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Critical Reviews:

I think it’s an “instant classic,” and give it five stars

“‘Other Kids Are Kids Almost Just Like You’ digs deep into the reality that children come in all shapes and sizes. But more importantly, it’s perfectly okay that they do! There are so many impactful lines of text in this book that it would be impossible to select my favorite. Come see for yourself!

Rhyming can be difficult for many children’s book authors. However, author Christina Engela gives us a master class on how to do it just right in this book. The words flow beautifully. It’s as if they bounce from page to page. Further, the words are so carefully chosen to meet the creative illustrations that capture the uniqueness of every child portrayed. This is why I think it’s an “instant classic,” and give it five stars. I highly recommend this book for anyone rearing children in today’s diverse world!” – Dr. Robert F. DeFinis, Ed.D. March 18, 2021.

The author’s approach to the subject is unique and different

“‘Other Kids Are Kids Almost Just Like You’ by Christina Engela celebrates the concept of diversity and how precious every child is. This book is about intolerance, diversity, and bullying and encourages readers to accept everyone, irrespective of their differences based on gender, race, and color. The book also emphasizes being compassionate to everyone, regardless of their color, status, and gender. Bullying and intolerance are relevant topics in today’s times and this book is good for read-aloud sessions in classrooms to help children be more tolerant and compassionate towards others. The illustrations lend clarity to the concept and help readers connect with the author’s words. The author’s approach to the subject is unique and different, and she makes the book appealing to children with the help of colorful illustrations. It is a good book to teach children to be kind and compassionate.”Mamta Madhavan for Readers’ Favorite, Oct 17, 2019.

Reader’s Comments:

A Book For All Children

“A book for all children, teaching respect, compassion and empathy for others.” – Bobbie Jo Justice, review on “Other Kids Are Kids Almost Just Like You”, March 22, 2018.

A Small Gem

“Author and activist Christina Engela’s ‘Other Kids are Kids Almost Just Like You’ is a small gem, a humorous, non-didactic children’s book that sings the joys of difference, whether it be race, sexual orientation or just the pride of individuality. ‘Other Kids’ teaches a gentle lesson about the serious issue of bullying.” “With beautiful illustrations by Amanda M. Lyons and a powerful, humor-infused message to kids: it’s not only ok to be different, it’s brilliant.” – Alex S. Johnson, Author of ‘The Doom Hippies’, 2016.

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