August Update

You may have been wondering what I have been up to lately… and as usual, the answer is ‘up to no good’! Since my former publisher and I parted ways in May, I have re-released all of my previously published works, including three titles in the Galaxii Series and over the past few weeks, four in the Quantum Series. I am currently busy finalizing the cover artwork and illustrations for “Innocent Minds“, a rather unusual little story that falls somewhere between sci-fi, humor and children’s stories… because it is a children’s story for adults!

What is a ‘children’s story for adults’? Well, it’s a pseudo-children’s story with some more mature content  and humor aimed at adults… with illustrations.

The cover art has been colored, and all interior art has already been added to the manuscript, ready to be uploaded to the POD site. Below is a sample of the cover image in black & white to give you a little foretaste! Yes, I know, it’s a low-res image, but the full version will be along soon, in full color glory!

Innocent Minds

“When a sci-fi author makes an honest attempt to write a story for children, the hilarious and mind-bending result is something the author never expected… a children’s story – for ADULTS!

Deanna is a quaint planet, home to odd-ball quantum physicist Dr. von Gleichstein and his little dog Vluffy… and a few uninvited guests.

The Herr Doktor and Vluffy are faced with quite a conundrum – even bigger than the Doktor regularly losing his eyebrows. Their home is overrun by mutant two-headed cockroaches – and not even a hammer will stop them! However will they solve this problem?

Innocent Minds is an endearing tale set in the Quantum Series universe created by Christina Engela.

The illustrations were well worth the finger-cramps.”

As an added treat for you, my loyal fans *wink* here is a color panel from this story:


Meanwhile, I also have some other projects on the boil. My dad’s collection of African bushveld stories “African Assignment“, which was also released by my former publisher in 2015, will again be re-released by me. I also have a collection of poetry written by members of the local Vampire Community to finish, and I’m also busy finishing off an actual children’s story “Other Kids Are Kids Almost Just Like You” which addresses homophobic and gender-based bullying. Below is a color sample of one of the illustrations (by Amanda M. Lyons) from that book:

group photo at end

Once done with all this ‘catching up’ as it were, I may get back to the messy business of actually writing new material!

In other news, my fan group on Facebook recently passed the milestone of reaching 6000 members, and to celebrate that event I gave away several e-copies of “Black Sunrise” to lucky members of that group. This event went so well that I decided to make it a regular feature of the group, so when we reach 7000 members I will do so again – the group has just passed 6500 this morning, so that won’t be too far off! Stay tuned for more news, folks!

See you at the bookshelf! 🙂

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