIGHTS AND for religious equality, religious freedom and freedom FROM religion.
2) I do NOT hate Christianity or Christians, or any adherents of other religions – I respect everybody’s RIGHT to believe in whatever religion they like. I do NOT attack the right of any religion to exist. However, the right for any religion to exist and practice its beliefs DOES NOT include a right to persecute anyone in the name of that religion.
3) It is difficult for some people to distinguish between criticism of their faith (Christianity) and criticism of people attacking the human rights of others while using their religion as an excuse to do so (CHRISTIANISM, BIBLICAL LITERALISM or INERRANCY).
4) If you cannot understand this explanation, please research it (Google is your friend) before attacking me, based on an ASSUMPTION based on IGNORANCE (which, after all, is YOUR OWN FAULT).
5) Nobody is forcing you to read my human rights articles, or the articles I post links to. If you read one and don’t like what you’ve read, you only have yourself to blame.

For the sake of further clarification, please read THIS article.

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