Satanism: The Acid Test (STAT)

Over a number of years, Christina has dabbled in research and written on a number of diverse subjects, including LGBT human rights, and religious freedom. The longest, most impressive work she has ever produced – at least until now – is the item she produced for the Alternative Religions Forum (ARF) over a record-breaking 2 months, during 2013.

“Satanism: The Acid Test” – a tome over 500 pages long – discusses various forms of Neo-Pagan religion, at least 5 different forms of Satanist and Luciferian spirituality, and the modern Goth and Vampyre subcultures, while also focusing on the inaccuracies of material circulated by the media which inflame what is called “satanic ritual abuse hysteria” by providing unique viewpoints from each of these communities in the context of material which defames them.

The document also discusses the conflation of religious Satanism and Pagan religions by evangelicalist elements who often work via Media and law enforcement (often while also influencing these elements) with ‘legend tripping’ or ‘mythical satanism’, which results in a hysterical and woefully inaccurate portrayal of alternative religions, identities and subcultures, and goes on to examine why this unfortunate process of stereotyping happens, both unintentionally – and intentionally. “Satanism: The Acid Test” presents clear reasons why the public should not simply accept the statements of self-proclaimed ‘occult experts’ at face value, encourages the public to question, to evaluate, and to discover the facts for themselves. It suggests powerful solutions to the problems discussed, chiefly of which is the cancellation of the main factor in the equation – that of ignorance – by means of education.

Further, to make it even more interesting, it has formal recognition and approval from several academics, as well as from several occult, Satanist, Pagan, Goth and even Vampyre groups around the world.

“It’s a unique piece. Nothing else like it has ever been done before.”

While the earlier version (v 1.03) is still available as a free download on the ARF site (and as a free human rights advocacy piece which was distributed to governments, governmental agencies, police and law enforcement, religious entities, and world media bodies during 2013, v1.04 will be available soon in Kindle and paperback formats.


STAT Endorsements:

Endorsement represents the following:

  • Each religious or sub-cultural authority, whether an individual or a group, signified by inclusion in the relevant listing below, certifies the content of the general portions of this site and/or document, AND the relevant portions of the site and/or document pertaining to their own specific religious group or sub-culture, as reasonably true, accurate and a correct reflection of that group.
  • Additionally, the intent of the Project as a whole, as stated in the “About” portion of the website and/or document is supported and endorsed by these authorities, giving consent to be associated with the Project, the website information resource and the document.

The following authorities, being respected individuals or groups within their respective religions, communities and/or subcultures, endorse this Project:

Pagan religion:

  • The South African Pagan Rights Alliance (SAPRA) [South Africa]
  • Bronwyn Katzke – Editor, Penton Pagan Magazine [South Africa]

Satanist religion:

  • The Church of Satan (CoS) – Atheistic LaVeyan Satanism [San Francisco, USA]
  • Ordo Luciferi – Luciferianism [USA]

Vampi(y)re subculture:

  • The South African Vampyre Alliance (SAVA) [South Africa]
  • The Atlanta Vampire Alliance (AVA) [Atlanta, GA, USA]
  • Suscitatio Enterprises LLC [Atlanta, GA, USA]
  • Dr D.J. Williams [USA]
  • The Canadian Collaborative Vampire & Otherkin Alliance (CCVOA) [Canada]
  • Coven d’Eir (CdE) [Durban, KZN, South Africa]
  • Manchester Vampire Guild (MVG) [Manchester, England, UK]

Gothic Subculture: (included in v1.04)

  • The South African Gothic Society (SAGS) [South Africa]

ENDORSEMENT by Other Non-participating Authorities:

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The content of this site and/or document as a whole is endorsed as a reasonably true, accurate and correct reflection of the religious and sub-cultural groups represented in this Project, signified by inclusion in the relevant listing below, and symbolizing support for the intent of the Project as a whole, as stated in the “About” portion of the website and/or document, is supported and endorsed by these authorities, which or whom did not participate in the compilation or creation of this summary – and further, giving consent to be associated with the Project, in both website information resource and document form.

The following authorities, being respected individuals or groups within their respective religions, communities and/or subcultures, fields of academic research or expertise, endorse this Project as a whole:


  • Dr D.J. Williams, MSW, PhD is an Assistant Professor of Social Work, Sociology & Criminal Justice at Idaho State University. He completed doctorate and postdoctorate studies at the University of Alberta, and has conducted research in Canada and the United States. He is an expert in the areas of forensic social work and deviant leisure.

General Human Rights:

Governmental Agencies:

Legal: None


  • John W. Morehead, MA in Intercultural Studies from Salt Lake Theological Seminary, Director of the Evangelical Chapter of the Foundation for Religious Diplomacy and Director of the Western Institute for Intercultural Studies.
  • Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance (Religious [Ontario, Canada] 

Other: None


  • “1) Excellent paper, well written and organized. 2) Not enough people are made aware of South Africa and SRA   propaganda. . . for this I commend you.” – Etu Malku, Ordo Luciferi (Luciferian)
  • “My friend, let whoever you lecture know that an official media rep from The Church of Satan gave you their support….VERY well done!” – Corvis Nocturnum, occult author, publisher (Atheistic Satanist)
  • “I think this is a fine resource. I appreciate the acknowledgement of my small contribution in the end. I hope it helps with the situation in South Africa and beyond, and I look forward to seeing the final product. I will promote it when that is appropriate.” – John W. Morehead – MA in Intercultural Studies from Salt Lake Theological Seminary, Director of the Evangelical Chapter of the Foundation for Religious Diplomacy and Director of the Western Institute for Intercultural Studies.
  • “The entire document looks very interesting and informative. Excellent!” – Dr D.J. Williams, MSW, PhD.
  • “As a goth, and as the founding member of the South African Gothic Society, I have been privileged to review this lengthy document produced by the Alternative Religions & Subculture Demystification Project, and more specifically the gothic section. The writer/ editor/ compiler has done a marvelous job in researching, clarifying and providing a deeper look into the culture and lifestyle of gothdom, sharing information which is valuable not only to goths, but to the general outsiders who lack sufficient information about what it is to be a goth. This project provides an in-depth look into the various different styles that exist in the gothic lifestyle/subculture, bringing forward much needed information to the uninformed, the ill-informed, and the misinformed. This project has the full support of the South African Gothic Society.” – MGR, South African Gothic Society (SAGS).
  • “What an amazing document you have written! We look forward to obtaining your book. I am located in Canada where we experienced a lot of anti-Wiccan and SRA panic back in the 1980’s until the mid 1990’s. I started up our web site in early 1995, when the fear and panic was still very strong. Reading some of your essay transported me back to that era.” – Bruce Robinson, Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance (Religious
  • “This paper is well written, accurate, and captures the essence of the Vampire Community. It explains the basics in a clear, logical way, demystifying the subculture for those really interested enough to learn about us.” – Davis Campbell, founder, Canadian Co-operative Vampire & Otherkin Alliance.
  • “This is a very informative document and goes straight to the point, very well written.” – Ethereal Dark, Manchester Vampire Guild.
  • “I saw it cited in a newspaper article and hunted it down. Wow, so well written. Shew you have said this all so well. Exactly what I have covered in my classes. Drawing on anthropology and sociology we explore how symbols are differently interpreted by different communities and how this becomes the source of discrimination and violence. On the humorous side, my students were completely freaked out when I started. I had them explore different meanings behind “Satanism”. They looked at me with big eyes as if I had completely lost it. But they accepted the challenge because they realized that as prospective teachers they could not contribute to the satanic panic. But ‘Satanism: the Acid Test’ is brilliant. The conflation of Paganism and spiritual Satanism is difficult to deal with because people are so quick to label anything they don’t understand as “Satanism”. It’s one thing educating my students but we hit the wall when we go into schools. When I first saw it, my thinking was that this is a long overdue work. So congratulations.” – Dr. Rene Ferguson, Lecturer in Religion, Human Rights and Citizenship Studies at the Wits School of Education.
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