Section 8: Harmful anti-human rights sites & resources




  • Julie Bindel (A journalist/columnist who is a lesbian but who deliberately targets and persecutes transgender people as well as lesbians or gay males who dare to blur conservative traditional gender stereotypes, particularly in terms of appearance and dress or behavior. Her articles are often marked by argument which incites intolerance and exclusion and which mocks and denigrates transgender and gays and lesbians who don’t conform to her ideal stereotype. She panders to pseudo-science which she believes supports her prejudice and advocates conversion therapy for transgender people.)
  • Stonewall UK (An advocacy group in UK only for GLB rights only. Despite over a decade of pleas to mend their ways, they deliberately and vocally exclude, marginalize and deny the Transgender component of the Pink Community equal treatment and in some cases purposefully act against the Transgender component. The irony that their group is named after the ground-breaking protest in the USA, traditionally attributed to a transgender activist, completely eludes them.)
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