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“The Earth Wept”

20200712 The Earth Wept 40x40cm acrylic canvas

I started and completed this piece in July 2020, completing it on July 12- in just over a week!



The painting shows the Earth globe with familiar continents, Africa, Europe, the Americas approximated, over which a face has been superimposed; eyes closed and weeping, eyebrows turned up in grief, below them a mouth distorted in a grimace of emotional trauma. The tears are in different colors as they emerge from each eye – on the left, black, brown, medium-brown, yellow, white to represent the races of Humanity, and where they trickle down the cheek of the ocean, they merge and turn into a stream of blood forming a blood drop at the bottom of the globe where it lingers about to drop off into space. The right eye does the same, but with colors of the rainbow, representing the different groups categorized by colors of the LGBT flag.

The significance of these representations can be interpreted in several ways; that although Humans come in different colors on the outside, as well as in different groups in terms of our sexuality and gender identities, we are all Humans and we all bleed the same color. Also, since the tears emanate from the eyes of the Earth this can also mean that the Earth has watched us and seen everything we do to each other, and since its eyes are closed, has tired of seeing our cruelty to one another. It weeps, emitting tears for all of us, and the tears come from the Earth just as Humans have done, as a parent weeps for their lost and endangered children – the Earth, our global Mother, mourns for all those suffering and dying as a result of persecution, racism, homophobia, transphobia and xenophobia.

The painting is an argument against the futility of hatred, bigotry, prejudice, racism and aggression and separation between people. Arguing our separation is facetious, meaningless because we come from the same source – are essentially the same inside – and return to it in the end.

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