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“The Awakening”

20200705_The Awakening A2 acrylic canvas

I started this piece in June 2020 and completed it on July 05 – in just over a week!



The painting shows a surreal city-scape with a cluster of figures gathered at the bottom. The characters are uniform in color without any features at all, except for one who is on its knees, hands clasped around its head. It has a screaming mouth and eyes which are emitting a bright light. A circular halo of light also surrounds the central figure’s head and upper body. The other featureless figures are looking on, turned and posed as if to suggest the central figure holds their attention. Everything in the picture is in shades of gray, with the darkest being at the bottom of the painting, the street surface – fading lighter and lighter upwards to the sky. The buildings are likewise blank and featureless – the entire world in this representation is homogenous, disingenuous and insincere; a somnambulant mundane society that blindly conforms, obeys and follows paths set for it by higher authorities.

The central figure is different to all the others in that it has visible features; it has separate limbs and a face – and it is obviously feeling emotion of some kind while the rest appear nothing more than mildly distracted or even slightly curious. The light emanating from its eyes – boiling over through the cracks spreading through its cranium – it’s hands trying to contain the pressure of the enlightenment and self-realization that has ignited inside its mind!

The onlooker to the right of the central figure appears to be showing more interest than the others, and as such might be considered likely to be inspired to follow its path – however there’s also the question of choice – will it choose to embrace self-knowledge (gnosis) or will it follow the herd to act in order to suppress it?

The piece is a rebellion against staid compliance, conformity and mindless herd mentality.

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