Section 6: Homophobic Personalities & Groups

Paul Cameron:

Paul Cameron is a disgraced former psychologist who tried to make a name for himself as a scientific researcher. However, his lack of credibility, which resulted from his failure to stick to professional ethics in conducting his infamous “studies” intended to isolate and marginalize and type-cast LGBT people to suit his extremist personal religious prejudices, resulted in his expulsion from the APA and also divorced him from the scientific legitimacy he sought – and still claims for himself to this day. It also won him, for a time, the status of being the “go-to-guy” for far-right fanatic Christianist groups (including US president Reagan believe it or not) seeking apparent scientific bases on which to build their arguments of hatred against LGBT people. Cameron has even argued in favor of the extermination of LGBT people. Many right wing groups who hate and target the Pink Community refer to Cameron’s work even today – including the US based “Family Research Council”, whom today even our local friend Errol Naidoo visits every six months for inspiration, support and funding to service his own “Family Policy Institute” in Cape Town. The FRC meanwhile, has been classified as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center – and I think the FPI (perpetuating the hateful material and outlook as the FRC) should also. The actual scientific community refers to Cameron’s “studies” as “essentially a waste of paper”.

  • 20140226 “‘Researcher’ Paul Cameron ‘Open To’ Gay Death Penalty” (“Crackpot doctor Paul Cameron — possibly the only anti-LGBT “researcher” in the United States more thoroughly discredited than Mark Regnerus — went on the David Pakman Show today to endorse Uganda’s new Anti-Homosexuality Law. Host David Pakman summarizes the interview thusly: Dr. Paul Cameron of the Family Research Institute said today that he not only favors the Ugandan anti-gay law which indicates prison as a punishment for homosexuality, he added that he consulted with Ugandan officials on the law, and that he would be open to the idea of the death penalty as a punishment for homosexuality. Cameron refused to answer, however, the logistics of how he would carry out and administer death sentences for LGBT individuals. As I’ve written previously here at The Bilerico Project, Cameron is a certified wackjob. He was kicked out of both the American Psychological Association and the American Sociological Association for peddling virulently anti-gay junk science; the Southern Poverty Law Center calls him an “infamous anti-gay propagandist” and lists his organization, the Family Research Institute, as a hate group. Cameron is best known for the thoroughly debunked lie about the supposed “health risks” of homosexuality — you know, the one about how gay men, on average, live only half as long as their heterosexual counterparts. In a 2012 appearance on a Christian talk radio show, Cameron made the wild-eyed claim that “the long term goal of the homosexual movement is to get every little boy to grab his ankles and every little girl to give it a try.” Last year, the Russian government flew him in to spread his anti-LGBT propaganda at a Duma roundtable on “family values.” And now Paul Cameron is “open to the idea” of killing gay people. He may be a deranged wingnut, but he’s also evil. Pakman’s interview with Cameron is after the jump. “)
  • Sourcewatch article (“Paul Cameron, the chairman of the Family Research Institute, is a discredited Psychologist who has been kicked out of the American Psychological Association and condemed by the Nebraska Psychological Association and the American Socialogical Association. He has campaigned against the civil rights of homosexuals based on misrepresentations of science. In the past, he has advocated facial tattoes for AIDS victims and the castration, deportation to a former leper colony, and even extermination of homosexuals.”)
  • Dr. Paul Cameron and the Family Research Institute (“Paul Cameron is both the best known, and the least credible, of the various psychologists, medical doctors, and associated professionals which actively collaborate with the Religious Right, and attempt to lend a veneer of scientific respectability to the Religious Right’s anti-gay propaganda.” “Background and general information, Examples of Cameron’s Propaganda, Cameron’s Propaganda in Action”)
  • Paul Cameron (University of California – “Psychologist Paul Cameron has used his own studies to claim that homosexuals threaten public health, social order, and the well-being of children. His conclusions are generally at odds with other published research, and objective indices show that his work has had no apparent impact on scientific research on sexual orientation. Although Cameron has been criticized in the popular press, extensive scientific critiques of his group’s research have not been widely available. Those that have been published have been brief or appeared in obscure journals. This inattention by the scientific community is perhaps not surprising, given the poor quality of the Cameron group’s data and the low prestige of the journals in which they have published. Most scientists have simply ignored the Cameron studies. Lacking training in research methods and statistics, however, nonscientists may not be equipped to subject the Cameron group’s results to the rigorous scrutiny that they warrant. Consequently, they may mistakenly assume that the Cameron group’s papers are basically sound because they included lengthy bibliographies, reported many statistics, and were published in academic journals. Some members of the lay public may not understand that the mere presence of bibliographic references does not guarantee an assertion’s accuracy or validity, that statistics can easily be generated from faulty data, and that academic journals vary widely in their quality and their criteria for accepting papers for publication.“)
  • Facts About Homosexuality and Child Molestation (University of California –  “One individual has claimed to have data that prove homosexuals to be child molesters at a higher rate than heterosexuals. That person isPaul CameronAs detailed elsewhere on this site, Cameron’s survey data are subject to so many methodological flaws as to be virtually meaningless. Even so, his assertions are sometimes quoted by antigay organizations in their attempts to link homosexuality with child sexual abuse. In a 1985 article published in Psychological Reports, Cameron purported to review published data to answer the question, “Do those who commit homosexual acts disproportionately incorporate children into their sexual practices?” (p. 1227). He concluded that “at least one-third of the sexual attacks upon youth are homosexual” (p. 1228) and that “those who are bi- to homosexual are proportionately much more apt to molest youth” than are heterosexuals (p. 1231).Cameron’s claims hinge on the fallacious assumption that all male-male molestations are committed by homosexuals. Moreover, a careful reading of Cameron’s paper reveals several false statements about the literature he claimed to have reviewed.“)
  • Paul Cameron (Wikipedia – “Paul Drummond Cameron (born November 9, 1939) is an American psychologist and sex researcherWhile employed at various institutions including the University of Nebraska he conducted research on passive smoking, but he is best known today for his claims about homosexuality. After a successful 1982 campaign against a gay rights proposal in Lincoln, Nebraska, he established the Institute for the Scientific Investigation of Sexuality (ISIS), now known as the Family Research Institute (FRI). As FRI’s chairman, Cameron has written papers associating homosexuality with perpetration of child sexual abuse and reduced life expectancyIn 1983, the American Psychological Association expelled Cameron for non-cooperation with an ethics investigation. Position statements issued by the American Sociological AssociationCanadian Psychological Association and the Nebraska Psychological Association have accused Cameron of misrepresenting social science research.[1]“)
  • Paul Cameron’s World (“When most social scientists speak of homosexuality, they speak of sexual orientation and attractions with the understand that homosexuality isn’t a choice. This is true when it’s Focus on the Family, NARTH, and Exodus explaining homosexuality through the lens of modified Freudian theories. This is also true when gay-affirming theorists promote a biological premise for homosexuality. The two sides rarely agree on anything, but at least they generally agree on this: Homosexuality is not a choice. This is nonsense as far as Cameron is concerned. Like most anti-gay activists, he dismisses outright the possibility that there might be a biological component to homosexuality. But unlike other anti-gay activists, he publicly scolds Dr. James Dobson and the entire anti-gay movement for promoting “the hocus-pocus of Freudian thought.” It turns out that in Cameron’s world there are only three causes of homosexuality: In FRI’s analysis, most of those who engage in homosexuality adopt these sexual activities and rebellious attitudes as a result of three kinds of experiences:
    1) direct recruitment to homosexuality by seduction or molestation (particularly of the underage);
    2) indirect recruitment via cultural institutions (e.g., the schools, media, churches) preaching that ‘homosexuality is another way to fulfillment and personal satisfaction;’ and
    3) being around homosexuals as friends, acquaintances, or family members.
    We would argue that these same mechanisms also account for most of those who take up smoking, drug abuse, or other common ‘bad habits.’ 
    In Cameron’s world, homosexuality is not an orientation. It’s strictly about pleasure, a choice of entertainment“)
  • The Southern Poverty Law Center (Articles referring to, or about, Paul Cameron and his propaganda machine.)
  • Paul Cameron Conquers Cambridge (“Cambridge University Press has published Paul Cameron’s “Children of Homosexuals And Transsexuals More Apt To Be Homosexual” in the May 2006 issue of the Journal of Biosocial Science. Will this give him the “stamp of approval” he has longed for?” “It’s a terrible pity that the editors and reviewers of the Journal of Biosocial Science (JBS), who presumably posses far better credentials than I, have not been able to recognize blatant propaganda when they see it. This is all the more surprising given the clue that is not so well hidden in the very first sentences of the article: ‘Common sense’ holds that homosexuality is ‘contagious’ (Levitt & Klassen, 1974). Thus Rees & Ushill [sic – ed.] (1956) state ‘it is vain to blind oneself to the fact that the problem of male homosexuality is in essence the problem of the corruption of youth by itself and by its elders. It is the problem of the creation by means of such corruption of new addicts ready to corrupt a still further generation of young men and boys in the future’ (p.29).‘ Homosexuality is a contagion, a corruption, and an addiction. With that opening volley, Paul Cameron begins his latest article, “Children of Homosexuals And Transsexuals More Apt To Be Homosexual,” which appeared in the May 2006 edition of the Journal of Biosocial Science,1 an imprint of Cambridge University Press.”)
  • Paul Cameron Posts Archive (Right Wing 
  • American Family Association promotes debunked quack scientist (“I wrote the other day about how WorldNetDaily had written about a new “study” by an anti-gay quack scientist who was thrown out of the scientific profession twenty years ago. This quack in question is Paul Cameron, the guy who is largely responsible for the “gays molest children” myth and created the “average age of death for gay men is 41″ (it’s not) myth as well.” ” “At the 1985 Conservative Political Action Conference, Cameron announced to the attendees, ‘Unless we get medically lucky, in three or four years, one of the options discussed will be the extermination of homosexuals.’ According to an interview with former Surgeon General C. Everett Koop, Cameron was recommending the extermination option as early as 1983.” – Mark E. Pietrzyk, News-Telegraph, March 10, 1995. “At least twice Cameron has advocated the tattooing of AIDS patients on the face, so that people would know when they were meeting with an infected person. The penalty for trying to hide the tattoo would be banishment to the Hawaiian island of Molokai, a former leper colony. In the event that a vaccine were developed to prevent AIDS, Cameron has proposed that homosexuals be castrated to prevent them from ‘cheating’ on nature.” – Mark E. Pietrzyk, News-Telegraph, March 10, 1995.” “This is extremely disturbing. Not just because Cameron’s fake science was debunked 20 years ago, but because there’s now a clear pattern of the religious right and far-right news outlets trying to rehabilitate this man. I cannot understate how crazy this guy is. He was SO discredited that the religious right stopped citing him altogether about 5 years ago. And now they’re trying to bring him back. To compare this guy to Josef Mengele would not be a stretch. We are talking nutjob, vicious, nasty, bigoted, lying nutjob. And the American Family Association tries to rehabilitate him.”)
  • Uganda Anti-Homosexuality Bill (Wikipedia – American evangelicals such as Scott Lively and California pastor Rick Warren have a history of involvement in Uganda where they focus their missionary work. As a result, Warren and others have become influential in the shaping of public policy in Uganda, Nigeria and, to a lesser extent, Kenya.[17] Stephen Langa, the March 2009 workshop organiser, specifically cited an unlicensed conversion therapist named Richard A. Cohen, who states in Coming out Straight, that was given to Langa and other prominent Ugandans, ‘Homosexuals are at least 12 times more likely to molest children than heterosexuals; homosexual teachers are at least 7 times more likely to molest a pupil; homosexual teachers are estimated to have committed at least 25 percent of pupil molestation; 40 percent of molestation assaults were made by those who engage in homosexuality.‘ These statements were based on faulty studies performed by Paul Cameron, who has been expelled from the American Psychological Association, the Canadian Psychological Association, and the American Sociological Association, and Cohen confirmed their weaknesses, stating that when the book will be reprinted, these statistics will be removed.[40][41][42]“) 

Ronald Reagan:

  • The Genocidal Legacy Of Ronald Reagan (“30 years ago today, on June 5, 1981, that the Center for Disease Control first published a report on the mysterious epidemic that we have now come to know as AIDS. And while Republicans and the Tea Party proudly wallow in the revisionist life history of Ronald Reagan let us, the friends, the family, and the also the victims of this man’s bigotry and homophobia remember the truth and continue to shout it to high heaven so it is never forgotten of the genocidal part that Reagan played that killed almost an entire generation of gay men.” “Ronald Reagen deliberately ignored one of the deadliest diseases in history of the world which is now affecting over 70 million people around the globe all in the name of God, bigotry and homophobia.” “In 1981 with the emergence of the AIDS epidemic also came the emergence of the Christian Right, who which Reagen ushered into power and disgustingly seized the moment as a sign of God’s abhorrence for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people. Reagan, who saw the first signs of the AIDS epidemic in 1981, his first year in office, . said “maybe the Lord brought down the plague because illicit sex is against the Ten Commandments.” “AIDS research was chronically under-funded. When doctors at the Centers for Disease Control and the National Institutes of Health asked for more funding for their work on AIDS, they were routinely denied it.“”)

“Dr” James Dobson:

  • Know your right wing speakers (“…one of Dobson’s favorite targets is the infamous “gay agenda.” According to Dobson’s 2004 book Marriage Under Fire, the homosexual agenda aims to “implement a master plan that has as its centerpiece the utter destruction of the family.” What’s in this “master plan”? Dobson says the evil scheme includes “overturning laws prohibiting pedophilia [and the] indoctrination of children and future generations through public education,” among other things. Unsurprisingly, Dobson vehemently opposes marriage equality, calling it a slippery slope leading to polygamy, bestiality, and general mayhem. If we permit marriage equality, he says, “How about group marriage? Or marriage between daddies and little girls? Or marriage between a man and his donkey?””)
  • Right Wing Watch (“Focus on the Family founder and chairman James Dobson is perhaps the most influential right-wing Christian leader in the country, with a huge and loyal following that he can reach easily through an impressive media empire.” “FOF is a strong supporter of the Defense of Marriage Act; since the decision of Massachusetts to recognize same-sex unions, FOF closely monitors the status of same-sex marriage prevention measures being enacted in each state across the country.” “FOF is anti-choice, anti-gay, and against sex education curricula that are not strictly abstinence-only.” “FOF works against “special rights” for homosexuals and hate crime legislation, and supports “reparative therapy” for homosexuality, which has been widely discredited and rejected by the vast majority of doctors and physicians. FOF sponsors “Love Won Out,” conferences held around the U.S. that claim to prove that “homosexuality is preventable and treatable,” where many of the speakers are “ex-gays.” “Love Won Out” is from the title of a book by John Paulk, an “ex-gay” who is the host of the conferences and is an employee of Focus on the Family. For those ex-gays who cannot change, FOF considers sexual celibacy another option. FOF regularly asserts the idea that there is a “homosexual agenda” and associates homosexuals with pedophilia and recruitment of children as sex partners.“)
  • Wikipedia – James Dobson (“Dobson believes that God defines marriage as between one man and one woman only and describes this as the central stabilizing institution of society. Dobson believes that any sexual activity outside of such a union — including homosexuality — cannot be approved by God. In Dobson’s view, homosexuality is a choice that is made through influences in a child’s environment rather than an inborn trait. He states that homosexual behavior, specifically “unwanted same-sex attraction”, has been and can be “overcome” through understanding developmental models for homosexuality and choosing to heal the complex developmental issues which led to same-sex attraction.[39][56]” “Dobson strongly opposes the movement to legitimize same-sex relationships.” “Sociologist Judith Stacey criticized Dobson for claiming that sociological studies show that gay couples do not make good parents. She stated that Dobson’s claim “is a direct misrepresentation of my research.”[60] In response to Dobson’s claim that “there have been more than ten thousand studies that have showed that children do best when they are raised with a mother and a father who are committed to each other,” Stacey replied that “[a]ll of those studies that Dobson is referring to are studies that did not include gay or lesbian parents as part of the research base.”[61]Dobson objected to a bill expanding the prohibition of sexual orientation-based discrimination in the areas of “public accommodation, housing practices, family planning services and twenty other areas.” He said that, were such a bill passed, public businesses could no longer separate locker rooms and bathrooms by gender, which he claimed would lead to a situation where, “every woman and little girl will have to fear that a predatorbisexualcross-dresser or even a homosexual or heterosexual male might walk in and relieve himself in their presence.[62][63])
  • 20090511 –  Dobson parts ways with radio show, Focus on the Family (“Critics portray Dobson as part of an older generation of evangelical leaders whose influence is waning, and point to younger leaders who are taking up the environment and poverty as political causes. Daly, 48, who has taken on a higher profile as Dobson has receded from the public stage, shares Dobson’s beliefs about culture wars issues, such as abortion and gay marriage, but hasn’t been as political. Daly complimented Obama for his efforts to promote responsible fatherhood but has said he disagrees with Obama’s policies on most other issues.”)
  • 20061125 – James Dobson Identifies Cause of Homosexuality (“Dr. James Dobson, leading light of the Christian right, says people are neither born gay nor choose to be gay.  They’re just mama’s boys.”)

Scott Lively:

Surprisingly little-known in South Africa, considering the amount of time this bigot has been active in sub-Saharan Africa, Scott Lively is today responsible for the dramatic increase in homophobic hysteria and anti-lgbt violence in various places around the world, including principally, Uganda, Russia and Belarus. Uganda’s pink community was the first to bring charges of crimes against humanity against this man, and the world now waits with bated breath to see what will happen.

  • 20140226 – “US HATE PASTOR’S LIES BEHIND UGANDAN GAY BILL” (“The Guardian has highlighted the appalling influence of American evangelists on anti-gay laws in Uganda. The newspaper’s website has posted an excerpt from Roger Ross Williams’ documentary God Loves Uganda, which depicts one of the worst offenders, Scott Lively in action. It features undercover video taken by Boston-based Anglican priest, Kapya Kaoma, which shows Lively holding a workshop in Uganda in which he peddled outrageous lies about LGBT people. According to Kaoma, the pastor told the audience that gay people have taken over the UN and America, that they are recruiting children in Uganda and are out to destroy society. It was these kinds of workshops, says Kaoma, that fuelled the belief among legislators that the country’s Anti-Homosexuality Bill – signed into law on Monday – was desperately needed. It’s been previously claimed that thousands of Ugandans, including police officers, teachers and politicians, have attended Lively’s talks during his visits to Uganda. “American evangelists are all powerful in Uganda and that power is used to persecute those who are trying to question them… religion is being used to demonise and in fact kill”, Kaoma claims in the clip. He adds that the global war against homosexuality waged by American evangelists has “nothing to do to with the Christian gospel but American culture wars. That is what is driving their activities across the world.” Lively, who believes that Hitler and other Nazi leaders were gay and their homosexuality led to World War II, is facing charges in the US of “crimes against humanity” because of his role in the formulation of the Anti-Homosexuality Bill. In September last year, Lively said that he’s proud to have influenced anti-gay movements in both Russia and Uganda. Lively heads up the Abiding Truth Ministries, a church opposing “the homosexual agenda”. He has travelled around the world promoting his hateful crusade against what he calls the “social cancer” of homosexuality. His crackpot theories are often accepted as legitimate by political and religious leaders. Lively, however, has dismissed as “a leap” claims that his actions and words have led to violence and the death of gay people in the countries in which he’s peddled his anti-gay views. Watch an alternative excerpt from God Loves Uganda, below.”)
  • 20130815 – Truth Wins Out Pleased That Crimes Against Humanity Case Against Scott Lively Will Proceed (The lawsuit, filed by the Center For Constitutional Rights (CCR) on behalf of Sexual Minorities Uganda (SMUG), accuses Lively of inciting persecution against LGBT people through his advocacy work in Uganda, leading to increased violence and directly inspiring the now infamous “Kill The Gays” bill. Lively, for his part, claims that the lawsuit “boils down to nothing more than an attempt to define my Biblical views against homosexuality as a crime.”)
  • Uganda Anti-Homosexuality Bill (Wikipedia – American evangelicals such as Scott Lively and California pastor Rick Warren have a history of involvement in Uganda where they focus their missionary work. As a result, Warren and others have become influential in the shaping of public policy in Uganda, Nigeria and, to a lesser extent, Kenya.[17] Stephen Langa, the March 2009 workshop organiser, specifically cited an unlicensed conversion therapist named Richard A. Cohen, who states in Coming out Straight, that was given to Langa and other prominent Ugandans, ‘Homosexuals are at least 12 times more likely to molest children than heterosexuals; homosexual teachers are at least 7 times more likely to molest a pupil; homosexual teachers are estimated to have committed at least 25 percent of pupil molestation; 40 percent of molestation assaults were made by those who engage in homosexuality.’ These statements were based on faulty studies performed by Paul Cameron, who has been expelled from the American Psychological Association, the Canadian Psychological Association, and the American Sociological Association, and Cohen confirmed their weaknesses, stating that when the book will be reprinted, these statistics will be removed.[40][41][42]“)
  • Redeeming the Rainbow: A Christian Response to the ‘Gay’ Agenda (“Powerful new on-line book by Dr. Scott Lively on defeating the “gay” agenda. BOOK POSTED BELOW. This is possibly the most powerful book on confronting the homosexual agenda! For the past ten years, while lecturing and consulting on pro-family strategies in more than 30 countries, Dr. Lively has been writing the world’s first textbook that teaches pro-family advocates how to defeat the homosexual agenda and reestablish family-centered culture in their respective nations from a Christian perspective.“)

  • 2002 – The Pink Swastika (“The Pink Swastika is a thoroughly researched, eminently readable, demolition of the “gay” myth, symbolized by the pink triangle, that the Nazis were anti-homosexual.” This book written by Scott Lively attempts to rewrite history by ignoring huge swathes of historical facts in order to try and sell the notion that Hitler, Goering and other high-placed Nazis were closet gays – and fails to take into account the vicious persecution meted out to hundreds of thousands if not millions of LGBT people under Nazi dominion, not to mention the various internal purges of gay men in the Nazi party, chiefly of which was the infamous “Night of the Long Knives”. Only people who know nothing about history and don’t bother to research for themselves will fall for this rubbish.)

Rick Warren:

Rick Warren,  author of “The Purpose Driven Life” is a pastor at Saddleback Church which he founded in Lake Forest in 1980. 

  • “Our Pastor, Rick Warren” (“Pastor Rick Warren was born in San Jose, California. He earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from California Baptist University, a Master of Divinity from Southwestern Theological Seminary, and Doctor of Ministry from Fuller Theological Seminary. Pastor Warren founded Saddleback Church in Lake Forest in 1980 with one other family. Today, it is one of America’s most influential churches, with approximately 20,000 people attending the weekend services. Saddleback offers more than 200 community ministries and support groups for parents, families, children, couples, prisoners, addicts, people living with HIV/AIDS, depression, MS, Parkinson’s, autism, and many others. He is the author of The Purpose Driven Life, the bestselling hardback in American history, with over 30 million copies sold worldwide. He built the Purpose Driven Network, a global alliance of pastors from 162 countries and hundreds of denominations who have been trained to be purpose driven churches. He also founded – an online interactive community that provides sermons, forums, and other practical resources for pastors – including archives of a bi-weekly newsletter that is sent to more than 100,000 pastors and ministry leaders. Pastor Warren and his wife Kay are passionate about global missions and what he calls “attacking the five global giants” of poverty, disease, spiritual emptiness, self-serving leadership, and illiteracy. His solution – The Peace Plan – is a massive effort to mobilize Christians around the world into an outreach effort to attack these five global giants of today by promoting reconciliation, equipping servant leaders, assisting the poor, caring for the sick, and educating the next generation.”)
  • Rick Warren (Public – “Warren has gained notoriety as an advocate of encouraging Christian religious leaders and believers to adhere to his Purpose Driven theology. “Purpose driven” refers to the attempt to balance the five “purposes” of worship– fellowship, discipleship, ministry, and evangelism– in followers’ churches and personal lives.” “Max Blumenthal has noted that the details of Warren’s activities in this area have not been explored and Warren himself has not opted to shed much light on the matter. However, it does appear that Warren has formed alliances with African religious leaders such as Henry Orombi and Martin Ssempa of Uganda and Peter Akinola of Nigeria, some of whom have forfeited scientifically viable solutions to the AIDS epidemic in favor of abstinence only education. In particular is pastor Martin Ssempa, who is also a close friend of Uganda’s First Lady and member of Parliament, Janet Museveni. Ssempa has put on such displays as public condom burnings and the publishing of the names of alleged homosexuals in local newspapers. He is also a key advocate for stricter punishments for gays and their supporters such as imprisonment. After global criticism of the 2009 Anti Homosexuality Bill in Uganda began circulating, Warren issued a statement separating himself from Ssempa.”)
  • Rick Warren *directly* uses Hitler Youth, Cultural Revolution as models for Joel’s Army (“…his extensive connections to groups and persons connected to the “New Apostolic Reformation” aka “Joel’s Army”, a particularly virulent “Christian Nationalist” movement (which had its initial origins in neopentecostal dominionist churches but has since spread via “cuckoo” cell-churches to even some mainstream denominations). In particular, Rick Warren is not only well documented to be a dominionist with links to Joel’s Army promoters in the Assemblies of God, but has been mentored from his beginnings in the ministry by no less than C. Peter Wagner–“Mr. Joel’s Army” himself. Recent research by members of the New Apostolic Reformation Research Team have found, however, possibly one of the most disturbing examples of this yet–where Rick Warren literallypromotes the Hitlerjugend and the Cultural Reformation as explicit models for steeplejacking entire nations.”)
  • 20091210 – Follow-up: A Purpose-Driven Genocide (about Warren finally speaking out against the Kill the Gays Bill – “My one beef is that, in his words, since he didn’t “rush to make a statement,” Warren said he was being characterized as supporting the bill. In FACT, the Uganda bill was previewed 9 months ago, has been in the news for at least 4 months, and the full-text has been available for 2 months. There’s a difference between “not rushing” and sitting on the sidelines waiting for it to blow over or seizing a media-savvy moment to speak up. I speak with an air of judgment, I admit, but people who can speak have a responsibility to do so.”)
  • 20091207 – Rick Warren’s Dissertation Advisor Leads Network Promoting Uganda Anti-Gay Bill (“In 2008 Rick Warren declared that, following Rwanda, Uganda was the world’s second official “Purpose Driven” nation. Uganda is currently in the news because of a bill before the Ugandan legislature that would establish the death penalty for homosexual acts and, critics charge, might even require the execution of HIV-positive Ugandan citizens. Some observers have wondered if Purpose Driven Life author and mega-evangelist Rick Warren has had a role in the globally controversial bill, especially because of Warren’s close association with Ugandan anti-gay activist Martin Ssempa and, more broadly, because Warren has refused to denounce the anti-gay bill.” [which he did later in 2009, under public pressure to do so.] “To little notice, a charismatic network overseen by Warren’s doctoral dissertation advisor, C. Peter Wagner, has played a major role in politically organizing and inspiring the Ugandan legislators who have spearheaded the anti-gay bill.” “Both Wagner and Warren have designed elaborate infrastructures for blurring the lines between church and state. Wagner describes his movement as the “New Apostolic Reformation” and openly espouses his goals of reorganizing and mobilizing the church to take Christian “dominion” over government and society.” [See “Dominionism”] “Warren’s movement is described as a “second reformation” in the form of his P.E.A.C.E. plan, but his goals of rapid “expansion of the kingdom” in Uganda and elsewhere closely parallel those of Wagner’s. Wagner is the Convening Apostle in a movement of charismatic “relational networks” which has extended its reach from the United States to Uganda, and worldwide. Under its umbrella of authority are virulently anti-gay apostles in the United States and Uganda“)
  • Uganda Anti-Homosexuality Bill (Wikipedia – American evangelicals such as Scott Lively and California pastor Rick Warren have a history of involvement in Uganda where they focus their missionary work. As a result, Warren and others have become influential in the shaping of public policy in Uganda, Nigeria and, to a lesser extent, Kenya.[17] Stephen Langa, the March 2009 workshop organiser, specifically cited an unlicensed conversion therapist named Richard A. Cohen, who states in Coming out Straight, that was given to Langa and other prominent Ugandans, ‘Homosexuals are at least 12 times more likely to molest children than heterosexuals; homosexual teachers are at least 7 times more likely to molest a pupil; homosexual teachers are estimated to have committed at least 25 percent of pupil molestation; 40 percent of molestation assaults were made by those who engage in homosexuality.’ These statements were based on faulty studies performed by Paul Cameron, who has been expelled from the American Psychological Association, the Canadian Psychological Association, and the American Sociological Association, and Cohen confirmed their weaknesses, stating that when the book will be reprinted, these statistics will be removed.[40][41][42]“)
  • 20081218 – Rick Warren Compares Gay Marriage to Incest, Pedophilia (“You don’t have to dig too deep to find bigoted statements by Rick Warren, the homophobe who is Obama’s new BFF. Just last week in a video interview, Warren compared gay marriage to incest and pedophilia: “RICK WARREN: But the issue to me is, I’m not opposed to that as much as I’m opposed to the redefinition of a 5,000-year definition of marriage. I’m opposed to having a brother and sister be together and call that marriage. I’m opposed to an older guy marrying a child and calling that a marriage. I’m opposed to one guy having multiple wives and calling that marriage. STEVEN WALDMAN: Do you think, though, that they are equivalent to having gays getting married? RICK WARREN: Oh I do.” …The favored form of marriage in the Middle East 5,000 years ago was polygamy. Abraham, the father of Judaism, Christianity and Islam, was a polygamist, as were Jacob and the kings David and Solomon. Until the early 19th century, marriage was predominantly a business arrangement between male heads of households.“) 

Fred Phelps (Westboro Baptist Church):

  • Extremism in America – Westboro Baptist Church (“The Topeka, Kansas-based Westboro Baptist Church (WBC) is a small virulently homophobic, anti-Semitic hate group that regularly stages protests around the country, often several times a week. The group pickets institutions and individuals they think support homosexuality or otherwise subvert what they believe is God’s law. Incorporated in 1967 as a not-for-profit organization, WBC considers itself an “Old School (or Primitive)” Baptist Church. WBC’s leader is Fred Phelps and several of his children and dozens of his grandchildren appear to constitute the majority of the group’s members. WBC has no official affiliation with mainstream Baptist organizations. Other WBC targets include schools the group deems to be accepting of homosexuality; Catholic, Lutheran, and other Christian denominations that WBC feels are heretical; and funerals for people murdered or killed in accidents like plane crashes and for American soldiers killed in Iraq and Afghanistan, a tactic the group started in 2005. Though the group’s specific focus may shift over time, they believe that nearly all Americans and American institutions are “sinful,” so nearly any individual or organization can be targeted. In fact, WBC members say that “God’s hatred is one of His holy attributes” and that their picketing is a form of preaching to a “doomed” country unable to hear their message in any other way.“)
  • God Hates (WBC’s own site – “Since 1955, WBC has taken forth the precious from the vile, and so is as the mouth of God (Jer. 15:19). In 1991, WBC began conducting peaceful demonstrations opposing the fag lifestyle of soul-damning, nation-destroying filth. In response, america bombed WBC, sued WBC, prosecuted WBC, burned WBC. God is now america’s enemy: 6750 dead soldiers; $16.74 trillion+ national debt. “Arise, O LORD, in thine anger…because of the rage of mine enemies…” (Ps 7:6)america crossed the line on June 26, 2003, when SCOTUS ruled in Lawrence v. Texas that we must respect sodomy. SCOTUS sealed your doom on June 26, 2013, with fag marriage. WBC’s gospel message is your last hope. More about WBC.“)
  • 20130719 – Top five times Fred Phelps and Westboro Baptist Church got owned (“It’s no surprise that Westboro Baptist Church is up to its usual well-publicized and well-hated shenanigans, but members of the “God Hates F*gs!” gang have gone and done it now — they pissed off a group of New York City Satanists (a group you really don’t wanna piss off) by threatening to picket the funerals of Boston Marathon bombing victims. So last weekend the enraged Satanists decided to do Fred Phelps’s dead mother a solid, and ceremoniously turned her into a homosexual. That put the score at Satanists 1, WBC 0. But this is far from the first time that the church has been completely owned, and hopefully it won’t be the last.”) 

“Dr” Peter Hammond (the Paintball Pastor):

This is the founder and front man of the Christian Action Network movement in South Africa, although it’s gnarled claws extend deep into sub-Saharan Africa under the guise of “church planting” and “missionary work”, often closely accompanied by rumors of gun-smuggling, mercenary activity and incitement to persecution and harm of other religious groups (Islam, Pagan religions) and cultural groups (LGBT) and in fact, ANY other group which does not fit with his conservative and ultra-right extremist views of Christianity, even Christian moderates. He has been in the news for decades, fronting his various groups and speaking out claiming to represent Christians while attacking the fundamental humanity of others in the name of his own religious views with lies, false information and fraudulent “scientific studies” – and enlisting the support of similar hate groups in the USA.

  • Who is Dr Peter Hammond? ( – “It is very difficult to get an answer to this. He is reputed to have a doctorate in missiology but in every such statement, it after this is stated, “was granted an HONORARY doctorate in missiology”.I cannot find any record of such a doctorate in any University of any type. He has written many politically and religiously far right publications. Such make the religious right of the US, quite “leftist comparison. His themes show that calvinism, to be almost more relevant than the bible itself, propounding that God himself chose selected persons through history to be damned to hell. Not by their actions, but by Gods will. In this he debunks Christian belief that persons can choose by responding who they will serve. If God selected whom he would have believe, then why does Hammond rail against Catholicism, because despite catholicism being a heresy as he believes, all whom God has chosen, are saved anyway. He condemns arminianism which shows hat mankind does indeed have a choice.“)
  • 20130725 – 20 years later St James horror endures (“When Kenilworth resident Peter Hammond arrived at the church 20 minutes after the attack he ran through the double doors, the same the attackers had burst in from. All he saw were bodies scattered on the ground and paramedics working on the injured. Hammond saw Gerhard Harker’s dead body: “He had leapt on a hand grenade and someone had put a jacket over him.” There was a leather Bible lying in a pool of blood, pews were at crazy angles, there were holes in the ceiling, and people were crying. He said the incident shocked him: “In the days following I would just break down because these were people we knew.””)
  • 20111028 – ‘Christian Action’ and the Halloween conspiracy (Via Penton Pagan Magazine: “When you lie and knowingly repeat the lie about followers of another religion, just to promote your own religious agenda, you make a mockery of everything your religion stands for. In their attempt to promote 31 October as Reformation Day in honour of Martin Luther’s Protestant Reformation, South African based evangelical ministry Christian Actionand its spokespersons Dr Peter Hammond (Director of the Christian Action Network and The Reformation Society, with ties to Frontline Fellowship USA), J. Kerby Anderson and Taryn Hodgson (Africa Christian Action National Coordinator) have waged an annual smear campaign against the commercial and religious celebration of Halloween and ‘paganism’ in general. [0]Their campaign is based on prejudicial and provable lies and as avid purveyors of these lies, they are guilty of bearing false witness. [1] Legally speaking, a false witness is a person who deliberately gives false testimony, a perjurer, liar, and a prevaricator – a person who has lied or who lies repeatedly. [2]”)
  • 20100210 – The Politics of Email: You Send it, You Own it (“Sent to me by an old chum, “Islam Explained in Layman Terms” told me about the fundamental viciousness of the Muslim religion. Originally written by one Dr. Peter Hammond, it contained a neat rundown on the bad things that happen to countries when their percentage of Muslims increases. For example, America has minimal civic trouble because Muslims represent a mere .6% of the population, but Bosnia has a boatload of unrest because its Muslim population hovers around 40%. The presentation appeared very scholarly and seemed to be the product of a lot of painstaking research. But hold on a minute. Bosnia? Trouble with Muslims…in Bosnia? Wasn’t that where Christian Serbs and Croats decimated their Muslim neighbors in the 80s and 90s with a sustained, official campaign of rape, slaughter and internment in concentration camps? So Hammond was telling me that the skin-and-bone Muslims I saw pleading behind barbed wire back then are now villains? Time to Google this Dr. Hammond guy.The very first hit on Hammond was his organization, Frontline Fellowship, a group devoted to Christian proselytism in Africa. Its logo, a sword and bible over a silhouette of the continent of Africa. The site also features Hammond’s views on a smorgasbord of subjects, including a lengthy defense of the Crusades and his equally remarkable assertion that “there was no apartheid in Rhodesia.” From the decadence of popes throughout history, to treatises on the “homosexual agenda” and home schooling, Hammond leaves little doubt about his religious and political views.” “To believe anything about Islam written by a Crusades apologist with an itchy paintball trigger-finger makes about as much sense as accepting at face value a Michelle Obama exposé published by an outfit that calls itself conservative. Though both reports might have been objective and accurate, the chance of them being so was extremely low. Yet both of these e-frauds and countless others continue to be circulated by individuals who either/and:  1) Believe everything they find in their in-boxes 2) Believe anything authored by a person with ‘Dr.’ in front of his or her name 3) Believe anything that supports their political views, and want you to believe it too. They seem to forget that their return email addresses, names, and added ‘kinda makes you think’ messages are their own personal endorsements of lies.  Circulating these things without checking them out—especially when it’s so incredibly easy to do—undermines their reputations as straight shooters.“)
  • 20070907 – Paintball Gun Spree By Pastor Targeted Halloween Kids (“Controversial pro gun campaigner and ardent Christian evangelist Peter Hammond stated that he was charged with assault after organizing an anti-Halloween paintball gun shooting spree. Currently serving as the director of the Cape Town based Frontline Fellowship, a “missionary outreach” organization, Hammond appeared in the Goodwood Magistrate’s court to face the charges. “It was not intentional and not malicious,” said Hammond; an ardent opponent of South Africa’s gun control laws. In an interview, Hammond said that his wife and four children including himself, do not approve of Halloween. The Hammond family believes that Halloween is an “occult holiday celebrating human sacrifice, witches and goblins”. Hammond went on further to state that his children asked him to do a “counter Halloween”, and he agreed and devised a plan to drive the children around the neighborhood to fire paintballs at trick or treating kids on Halloween. It was meant to be a joke: nobody was meant to get hurt,” Hammond said. “I laid down a few ground rules: we were just going for teenagers, no kids.” “Hammond is described on the Fellowship website as a missionary who has pioneered evangelistic outreaches in war zones of Mozambique, Angola and Sudan. He has also been accused of gun- running for rebels in Sudan, and of assisting the Renamo movement when it was fighting a South African-backed civil war against Mozambique’s Frelimo government in the apartheid years. Hammond is known for his opposition to homosexuality, pornography, communism, militant Islam, and to what he says is “humanism” in state schools.)
  • 2006 – “Protesting perversion in parliament” (CAN website – “The ANC has been railroading through Parliament the legalisation of homosexual “marriages” in South Africa. The betrayal of this country into the hands of Marxist mass murderers has led to the paganisation of this once strongly Christian nation. Once babies were protected from abortion, all foul language, sex scenes and blasphemy were censored out of Hollywood films before they could be shown in our country, Sundays were honoured with no commercial activity or cinemas open, in honour of the Lord’s Day, schools started with Bible reading, hymn singing and prayer in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ. But, today, we have legalised gambling, legalised prostitution, legalised abortion, and now even legalised homosexual“marriages.”The National Co-ordinator of the Christian Action Network, Taryn Hodgson, went to Parliament to present a written and oral submission at the public hearings concerning this Bill. Later, on 23 November, I joined Taryn to present the Christian Action Network’s objections to the Civil Unions Bill at the Select Committee on Social Services of the National Council of Provinces (the old Senate) at Parliament.” – A copy of their submission to Parliament counter marriage equality is visible here signed “Yours Sincerely, Taryn Hodgson National Co-ordinator CharI van Wyk Executive Member“)
  • 20060427 – ‘Paintball’ pastor’s case to be evaluated (“The assault case against Pinelands pastor Peter Hammond has been referred to the Director of Public Prosecutions to decide if it should be pursued.” “Magistrate Edward Wessels postponed the hearing to August 2”)
  • 20060323 – Case against ‘paintball pastor’ postponed (“The case against Pinelands pastor Peter Hammond, accused of a paintball shooting spree with his son last Halloween, has been postponed for a month, when he will be asked to plead. The 45-year-old evangelist, director of the Cape Town Frontline Fellowship and pro-gun campaigner, briefly appeared in the Goodwood magistrate’s court on Wednesday on a charge of assault. His 11-year-old son started out as his co-accused, but on a previous appearance the charge against him was dropped. Since the minor would no longer join the proceedings, the case was transferred to a different courtroom. The father of four allegedly took his children on a paintball shooting spree on Halloween night on October 31, firing at trick-or-treaters. Hammond was told by magistrate Edward Wessels to return to court on April 26.“)
  • 20051203 – Paintball spree was anti-occult, says pastor- ExChristian.Net … (“He said last night that he had not touched the gun that day, and that it was accidentally discharged by his 10-year-old son. “It was not intentional and not malicious,” said Hammond, who is a vociferous opponent of South Africa’s gun control laws.” – Not intentional? Not malicious? A paintball gun can fire a semi-solid projectile at speeds of up to 450 feet per second – and even at competition speeds of 300 fps this can cause severe bruising and even the loss of teeth – or an eye. Their targets were NOT wearing safety gear or expecting to be shot with paintball guns. What did he think was going to happen? He was the only adult on the scene, the parent of the child who was armed with the weapon, firing it at children (NOT teenagers) at close range while under his direction and authority – and so it is the kid’s fault?)
  • 20051202 – (“Boys need to play with toy weapons to learn how to be “aggressive and adventurous”, according to Lenora Hammond, wife of paintball-evangelist Peter Hammond. “Men who follow Jesus Christ the dragon-slayer, must themselves become lesser dragon-slayers. And this is why it is absolutely essential for boys to play with wooden swords and plastic guns,” she writes in an article on Hammond’s Frontline Fellowship website prominent Christian right-winger and pro-gun lobbyist, Hammond faces charges of assault for allegedly taking his two young sons out to shoot trick-or-treating children with paintball and BB guns in Cape Town suburbs on Halloween. In the article, Lenora Hammond asks why boys “gravitate to weaponry”, and explains that in terms of “true and Biblical masculinity“, man was created to exercise dominion on the earth. “Right from an early age, boys want to conquer and subdue, even if the terrain is only the backyard. They are in training after all, and should be encouraged to become men who exercise dominion. “They should be learning to be lords in the earth, and should be adventurous and visionary. This is difficult to do when they are only surrounded by videos and computers.” “”The Christian faith is in no way pacifistic. The peace that will be ushered in by our great Prince will be a peace purchased with blood. “As our Lord sacrificed Himself in this war, so must His followers learn to do. Our boys must therefore learn to be strong, sacrificial, courageous and good…. “These future men need to learn how to be aggressive and adventurous, they are learning to be lords of the earth… “We want to instill in them a hatred for evil and to have a deep desire to fight it. They are learning what a weapon feels like in their hands.”“)
  • 20051130 – ‘Paintball pastor’ arrested after kids shot (“Controversial pro-gun lobbyist and missionary Peter Hammond is facing criminal charges after allegedly shooting children with a paint gun in a bizarre Halloween trick or treat game. The Reverend Hammond, head of the Peninsula-based Frontline Fellowship, was arrested after surrendering to police in Pinelands. At least four children allege they were hit by paintballs in Rosebank and Pinelands on the evening of October 31. Hammond faces charges of assault with intent to do grievous bodily harm and is due to appear in the Goodwood magistrate’s court on December 20. Pinelands police said he had allegedly driven around Pinelands, Rondebosch and Rosebank with his three young children in the back of his car, calling costumed youngsters over then firing paintballs. One boy was shot in the face. Private detectives of PM Reynolds and Associates, hired by the father of one victim to probe the attacks, have taken statements from boys aged between 10 and 12, who were apparently lured to Hammond’s car that night and shot with a paint gun.” The victims were all out on the streets dressed in Halloween costumes having fun when a car pulled up and they were lured closer by the driver shouting ‘Trick or treat’,” “In two of the cases I’m still trying to establish which occupant in the car actually shot the children.“The victim in the Pinelands attack, Marcus van der Oever, 12, who was shot at point-blank range in the face, so far has produced the most detailed account.”“)
  • 20031102 – Rev. Peter Hammond Exposed, A Judeo-Christian War Enabler Uncovered by His Own Financial Supporter (“Pharisee Watch is publishing a letter by the Board of Elders of The CHURCH OF CHRISTIAN LIBERTY, a well known church, school, and home school network, pertaining to one Dr. Peter C. Hammond. The Church confirms an immoral personal scandal on the part of Hammond that has no doubt been an embarrassment. WHTT is grateful to the Church of Christian Liberty for being forthright about Hammond; we know of other institutions that know the truth about Hammond but have chosen to sweep this matter under the carpet. These findings are a small part of a pattern of business immorality of which Hammond and many other mail-order missionaries are flagrantly guilty. It demonstrates that Hammond is a pathological liar, which we have long suspected. He also implicates dozens of larger institutions associated with Hammond. We print this expose only because there is a larger and more sordid scandal yet to be exposed. Hammond, and dozens more like him, have preyed upon the people of Sudan as war fodder with their claims used to milk and bilk thousands of well meaning financial contributors out of many millions of American dollars. These dollars have produced misery for many of those who were supposed to be helped in Sudan. It has also probably swelled the well hidden international accounts of men like Hammond and his father-in-law accomplice, Missionary Bill Bathman, who has covered for him shamelessly.“)
  • 20020504 – Ban lifted on book with ‘homophobic’ agenda “An adults-only age restriction slapped on an allegedly homophobic book has been overturned by a review board of the Film and Publications Board.” “The committee was concerned that the book has made assertions that are questionable to say the least, and the (authors’) leap from homosexuality to criminal conduct is… completely without justification,” a Film and Publications board spokesperson said at the time. In a statement, McCafferty said: “We are very excited about the ruling. In many ways we feel justified in that the Board has agreed that our book is not harmful to under-18s. “We argued in our appeal that, through the sex education, children as young as nine are being confronted with positive messages about sodomy, bisexuality and so forth. In their early teens they are being faced with choices as regards their own lives and entering homosexuality. “It would be wrong to deny them access to all the different views on homosexuality and the facts about it, including the medical problems associated with sodomy,” she said.”)
  • 20020410 – Gun-toting SA priest in pickle again in Sudan (“Controversial right-wing Christian leader and pro-gun lobbyist, the Rev Peter Hammond, has been arrested and charged with treason and insurrection in Sudan, according to his Frontline Fellowship organisation. The organisation said Hammond was arrested together with a Sudanese bishop by intelligence agents of the rebel Sudanese People’s Liberation Army (SPLA) in a church building in Yei province on Saturday. Frontline Fellowship official Charl van Wyk said from Cape Town on Wednesday that Hammond and the Episcopal Church of Sudan’s Bishop Bullen Dolli were arrested while lecturing at the Biblical Worldview Seminar.” “The brush with the Sudanese authorities isn’t the first for Hammond – the ruling Muslim government declared him an undesirable figure in 1999, amid accusations of gun-running. The government accused Hammond of supplying military hardware and training to the SPLA. Hammond is the founder and director of the Frontline Fellowship, a Cape Town-based right-wing Christian organisation that is devoted to spreading the gospel in conflict situations. Earlier this year, a book he co-authored drew calls for a banning, with gay and lesbian groupings regarding it as homophobic and as spreading hate speech against them. However, the Film and Publications Board only imposed age restrictions on the book, entitled The Pink Agenda: The Ruin of the Family. The foreign affairs department could not confirm Hammond’s arrest on Wednesday night. “)
  • 20020129 – ‘Pink Agenda’ gets porn treatment (“The Film and Publication Board has decided against banning an allegedly homophobic book, but has ruled that it be sold with an adults-only age restriction. The book, The Pink Agenda: The Ruin of the Family, was co-authored by Christian activists Christine McCafferty and Peter Hammond. The Lesbian and Gay Equality Project (LGEP) has described the book as “the worst example of homophobic hate speech ever published in South Africa“.The board’s decision, which will be gazetted later this week, follows a hearing on Friday by a three-person committee, where the publisher, Christian Liberty Books, defended the book.”)
  •  20011103 – Sacob slammed for ‘gay-bashing’ book launch (“Gay activists have accused the South African Chamber of Business (Sacob) of helping to promote homophobia because it allowed its Cape Town boardroom to be used as the venue for the launch of a book opposed to homosexuality. The Lesbian and Gay Equality Project wrote to Sacob chief executive Kevin Wakeford this week to express great dismay at the fact that Sacob would be “hosting” the launch of The Pink Agenda: Sexual Revolution in South Africa and the Ruin of the Family. “The book, quite simply, is a work of pure hatred and will contribute to fostering of homophobic attitudes in South Africa,” project co-ordinator Evert Knoessen wrote. He also attacked the book’s co-author, Peter Hammond, alleging he was implicated in gun smuggling in Sudan and Rwanda, and in human rights offences before the Truth and Reconciliation Commission in 1997.” “In their book, McCafferty and Hammond explain: “This book in not as much an attempt to provide new information, as an attempt to expose what has been hidden by shrill accusations of “homophobia, discrimination and hate speech”. “Being bulldozed into accepting anything as normal good and right – without free and open debate – is one of the ways that apartheid came to be accepted as normal.” Hammond said on Friday: “The homosexual agenda is an attack on the family. This (book) is not an attack against homosexuality, but more a defence of the family.””)
  • 19991221 – Christian ‘slave redeemers’ linked to pro-apartheid militants (“ has learned that Christian “slave redeemers” who are allied with Sudanese rebels have close links to militant South African missionary groups with ties to the former apartheid government of South Africa. Swiss-based Christian Solidarity International (CSI) is one of the most prominent missionary groups involved in the Sudanese war. CSI portrays the conflict as a war imposed by the Muslim and Arab North to forcibly convert a black African Christian South.” “The dominant rebel Sudanese militia is the Sudan People’s Liberation Army (SPLA). The SPLA claims to be defending the population of South Sudan from Khartoum’s army and from Islamization. “Though its members claim to be ‘Christians’ resisting Islamization, they have behaved like an occupying army, killing, raping and pillaging,” wrote the New York Times.” “ITMI is the American arm of the South Africa-based ultra-right missionary group Frontline Fellowship. Frontline Fellowship activists have made dozens of trips to South Sudan, where they say they “smuggle Bibles” to Christian Sudanese. ITMI collects money for Frontline Fellowship and serves as its U.S. base of operations (Frontline Fellowship lists ITMI’s phone number on its web site in its contact information, and ITMI solicits donations for the group on its web site). The chairman of Frontline Fellowship is Peter Hammond, a former South African army sniper and intelligence officer. Hammond, the son-in-law of ITMI president Bill Bathman, formed Frontline Fellowship on a South African military base in Namibia, drawing on ex-Rhodesian commando units for members. Frontline Fellowship literature called the South African army under apartheid a “missionary force” which must be supported. He is also the current director of UCA (of CSI’s Gunnar Wiebalck), of which Frontline Fellowship has been a member since the 1980s. “If you believe Christ wants a holy war to preserve apartheid, the Reverend Peter Hammond is your general, his Frontline Fellowship your army,” wrote the National Catholic Reporter in 1989. The Indian Ocean Newsletter reported in February that moderate Christian relief agencies delivering aid to South Sudan such as Church Ecumenical Action in Sudan (CEAS) “say the Fellowship understands the southern Sudanese conflict in purely religious terms and therefore only heightens opposition between Christian and Moslems there.” CEAS also “criticizes the Fellowship’s strong-arm tactics, the presence of mercenaries in its ranks, and the fact it allegedly offered military equipment to the southern Sudanese rebels.” The government of Sudan charges that Frontline Fellowship is running weapons to the SPLA. Hammond denies this, but his group has a history of such activities. Kathi Austin, a visiting scholar at Stanford University’s Center for African Studies and a former researcher for Human Rights Watch, told she took photographs of military equipment Frontline Fellowship smuggled into Mozambique in support of South African-backed rebels–under the cover of smuggling religious material. Ian Gray, an Australian who was recruited in 1986 for missionary work by one of the many supposedly religious groups associated with the Mozambique rebels, soon found himself tasked with carrying military messages for the insurgents. Gray said in a 1988 interview that Hammond was involved in more than proselytizing. According to Gray, Hammond was often surrounded by former South African military men, whom he described as being more military than missionary. Gray said that whenever Hammond arrived at the rebel base, “there were other guys that were with him that were involved in military activities.” He said he doubted their claim to be missionaries because “a lot of them even had liquor.” “Hammond’s brother Derek runs a missionary group called Faith in Action, also known as Love in Action. The group, according to its web site, is affiliated with Frontline Fellowship. Derek Hammond describes the Sudanese conflict as the fault of “the anti-Christian religion of Islam.” But, says Hammond, “in spite of the odds, the Christians are ‘doing something’ about their situation, they are standing up against the evil of Islam. . . not only fighting for survival, but fighting to win back that nation for Christ.””)

Videos on YouTube by/featuring Peter Hammond:

Christine Mc Cafferty:

Her sole claims to infamy being her one-time position as spokesperson for the virulently homophobic African Christian Democratic Party (ACDP) as well as the dubious honor of being co-author of “the Pink Agenda” alongside “Dr” Peter Hammond, this person faded out of the spotlight very suddenly after the media frenzy surrounding the launch and subsequent censorship battle. Having created the impression from her conservative and ignorant writings, I initially presumed she was an 80-year-old spinster pouring her bitterness and misery into her writing – but was astonished to see in a video interview at the time that she could have been no older than 30!

  • Book Review: The Pink Agenda (by me)
  • Threats to Ban Christian Book in South Africa (Frontline Fellowship: “Co-author Christine Mc Cafferty says that this attempt by The Equality Project to ban the book is typical of the intolerance of homosexual activism worldwide. “Our book shows how homosexual activists’ constantly attempt to ban and censor anything that disagrees with their view on homosexuality or anyone who attempts to stop the promotion of homosexuality in society. When they call for “freedom”, it is only “freedom for their own agenda.”“)
  • The Pink Agenda Part 1 (“”enews” and “crux” have done reports on Afrca Christian Action’s “The Pink Agenda” book where they interviewed Dr Peter Hammond and Christine Mc Cafferty” – also features an interview with gay-hater Errol Naidoo.)
  • The Pink Agenda Part 2  (“”enews” and “crux” have done reports on Afrca Christian Action’s “The Pink Agenda” book where they interviewed Dr Peter Hammond and Christine Mc Cafferty”)
  • 20020221 – South Africa Moves to Suppress Book about Homosexuality (“”It is ridiculous!” author Christine McCafferty told Culture & Family Report. “Note how medical facts are described as “too graphic”! Of course, we will appeal the ruling to the board, and then to the courts.” The Pink Agenda contains an impressive array of the latest medical information regarding homosexual practices, discusses the impact of laws and cultural trends, and includes a Christian outreach to homosexuals. This writer reviewed the book before publication and wrote a book-jacket endorsement: The Pink Agenda is one of the most readable and comprehensive books ever written on the challenge that homosexuality poses to society and to its own practitioners. Before public officials approve any more “gay” affirming laws, they need to read this. The sections on health risks alone would give anyone pause before promoting homosexual behavior as a “civil right.” “We have tried to convey a message of love while telling the truth about homosexuality,” McCafferty said in an e-mail.”)

Taryn Hodgson:

Described as “co-ordinator for Christian Action Network”, Taryn Hodgson is one of Peter Hammond’s sidekicks, often appearing in international media as a staunch critic of of homosexuality, abortion, pornography and spouting her indoctrinated Christian nationalism learned at Hammond’s knee, parrot-fashion. 

  • 20121012 –  National March for Life and Life Chains Proclaim Right to Life of the Pre-Born (Again via that right wing fundamentalist rag “JOY! magazine” re abortion: ““Pro-life groups are willing to help the Department of Health and Police crackdown on illegal abortionists who are endangering so many millions of women and babies’ lives. However, it is ludicrous when the police fine pro-lifers for taking action against these abortion posters but fail to arrest those are clearly contravening the law,” says Taryn Hodgson, International Co-ordinator of the Christian Action Network.”)
  • 20111028 – ‘Christian Action’ and the Halloween conspiracy (Via Penton Pagan Magazine: “When you lie and knowingly repeat the lie about followers of another religion, just to promote your own religious agenda, you make a mockery of everything your religion stands for. In their attempt to promote 31 October as Reformation Day in honour of Martin Luther’s Protestant Reformation, South African based evangelical ministry Christian Action‘ and its spokespersons Dr Peter Hammond (Director of the Christian Action Network and The Reformation Society, with ties to Frontline Fellowship USA), J. Kerby Anderson and Taryn Hodgson (Africa Christian Action National Coordinator) have waged an annual smear campaign against the commercial and religious celebration of Halloween and ‘paganism’ in general. [0]Their campaign is based on prejudicial and provable lies and as avid purveyors of these lies, they are guilty of bearing false witness. [1] Legally speaking, a false witness is a person who deliberately gives false testimony, a perjurer, liar, and a prevaricator – a person who has lied or who lies repeatedly. [2]”)
  • 20110111 – Marie Stopes: Killing babies for profit  (via Bibliopolit: Taryn on CAN’s anti-abortionist crusade. “Taryn Hodgson of Africa Christian Action, wrote an article on Marie Stopes and her evil organization, especially with the commemoration of the legalization of abortion on demand in South Africa on 1 February 1997. Because of this, many people will be involved in protesting the legalization of abortion in South Africa over this time. See the end of Taryn’s article below for more information on how you can be involved in these protests! I will be at the protest in Boksburg, so if you decide to join us, please comes over to say “Hi!” I will be the one with the camera!”)
  • 20090519 – Cape Town Sexpo hots up inside as protestors stand in the cold (Goes to show that CAN and Taryn are little more significant than the WBC nutjobs are in the USA: “But not so keen on enjoying the saucy carnival were the smatterings of protestors outside the convention centre from the Christian Action Network (CAN), holding placards reading: “Pernicious Porno Plague Rife at Sexpo: Turn 2 Jesus” and “Sexpo = Sexploitation”. Disappointed at a small turnout of 15 protestors, National CAN coordinator Taryn Hodgson said the group was nonetheless using the opportunity to give the Christian perspective on sexually explicit material destroyed marriages, and expressed disdain for the Vegas-style wedding chapel inside. “It makes a complete farce of marriage,”said Hodgson.” – I think people like Hodgson and her lunatic ranting and hateful remarks against others make a farce of marriage, and of her religion.)
  • Taryn Hodgson (on the anti TV-soft-porn bandwagon. CAN, telling people what not to watch since 1980 – even reaching as far as China “Porn on free-to-air national TV is outrageous” said Taryn Hodgson,international coordinator of the Christian Action Network,in a statement.”)
  • 2008 – OPEN LETTER TO COPE REGARDING OBJECTIONS TO THE BIBLICAL ISSUES VOTERS’ GUIDE (Taryn and CAN get really political about the issue or COPE supporting human rights “COPE’s policy documents, however, which we quote in the references (back page) of our Voters’ Guide state that: “We recognize our responsibility to protect and defend our Constitution as the only thing of value that we collectively own as South Africans” (COPE Policy Documents). Is the Bible, according to COPE, of lesser value than the Constitution?” [Duh – COPE is not a religious fundamentalist ChristianIST pseudo-political party like the ACDP or CDA] “COPE also supports a “society where discrimination…based upon…sexual orientation…[is] condemned and where government moves aggressively to end such discrimination…” (COPE Policy Documents). Homosexuality is a violation of the 7th Commandment, “Do not commit adultery.” In an interview with Dandala “reassure(d) homosexual communities”. “The priority is the Constitution of the country for any minority and this is what we as Cope would seek to protect.” What about the racial discrimination of Affirmative Action? It was the Constitution which in fact opened the way for the legalisation of abortion and homosexual “marriages”. Just because someone claims to be a Christian, even a pastor or a minister, it does not necessarily mean that they have a Biblical Worldview. We would be happy to send any COPE leaders a copy of Biblical Principles for Africa, which expounds on the Biblical Worldview.”)
  • 20081102 – Bible may sanction gay unions (“A British church leader’s suggestion that the Bible might endorse gay relationships has raised fresh questions about the scriptural basis for Christian homophobia — and prompted a strong denial from some local churches.The Guardian reported this week that the Anglican Bishop of Liverpool, James Jones, had apologised for objecting, with eight other bishops, to the appointment of gay cleric Jeffrey John as Bishop of Reading. In the essay, Making Space for Truth and Grace, in A Fallible Church, Jones urges Anglicans to “acknowledge the authoritative biblical examples of love between two people of the same gender, most notably in the relationship of Jesus and his beloved [John] and David and Jonathan”. The Guardian describes Jones as a “conservative evangelical”. Reacting, the international coordinator of evangelical umbrella group Christian Action Network, Taryn Hodgson, said: “Clear passages of scripture show that all forms of homosexuality are wrong and against God’s will.” Hodgson referred the Mail & Guardian to NGK minister and North West University lecturer Peet Botha, who said “the Bible consistently forbids romantic, sexual and marital same-sex relationships in explicit and implicit sanctions from Genesis through Revelation”. There was not one example in the Bible or Jewish commentaries of a homoerotic relationship, he said. The Vicar-General of the Anglican Church, Bishop David Beetge, was more cautious, saying his church was “still in the process of study and reflection on this issue”. The story of Jonathan and (later king) David in the Old Testament book of Samuel hints in a different direction, recounting that they “made a covenant, because he [David] loved him as his own soul”. The word for “covenant” is used elsewhere in the Bible (Proverbs 2:17; Malachi 2:14) for a marriage covenant. Later King Saul, Jonathan’s father, also offers David his daughter saying: “Thou shalt this day be my son-in-law a second time.” When Jonathan dies, David laments: “Thy love to me was wonderful, surpassing the love of women.” In Same-Sex Unions in Premodern Europe, historian John Boswell documents widespread same-sex marriages in classical times and during the first Christian millennium. Ceremonies and prayers for such unions were given in church prayer books alongside heterosexual marriage ceremonies, called “Prayers for Union” and “The Order for Uniting Two Men”.By the 9th century the opposition of church legislators to such unions was becoming more insistent — indicating their frequency. Yet they persisted into the 17th century and, in the Balkans, into the 19th century. David and Jonathan were often invoked in such ceremonies as epitomising a loving male pair, as were the paired saints Serge and Bacchus. In the stories of the latter and their martyrdom in about 300AD, they are presented as “undivided from each other” and are referred to as “the beautiful pair” in a 6th-century Greek hymn. The apostles Philip and Bartholomew had a similar role.In the New Testament John is referred to consistently as “the beloved disciple”, while other disciples are not given this distinction. Christian iconography frequently showed John resting his head on Jesus’s shoulder or chest, in a pose of physical intimacy and mutual comfort. [formerly at…ght__national/%5D”)
  • 2006 – “Protesting perversion in parliament” (CAN website – “The ANC has been railroading through Parliament the legalisation of homosexual “marriages” in South Africa. The betrayal of this country into the hands of Marxist mass murderers has led to the paganisation of this once strongly Christian nation. Once babies were protected from abortion, all foul language, sex scenes and blasphemy were censored out of Hollywood films before they could be shown in our country, Sundays were honoured with no commercial activity or cinemas open, in honour of the Lord’s Day, schools started with Bible reading, hymn singing and prayer in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ. But, today, we have legalised gambling, legalised prostitution, legalised abortion, and now even legalised homosexual“marriages.”The National Co-ordinator of the Christian Action Network, Taryn Hodgson, went to Parliament to present a written and oral submission at the public hearings concerning this Bill. Later, on 23 November, I joined Taryn to present the Christian Action Network’s objections to the Civil Unions Bill at the Select Committee on Social Services of the National Council of Provinces (the old Senate) at Parliament.” – A copy of their submission to Parliament counter marriage equality is visible here signed “Yours Sincerely, Taryn Hodgson National Co-ordinator CharI van Wyk Executive Member“) 

Charl van Wyk:

This man is described by Christianists as a “hero of the 1993 Cape Town church bombing” and is the author of several books about the evils of gun control. He appears to be Peter Hammond’s right hand man at CAN (make of that what you will). He has a network of his own websites promoting and glorifying gun-ownership and the pro-gun lobby around the world, and is something of a darling of the right-wing “gun-nut” and survivalist homesteader groups in the USA, whom he has visited and encouraged. His sites indulge in his own self-glorification of his “courage under fire”. Oddly enough, though much is made about his “shooting back”, I’ve never seen any remarks to show that he actually hit any of the attackers, or independent forensic confirmation that his wearing a Mickey-mouse 38 Special into church like some kind of hooligan made any actual alleged difference in the 1993 attack by three men carrying AK47 assault rifles and hand grenades. His resulting “ministry” by all appearances is nothing more than an advocacy syncretic right-wing “Christianity” tainted by promotion of armed violence reeking of “liberation theology”.  

  • 20130725 – 20 years later St James horror endures (““One of the men was shooting people on the ground. He turned the gun on me. I thought it would all end there, lying between the pews. Time seemed to stand still. But that was when someone started shooting back at them, and the man started running.” The man shooting back was Charl van Wyk. He had unstrapped the .38 special revolver from his ankle and, kneeling, was firing over the pew in the fourth row. The former salesman and now full-time missionary would later be lauded by police for retaliating. He was credited with being responsible for forcing the Azanian People’s Liberation Army soldiers into an early retreat, preventing them from carrying out orders to expend their ammunition and set off a petrol bomb. But for weeks after the massacre he was wracked with guilt. “I thought I could have done more. That I could have acted sooner… When they walked through the door I thought it was a play, it was only when I saw the bullets tearing through the wooden benches that I realised what was happening.””)
  • 20110217 – Voting for heaven or hell (“They introduced the un-Biblical legal tenant of persons being “guilty until proven innocent” in the new constitution and the Firearms Control Act.” [An outstanding democratic and human rights value which is the standard in the civilized world – I shudder to think what his alternative would be? Line up the accused and shoot them all?] “Their stand against the death penalty for murder, but for the killing of the innocent unborn, defies Biblical principles.” [‘Yadda, yadda, abortion, blah, blah…’] “They have tried to close down Christian radio stations” […an outright LIE since the government attempted to create a balance in the number of small community radio stations in the early 1990s – and almost ALL of these were already Christian], “promoted homosexuality in schools, where-from they expect God to be removed.” [Just from public schools where non-Christians might object to having his religion forced down their throats. Private Christian schools were not included in this.] “One can go on and on.” Yes, well, Charl certainly does. And on, and on, and on…)
  • 2006 – “Protesting perversion in parliament” (CAN website – “The ANC has been railroading through Parliament the legalisation of homosexual “marriages” in South Africa. The betrayal of this country into the hands of Marxist mass murderers has led to the paganisation of this once strongly Christian nation. Once babies were protected from abortion, all foul language, sex scenes and blasphemy were censored out of Hollywood films before they could be shown in our country, Sundays were honoured with no commercial activity or cinemas open, in honour of the Lord’s Day, schools started with Bible reading, hymn singing and prayer in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ. But, today, we have legalised gambling, legalised prostitution, legalised abortion, and now even legalised homosexual“marriages.”The National Co-ordinator of the Christian Action Network, Taryn Hodgson, went to Parliament to present a written and oral submission at the public hearings concerning this Bill. Later, on 23 November, I [Peter Hammond] joined Taryn to present the Christian Action Network’s objections to the Civil Unions Bill at the Select Committee on Social Services of the National Council of Provinces (the old Senate) at Parliament.” – A copy of their submission to Parliament counter marriage equality is visible here signed “Yours Sincerely, Taryn Hodgson National Co-ordinator CharI van Wyk Executive Member“)
  • Armed churchgoer prevents slaughter (““Charl Van Wyk, who carried a gun to a church service, shot back at terrorists bent on mass slaughter and ultimately was credited with saving hundreds of lives, says politicians should rise above the “politically correct” and do what’s right to save the lives of children and teachers… talk about gun nuts.””)
  • Shooting Back (I think this should read ‘the paranoid right-wing Christian salesman who carried a gun with him to a paranoiac right-wing church service and made a name for himself using it… Now instead of being a mediocre salesman, he’s a well-known right-wing evangelist with his own *cough* “ministry” who has toured the USA and is a firm favorite of right-wing survivalist and homesteading groups and gun-nuts watched closely by their governments…’ Instead, it says: “Charl van Wyk was brought face to face with terrorists when they attacked a congregation during a worship service. Charl van Wyk was just an ordinary Christian man until the day that would become known for the St. James Massacre. It was on this day that Van Wyk shot back at the terrorists who were attacking an innocent congregation gathered in worship and prayer; many lives were saved in the process. Learn more about his incredible tale of courageous action and the ministry outreaches he conducts in America, as well as some of the most dangerous regions of Africa.” Naturally the massacre was a tragedy that should have been prevented – but what sort of message does this man promote by mobilizing Christians to carry guns everywhere – even into their sanctuaries? Are Christians supposed to be peace makers – or to carry Peacemakers? My hero. No wonder this lunatic um, crusader for gun-owner’s rights states on his blog that” Gun-free churches – vulnerable to attack“) 

Erroll Naidoo:

This man has for years worked hard to persecute all kinds of people, but most ferociously the LGBT community in South Africa. He is an anti-human rights agitator with strong connections in the American Christian extremist right wing, so tied up in the religious right lunatic-fringe hate-groups he resembles the Untieable Knot – and has done his worst to create a network of festering ChristianIST hatred the likes of which this country has never seen before. Conservative media and church groups occasionally lend him and his nutjobbery exposure in order to further their mutual aims of depriving people of their civil and human rights, and occasionally regret it when his unhinged state becomes revealed in the kind of statements that made Fred Phelps and his hate-church infamous in the US. His recent foot-in-mouth comments about Marikana are a prime example. The JOY! magazine website states of Errol Naidoo: “Errol Naidoo is the director for Family Policy Institute South Africa. F.P.I. acts as the Christian voice in government and the media, lobbying on current issues that concern each and every Christian. Errol is a regular contributor to JOY! Magazine, and his exclusive articles are regularly published in our magazine on this website.” – All I can say is, if that is true, then Christians and Christianity are being woefully misrepresented at the nation’s highest levels by a man who misleads and misrepresents Christians and Christianity with hatred and vitriol of the worst degree.

  • Website of the Family Policy Institute, Cape town
  • 20130424 – Watchmen on the Wall looks at SA Human Rights Commission ruling on Creare (A video from Unca Errol’s very own Youtube channel: “SA Human Rights Commission ruling finding a Christian ministry guilty of discrimination because of its Biblical view of homosexuality. The SAHRC found the Creare Training Centre in Bloemfontein guilty of unfair discrimination based primarily on liberal media misrepresentations, distortions and outright fabrications…” yadda, yadda – I think you get the idea.)
  • 20130513 – Religious hate speech is still hate speech (“Fundamentalist Christians, and the slippery money-making pastors who stir up their prejudices and passions, often say outrageously hateful things about gay men and lesbians under the pretext of promoting their own extremist version of Christianity. But in a recent judgment, the Canadian Supreme Court affirmed that such statements will often constitute impermissible hate speech. The same principles will probably also apply in South Africa.” “for example, if I were to say that pastor Errol Naidoo is a smarmy homophobe, somebody will inevitably claim that I am making myself guilty of hate speech, when all I am doing is expressing my opinion about the behaviour and attitudes of a public figure whose obsession with sodomy and sex I find rather queer.” “…it would be easy to report pastor Errol Naidoo to the Equality Court for regularly indulging in hate speech against gay men and lesbians. It would take a bit more work to develop an argument pointing out the inherent contradiction between his expressed fear and hatred of consensual same-sex love and his purported endorsement of Christian doctrine regarding the all-encompassing and healing love of God. An effective challenge to the good pastor’s reasoning would require some engagement with the perverted morality that underlies the promotion of discrimination and hatred under the guise of spreading love and compassion. You would have to show that it is not very rational to say: I love you so much that I would like to ensure that you continue to be vilified and discriminated against. I would also have to show that, psychologically, the pastor’s obsession with anal sex would suggest that he is fascinated, maybe even entranced – rather than repelled – by the notion of sodomy. That would take some intellectual work. It would also be more fun than making legal arguments before a magistrate.”)
  • 20130123 – Church’s right to promote Biblical worldview under fire? (“A misleading report in the Sunday Times on January 13 sparked outraged media coverage that has prompted the Government to request the SA Human Rights Commission to investigate whether the centre discriminates against homosexuals.” [NOTE: There was NO “mistake” as reported by this religious news agent] “Writing in his weekly newsletter, Family Policy Institute president Errol Naidoo says the proposed HRC investigation of Creare Training Centre is an example of the way that the “Bible believing Church is increasingly being singled out for slander, ridicule and blatant discrimination – simply because it upholds the Scriptural truth that homosexuality is a sin”. “Disturbingly, nowhere in the deputy minister’s statement does he mention or even acknowledge the constitutional rights of Christians to practice and express their religious beliefs and convictions, says Naidoo. “The South African Government appear to be joining forces with homosexual activists to threaten, bully and intimidate Christians into compromising God’s Word on human sexuality. “The Dept of Justice statement repeats the slanderous accusations from homosexual groups that the Church’s Biblical view on homosexuality is responsible for violence against homosexual citizens.” Naidoo calls on the Church to oppose growing attempts to force it to comply with the sexual rights agenda, to intercede on behalf of Pastor Cornelis and the Creare Training Centre, and to email them at with messages of encouragement from God’s Word.”)
  • 2012 – Creep of the Week Errol Naidoo (Well-deserved ignominy.)
  • 20120827 – (“South Africa’s own outragous gay hating loony, Pastor Errol Naidoo of the American Far Right sponsored “South Africa’s Family Policy Institute” revealed that his church has secured a television slot, called Watchmen on the Wall. The first episode will be screened by Trinity Broadcasting Network Africa, a Christian television channel (available in South Africa on DSTV), on 4 September. Recently Errol Naidoo blamed the LGBT community for creating a “culture of death” that led, among other things, to the Marikana mine massacre. In his latest newsletter, the Cape Town-based Christian leader rails against feminists, gay men and lesbians for perpetuating a “culture of death” that he claims “is slowly killing off the human family in Western civilisation”. Pastor Naidoo wrote: ”Abortion-on-demand – driven by radical feminist activists – and the homosexual agenda, lie at the heart of the culture of death. These anti-family groups are responsible for population decline.” “Pastor Naidoo’s Family Policy Institute is an avowedly homophobic Christian fundamentalist lobby group mainly sponsored by a Nigerian Christian Group which in turn is being financed by several American far right organisations including the infamous American Family Association. In the past Naidoo has actively sought to repeal marriage equality rights in South Africa. He has said he believes that homosexuality can be cured through prayer and was quoted by a Nigerian newspaper as publicly saying: “I hate gays. It runs against God’s wishes.“)
  • 20120822 – Preacher blames gays for Marikana shooting (If this doesn’t show how unhinged this man is, nothing will: “A conservative Christian minister has blamed feminists, homosexuals and abortion for last week’s Marikana tragedy. Controversial pastor Errol Naidoo trended briefly on Twitter on Wednesday after publishing a newsletter from the Family Policy Institute, which claimed that “abortion-on-demand”, driven by radical feminists and the “homosexual agenda” for a “culture of death” in South Africa.” “”Today’s Prayer: I know you don’t make mistakes, but how do you explain Errol Naidoo?” said another Twitter user, while another blamed Naidoo for making “Christians seem like lunatics”. ” Amen to that.)
  • 20101208 – So Who Is Erroll Naidoo? (Via Sour Grapes: “Ok, so who is Erroll Naidoo? And why all the fuss? I’m glad you asked. So glad in fact, that I am going to post my email reply to him from Friday last week to help explain to you, as I did to him, who Erroll Naidoo is, and how I see him:” ““I have never in my life required Christians or anyone else to persecute and demonstrate hateful acts against other people.” – What about all your email campaigns to foster intolerance and hostility towards our community and our continued equality? Such as your current CTT campaign, and your campaign against the Pink Loerie? I think urging other people to join you in them would fit the bill.” ““Homosexuals claim they are born that way and cannot change. However, there is plenty of evidence to refute this.” People’s inborn sexuality and gender identity is as natural as eye color or race. Evidence to refute this? There is none. Not one iota, except the distorted work of people like Paul Cameron and his ilk, who are not credible sources. And neither are Masters & Johnsson’s so-called “study” upon which the entire facetious “ex-gay” industry you appear to have so much faith in, was built. “)
  • 20091130 South Africa Tabloid: ‘Faggots Can Be Cured by Prayer’ (“Pastor Errol Naidoo, spokesman for the His People Church in Cape Town, is surely the nation’s biggest gay-basher. And the pastor does not mind to find that he is so labelled. “I hate gays. It runs against God’s wishes,” he said to *this newspaper* “I pray not for gays myself, but I know there are many ministries in the country who continue to pray for gays. And their success rate is very good. I know of many cases where men and women forsake their evil ways and now live in healthy, normal relationships. “Yes, and I believe that someone could be prayed straight. Anything can be managed with prayer. ““)
  • 2009 – Christian homophobes are spreading their hate in South Africa (“Closely associated to CAN and the ACDP, is the pastor Erroll Naidoo from “His People” Church in Greenpoint, Cape Town, and who is listed as an editor at the CAN’s fundamentalist Christian magazine “Joy!” along with Hammond, and who now heads up a US religious right clone body called the “Family Policy Institute”, which receives support from the Family Research Council in the USA. FPI’s mission statement is “objective of making the restoration of marriage and the family the cornerstone of South African social policy”. Naidoo has for years been advocating his “Christian” hatred of the pink community in speeches, sermons, newsletters and press releases – many made as a representative of CAN or one of its affiliates. His favorite target in the past decade have been Pride festivals and marches – most notably the Pink Loerie Mardi Gras in Knysna, about which he has spread numerous distortions such as claims of “exploitation of children” and “public sex-acts” and applied pressure to the town municipality to get the annual event banned. Indeed, Naidoo’s rants and antics in the press have become an expected feature of the build-up to the event, with people in attendance waiting to see what will happen next. In his newsletters and even in the “Joy!” magazine, Naidoo reports on his travels to the USA to meet with his mentors at the Family Research Council (Sept 2008). He also sends out regular newsletters to his supporters to ask for funding and continue creating the impression that this country is under threat from “evil” and forces that seek to oppress the “persecuted church”, along the lines of the liturgy expressed by Peter Hammond.“)
  • 2002 – The Pink Agenda Part 1 (““enews” and “crux” have done reports on Afrca Christian Action’s “The Pink Agenda” book where they interviewed Dr Peter Hammond and Christine Mc Cafferty” – also features an interview with gay-hater Errol Naidoo trying to sound like he knows what he’s talking about.)


Collin Fibiger:

One half of a husband-and-wife team of real estate agents in Port Elizabeth, under the name “Property Network” and also the founder of a construction company, Collin Fiberger is one of the leaders of the nearly-extinct too-small-to-be-politically-significant Christian Democratic Alliance (CDA) in South Africa, and also a virulent homophobe who, in my personal experiences with him, would probably sooner die than to admit that gay people are NOT bad people who choose to be gay. As can be seen in the transcripts of debates between Collin and human rights advocates in 2009 available here, Collin doesn’t like to be talked back to while he’s busy persecuting those sinful gay folks in the name of Christ. It also goes to show you should be mindful of who you support in business. Formerly  a representative of the African Christian Democratic Party (ACDP), a hateful extremist Christian political body formed at the last gasp of Apartheid SA in 1993, he later left the party to form the CDA. Since the 2009 general elections, he has fallen largely silent.

  • Duratech (“The concept of Duratech was started by Colin Fibiger in 1999 when he began research into alternative building techniques and products. Working in close co-operation with engineers, builders and architects, with a team, researched various construction methods including straw bale, sand bags, and compressed waste, as well as constructed some of these to test their viability.” “…Of these new emerging companies, is Duratech Trading, which arose out of the importation of cement and now has established offices worldwide.“)
  • Property Network
  • Report on Moral Regeneration Movement (As can be seen from his own comments in a report on his attendance of a “Moral Regeneration Meeting” held in 1993, Collin deplores the viewpoints of people of other religions and even those of other Christians. It is laced with one-sided rhetorical prejudice crying about how “persecuted” the *cough* “true Christian” viewpoint was! “Interesting to note is the notion that a manifestation of morality lack is what is termed “perverted religious beliefs”. Upon attempting to ascertain the meaning of this I was initially answered that it dealt with issues such as the accepted racism in the Church. I then questioned whether ministers who condoned abortion, voted in favour of a Party that legalized pornography etc, would be categorized within this “perverted belief”. I still do not have a clear answer on this. From my present understanding it would on a whole apply to anyone fundamentalist and unwilling to compromise the truth. This I can only assume would include any committed Christian unwilling to compromise the Word of God.” “This horribly biased and distorted view has to be condemned in the strongest possible terms. It is indeed government who continually criticizes the Church for their emphasis on morality. Has it been the Church who legalized pornography to it’s current extent? Has it been the Church who legitimized homosexual relationships? Is it the Church investigating legalizing “soft drugs”? Is it not the Church that has been lambasted for standing against current abortion murders? Is it the Church or government embarking on a condomise campaign amongst innocent children?” This of course speaks volumes of Fibiger’s attitude.)
  • President of the Royal Guard Chess Club  
  • 2009 – Bricks & Mortar – Talking back to the bigots (“The essence of discrimination is treating people differently. It means I would treat a homosexual different to another and as Aimee so rightly said, we are all with fault. here are obviously double standards in certain churches – to claim otherwise would be foolish – but also to paint everyone with the same brush is equally wrong. The problem within the Church generally and also within the CDA is that homosexuals are demanding that we discriminate. They are asking us to ignore parts of scripture relating to homosexuality but to keep a firm eye on other scriptures regarding liars, gossipers, thieves and murders etc. They insist we discriminate and not hold all of us accountable by the same standard. This we will not do. Shout as loud as you wish, we WILL NOT DISCRIMINATE!” – This ‘genius’ is clearly confused – he is saying that “discrimination” is in interpreting his scriptures so as to NOT persecute LGBT people – and is not using the word “discriminate” to mean discriminating against LGBT people. “We also campaigned against homosexual marriage. And perhaps I should explain why………. Marriage, is not something dreamt up by man. It is a Biblical insitution and is a union between a man and a woman. Homosexuals wanting to be “married” is therefore simply not possible in terms of what marraige is. It was in our opinion trying re-define what cannot be re-defined.“)

Michael Cassidy:

Michael Cassidy led the “war” – literally, against marriage equality in South Africa during 2005-6 when the issue went to court. The leader of a network of multi-national conglomerate of evangelical and charismatic ChristianIST groups, he has worked against the equality of LGBT people for decades and assisted the perpetuation of false information and also supported and co-operated with human rights underminers like Peter Hammond and Errol Naidoo.

Over the years it has become apparent that Cassidy has marketed his homophobic vitriol via sound recordings, videos and seminars where he peddled his “pray away the gay” snake-oil.

He appears to have gradually wound down since his ultimate defeat in the Constitutional Court when the LGBT people won the case for marriage equality in 2006, even though they still marry under the separate and supposedly equal “Civil Unions Act”.

Many of the older pages which preserved his statements and activities with groups like the “Marriage Alliance” (page deleted), SACLA (partially deleted) and others referred to previously where he made homophobic statements, have been removed. In fact, it’s curious how “clean” his site is now, when in the past it was littered with cd’s, books and references to homophobic vitriol and hysterical Chicken-Little propaganda about “the homosexual agenda”.

  • African Enterprise (“Michael Cassidy is the Founder of African Enterprise (AE), and has been involved in evangelism, teaching and leadership ministries since 1962, the year he launched AE with a mission to Pietermaritzburg, South Africa.  Since then, he has led numerous missions to cities throughout Africa, as well as in other parts of the world, including Australia, Belgium, Costa Rica, Israel, Nicaragua and Panama To further the accomplishment of AE’s mission – Evangelizing the Cities of Africa through Word and Deed in Partnership with the Church – he has established evangelistic teams in Congo (DRC), Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Malawi, Rwanda, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda and Zimbabwe and support offices in Australia, Belgium, Canada, Germany, Great Britain, Ireland/Northern Ireland, New Zealand, Switzerland and the United States. Michael was named in 2012 as the Honorary Chairman of the global Lausanne Movement for world evangelization, succeeding the late Rev. Dr. John R.W. Stott in this position.” “Most recently, he has been involved with the Marriage Alliance of South Africa, an interdenominational Christian concern seeking to keep marriage in South Africa heterosexual and monogamous.“)
  • 2004-5 – SACLA (“The following was on the “SACLA Call To Prayer” page of the SA Christian Leadership Assembly website: “8.THE WAR AGAINST THE LEGALISATION OF SAME-SEX MARRIAGES:The battle in the Constitutional Court was lost on 1 December 2005. Parliament has been instructed to do the necessary legislative changes. So the war now shifts to Parliament and that is where our intercessory focus should be from now on. Pray for the Lord’s wisdom for our political authorities as the subject of same-sex marriages is debated in the parliamentary process on its way to becoming law. Pray for the Lord’s intervention on behalf of His Church. Pray for the Marriage Alliance of South Africa (MASA) under the Co-chairmanship of Dr Michael Cassidy, Cardinal Wilfrid Napier, and Rev Moss Nthla as they contemplate further action in their work to preserve the Biblical and traditional definition of marriage.” Note the abundant use of the word “war”. This website (and organization) fell into disuse soon after the end of the legal battle, being replaced by National Initiative for the Reformation of South Africa (NIRSA), which has also subsequently disappeared. This page on the SACLA site has since been modified and the above quote removed for reasons unknown. Perhaps it was too much of a bitter reminder?)
  • Michael Cassidy – 1-on-1 With A Global Leader (“However, after 1994, and with apartheid defeated and a new black majority government appropriately in power, the Church went to sleep in terms of its prophetic witness. It seemed unready or too weary to face and handle the new issues arising in the post-apartheid period such as poverty, housing, unemployment, economic liberation, sexual promiscuity producing a rampant HIV/Aids pandemic, as well as issues such as abortion, gay marriage, African Traditional Religion, and ancestor worship. ” Judging by his image which accompanies this article on the Billy Graham Center, he is far too old to be as active in his missionary hatred as before, and will likely wink out of existence altogether sooner rather than later.)

Angus Buchan:

(The ding-bat darling of the Rapport and Die Burger, the ex-pat Zimbabwean potato preacher with his silly hat and right-wing chauvinist message of hate to “real men” who have their dilly wives permission to pretend to be the boss in the house and in the bedroom.)

  • Angus Buchan’s Mighty Men Conference Coming to the U.S. (“At Mighty Men conferences in South Africa, Buchan used conservative Christian rhetoric to affirm retrograde gender roles and male “headship” over families. Buchan found a receptive audience for this message in South Africa, where thousands of men sought ostensible comfort and power in his message. In America, where Religious Right men eagerly consume such messages, the Mighty Men gathering might find a similarly receptive audience. But what about women, non-sexist men, and LGBTQs — groups that are subordinate at best and invisible at worst in this kind of worldview? They should be concerned about the messages about to come out of Mighty Men. Knowing Angus Buchan’s attitudes toward women, gays, and men who do not embrace stereotypical masculinity, observers should pay attention. Just as feminists were rightly concerned about the Promise Keepers rallies of the 1990s and 2000s, so too should enlightened observers keep an eye on the Mighty Men.“)
  • 20080915 – ‘God’s hand on the Mother City’ (“His brand of preaching is ultra-conservative and he has been known to say that prayer has cured homosexuality, illness and depression. Buchan is touring through South Africa to Windhoek in Namibia, dispensing his no-nonsense approach to Christianity and morality in a series of sold-out rallies.” “In a press conference just after his talk, Buchan explained his stance, adding that many gay and lesbian people had become heterosexual through prayer. “I cannot ever agree that homosexuality is right, I cannot bless it. I love them though, but they need help. We have prayed for them and God has changed their hearts.” He also explained that the reason for his male-only Mighty Men conferences was so that men could learn better how to protect their wives, and the meetings were not an indication that he thought less of women. Buchan, who comes across as down to earth and amiable, admitted that many of his opinions were not politically correct.”I stick to the word (of God), and that’s controversial. But I cannot compromise. That would mean tearing pages out of the Bible. I don’t condemn people who do wrong. I was by no means an angel, but you repent, stop what you are doing and don’t do it again.”“) 

Ray McCauley: 

The front-man of a charismatic mega-church based in Gauteng, with its own TV channel. The man behind “Zuma’s God-squad”, entering into negotiations with the ANC-led SA government to try to remove “immoral laws” preventing ChristianISTS from persecuting and ruining the lives of their victims from the SA Constitution. 

  • Ray McCauley – Wikipedia (“In 2009 McCauley caused waves politically when he invited the then unelected President of South Africa, Jacob Zuma, to speak at a Sunday morning meeting. This led to accusations of political bias. When Zuma took office in 2009, McCauley formed a new interfaith organization called the National Interfaith Leadership Council (NILC) which subsequently merged with the National Religious Leaders Forum (NRLF) to form the National Interfaith Council of South Africa (NICSA) in 2011. McCauley and the interfaith organizations he represents have publicly defended Zuma and the ANC government on several highly controversial matters. McCauley has also been a strong opponent of gay rights.“)
  • 20100621 – Inside the most powerful church in south Africa (“Jacob Zuma attends. So do many of the ANC’s most senior figures. But suspicion of Rhema’s materialist message has left outsiders worried at its growing influence. Daniel Howden reports from Johannesburg” “”We are not an ordinary church. The president comes to us to ask for advice,” he says proudly. “We are very influential and very active on social issues.” Those issues include abortion, the death penalty and gay marriages, he explains in a diplomatically roundabout fashion. The extent of Rhema’s influence is worrying an increasing number of South African liberals, who are concerned that the evangelical outfit is intent on overturning some of the more progressive aspects of the country’s constitution.” “The strongest indication of Mr McCauley’s status in South Africa’s new order was his appointment to head up the newly created National Interfaith Leaders Council (NILC), a body meant to advise and aid the government on the delivery of social services – among other things. The leadership of the NILC, which abruptly displaced South Africa’s Council of Churches, saw the former strongman dubbed the “high priest of South Africa”. The accumulating power of the evangelist has caused deep concern in South Africa’s intellectual community. Jacques Rousseau, an academic at the University of Cape Town and the director of the Free Society Institute, is among Mr McCauley’s more eloquent critics. “It’s a prosperity cult,” he explains. “It teaches you that wealth is the same as happiness and that all this is possible if you give money to Ray McCauley.””)
  • 20100219 – Ray McCauley’s 2nd Wife Files for Divorce (“Pastor Ray McCauley’s wife Zelda is going to divorce him, the Rhema Bible Church said on Thursday, January 28, 2010. “The executive board of Rhema Bible Church and the International Federation of Christian Churches (IFCC) are sad to announce that Pastor Ray McCauley has received from Zelda notice of her intention to file for divorce,” church administrator Giet Khoza said in a statement.”)
  • 20091025 – Pastor Ray’s son pleads for money so dad can keep living the good life (“His megachurch collects tithes and offerings of around R70-million a year and he lives the life of a millionaire, but Pastor Ray McCauley needs his flock to bail him out financially. His son, Joshua, 26, has gone cap in hand to about 100 close friends and family to help get his dad, the leader of the Rhema Bible Church, out of debt. Joshua’s impassioned plea was attached to an invitation to McCauley’s surprise 60th birthday party at the Sandton Convention Centre on Thursday night in “Old Hollywood” style.”)
  • 20090914 – Constitutionally Speaking – Just a jump to the right? (“When the same-sex marriage legislation was discussed in the ANC caucus before it was passed by Parliament, many ANC MP’s expressed vehement disapproval of the legislation, some doing so in the most ugly homophobic terms. During the public hearings in Parliament on the legislation some ANC MP’s expressed concern that the legislation would lead to the extension of adoption rights to gay couples, blissfully unaware that the Constitutional Court had already extended that right to same-sex couples several years ago.” “Of course it will not be easy to take away the right of same-sex couples to get married. The Constitution will have to be changed first. And many good people inside the ANC are dead-set against changing the Constitution in order to reintroduce discrimination against gay men and lesbians, condemning us to second-class citizenship. Some would argue that the Constitution should be changed to allow for the reintroduction of discrimination against gay men and lesbians and the subjugation of woman living in rural areas because that is what the majority of South Africans want. Respect for the dignity of women and gay men and lesbians, so the argument goes, are not in accordance with “African values and traditions”, “Christian or other religious teaching”, “Afrikaner culture”, “public morality” etc.” “The folks of NILC are a bit less tolerant, it seems, and want the law to reflect their own prejudices and to endorse their own bigotry. This is rather short-sighted as it assumes that one’s own view will always be the majority view. But societal views change and none of us can say with certainty that we would not find ourselves as part of a vulnerable and marginalised minority at some point during our lives. We may discover we are HIV positive or we may suddenly belong to the “wrong” faction in the ANC. It is then that a constitutional democracy will protect us from mob rule.””)
  • 20090911 – Zuma’s new God squad wants liberal laws to go (“The National Interfaith Leadership Council flew its conservative colours this week, saying that it wants revisit laws legalising abortion. The National Interfaith Leadership Council, formed by Rhema church leader Ray McCauley and closely associated with President Jacob Zuma, flew its conservative colours this week, saying that it wants to revisit laws legalising abortion and same-sex marriages.” Interviewed this week McCauley, the council’s national convener, denied any formal links between the organisation and the ANC. But at least four members of the 20-odd group of religious leaders are ANC MPs, including heavyweights such as ANC chief whip Mathole Motshekga and former Western Cape premier Ebrahim Rasool.” “The M&G can also reveal that the NILC uses the ANC parliamentary caucus’s communication facilities to communicate with the media. The two NILC press statements were sent from the ANC’s offices in Parliament.“)

Eugene Terreblanche:

The murdered former leader of the AWB, a right wing Afrikaner interpretation of the Nazi party in SA dating from the height (or pits of ) Apartheid in the 1980’s, perhaps best remembered for prancing around in a khaki uniform, falling off his horse at a rally of right-wingers, and painting a gas-pump attendant silver.  

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