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Where Darkness Softly Treads

Action! Adventure! Battle Droids!

What to expect: Marcellus is a lost colony, cut off from the rest of Humanity for decades – and worse, ravaged by a decades old civil war.

A conflict to rival that of all the grand-scale wars of Human history rages across the planet, with one side pitted against the other for so long that the original causes of the war have been long forgotten, and combatants fight for hatred’s sake, in a pitched battle between good and evil, with neither side anywhere near considering peace talks. For the Terran Empire, bringing peace to Marcellus after nearly a century of war, can only be realistically achieved by intervening – and picking a side to help win.

From orbit, Meri “Hal” Halloway of the Intelligence Division of the Imperial Space Fleet, operates from the I.S.S. Montague in orbit, supplying weapons and consular services to the Libs to continue their fight to defeat the Cons. It’s on one of these trips that her shuttle is shot down and she’s captured by a Con patrol. The crash is witnessed by the Lib soldiers who picked up the weapons she’d supplied earlier. Although Lt. Nita Harrison of the 25th Special Forces Group, Covert Division, Libcratic Marcellan Militia and her men, have little to no time for “Earthans”, the tortured and severely injured Hal is rescued.

What will Hal do now that she’s stranded on Marcellus, a war-torn, isolated planet, until she can return to her orbital base? What kind of relationship will grow between her and Nita – and how will the Terran influence affect the outcome of the war, and the future for the people of the colony?


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