The Pink Community – The Facts

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This quick and easy reference guide provides straight-forward answers to the most common questions, false accusations and misconceptions surrounding LGBTI issues – with clickable links and references to back up responses with serious, credible and scientific responses, and is a MUST-HAVE tool in the arsenal for full-time and casual human rights activists online and offline.


  • Published: Jan 28, 2017 (2nd Edition)
  • Words: 10,995.

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Why this information brochure?

It is becoming increasingly clear through the relentless attacks on the pink community that there is a great deal of ignorance among the heterosexual and cisgender communities about what it means to be gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender or intersex. This ignorance leads to fulfillment of that old saying about people fearing the unknown – and so that is the purpose of this booklet – making the unknown known, and thereby lifting the veil of ignorance on a subject some people only hear about coming from those who incite hatred, lies and propaganda. Astounding hatred is vented against people in the media, be it newspapers, TV programs, the internet or even in social groups or religious institutions, solely based upon ignorance and the fear caused by such ignorance.

Who is it intended for?

This booklet is aimed at people who have only known gay or transgender people from exposure in the media, be they portrayed accurately or not, and those who have never met or known gay or trans people personally. It is also intended to help people who have GLBTI relatives to understand who these people are, what makes them who they are and to help them accept them for who they are.

It is also aimed at experienced human rights activists who are looking for a handy collection of facts to use in any confrontations online – or in real life.

With clickable links to online references & resources!”


“The Pink Community – The Facts” by Christina Engela is an information and activist resource for LGBT rights activists which is available as a free ebook download featuring clickable links and quotes from important news and academic articles which can be useful when dealing with homophobes or transphobes who quote junk-science and propaganda against the cause of LGBT equality.

Originally released in 2009, this book is now in its Second Edition (2017), featuring new and updated material.

Free to you as a public service gesture from the author!

New release: “The Pink Community – The Facts” – Second Edition! Back in 2009 when I was in full swing of my human rights advocacy and running two LGBT rights groups (SA GLAAD and ECGLA), I put together an online information resource which mainly consisted of useful quotes and links to articles online.

As an activist who campaigned a lot on social media against bigotry in form of homophobia and transphobia, these links came in handy to post as replies to enraged bigots, rather than typing out lengthy replies each time! Instead, the link would manifest with a reference to a useful scientific or medical article that would invalidate the bigot’s viewpoint, and they would be left there, seething, embarrassed, with egg on their faces!

Gradually this list grew until it migrated from a text file I kept on my PC, into a Word document – and then, when I started my blog “Sour Grapes: The Fruit of Ignorance”, I dedicated several pages to it there. Later, in about 2012, I migrated it to my official author site, where it still lurks, as a free resource for human rights advocacy. This allowed for page hierarchies rather than just a huge cluster (or clutter!) of pages on a site!

I also thought it would be a good idea to share it, so back in 2009 I made it available in booklet form via Lulu as a free download. There it stayed, still being regularly downloaded, until I took it down for an overhaul in 2016. The overhaul is now complete, and “The Pink Community – The Facts” Second Edition is once again available – freshly formatted and with extra information and resources, and updated clickable external links to articles! Relevant portions of each article are faithfully quoted.

It features the following graphic I made to illustrate the LGBT Hysteria Triangle:


This booklet is made available as a FREE download, by me, as a public service to the cause of human rights. It is 83 pages long, and can be printed from the epub format document.



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