Announcing the Quantum Series

Well hello there, folks! 🙂 Here’s a little news for you:

As you know I’m the author of the Galaxii Series, of which two titles have already been re-published by J.Ellington Ashton (JEA) Press, and the third is still pending. The Galaxii Series – at least as far as my fiction writing career is concerned – has been my life’s work. I started writing it since I was a fresh-faced 12-year-old starting high school. (Before that I wrote stories about Roman soldiers and fantasized about blending archaeology, dinosaurs and a band of lost Roman soldiers wandering Southern Africa – LOL – but more about that another time!) When you write sci-fi and fantasy, change is more than a constant, it’s pretty much a fact of life – and so, I have an exciting announcement to make – a new series of sci-fi/fantasy novels, with added Quantum-ness!

Black Sunrise

The one problem that overshadowed the Galaxii Series for me was the timeline. I have 8 finished novels that have been part of the plan for Galaxii Series since day one – but there are also a batch of unfinished stories (and a few concept stories) that still need to go into the sequence here and there. I also don’t always use the same characters in every book – sometimes they overlap, sometimes not.

Between “Dead Beckoning” and a later title, “Black Sunrise“, there is a timeline gap of around a century, and while I really wanted to fill that gap as quickly as possible with new titles, it just wasn’t possible. Meanwhile, publishers want to put out the next book in the sequence after the last one, so it gets a little awkward and complicated if you’re an author with some unfinished works lying fallow between them.

Black Sunrise” featured new settings and characters mostly completely unrelated to the characters in the first three titles. The story-telling style I used is also starkly different in the first three novel – being distinctly darker than the later offerings. The difference in style could cause some consistency issues for the readers later. This dilemma resulted in me shuffling some of the titles around more and more, and then back and forth to the original sequence, giving me some rather daunting headaches! In April 2016 I finally hit upon the solution – I would split the Galaxii Series in two!

While this might seem a little drastic, it really solved a few problems that weren’t going away! The original sequence of titles would remain intact up to title 3, and I could add more titles to it at the end without affecting the progress of the new series built around the four titles moved from the end of the Galaxii Series, to which I could also add onto independently in future. More importantly, this also meant that I needn’t further delay the publication of already completed novels further along in the series!

Thus, I have the Galaxii Series (“Blachart“, “Demonspawn” and “Dead Beckoning“), and now also the Quantum Series, featuring “Black Sunrise“, “The Time Saving Agency“, “Dead Man’s Hammer” and “Loderunner“!

How will the Quantum Series look? Well, to give you a little foretaste, here is the cover of “Black Sunrise“, book 1 in the Quantum Series by Christina Engela – (No, these are not the actual title graphics that will be used in the final product, THIS IS ONLY AN EXAMPLE).

Black Sunrise Cover test

As another look into how things are progressing with “Black Sunrise”, this is the title page in formatting, which is currently in process!


(This is what it looks like in the formatting program my formatter at LightBearer uses, but when done there will be no lines!)

Stay tuned for news of this exciting new release!

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