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Since 2005, Christina Engela has edited numerous works for diverse writers, including publishers and small presses, family and friends, and paying private clients. As far as editing for publishers is concerned, she’s previously edited for LightBearer Publishing and Riot Pink, and lately between 2020 and 2021, she proofread and edited for Moon Books Publishing on a freelance basis.

Edits by Christina Engela:

Family Engagements:

Where it all began: Christina started her editing career by editing several titles by her late parents, Theo (1930-1985) and her mother Yvonne (1934-2013) as well as for her wife Wendy “Kay” Engela.

Private Editing Commissions:

Since 2016, Christina also began to edit work for other indie authors. The following edits were commissioned by their various creators;

Edits For Moon Books Publishing:

The following titles were commissioned for editing by Christina Engela by Moon Books Publishing;

Reviews Christina has received for her editing services:

Christina has received the following reviews for her editing;

“Christina did a fabulous job editing my manuscript and she was quick too! I feel much more confident having her on my team, and I’m thankful for her time and effort.” – Jennifer J. Lopez, author of “Why I Cried: Tales from Hysterical Pregnant Women” (October 16, 2020).

“The best editing is an art form read rather than seen. Editors must keep an eye towards correctness while enhancing and maintaining the style and feeling the author is striving to express. On the worrisome side of editing, there are those who mangle a malign characters or compromise the entire focus of the story (been there, experienced that). While my experience with Christina Engela is limited, I found her standards and sense of style refreshing. I submitted my stories to her with the usual sense of fear and foreboding, but I was in for a big surprise! When she returned my edited material, she included notes with various suggestions to improve my story. While our styles are different, she ‘got it’! I was shown mistakes that I’d clearly missed, while she also encouraged me to be a better writer – which ought to be the resultant outcome of working with any editor.” – H.G. Emert – author of “Conversation With A Dead Man” and “Exile Recalled” (October 01, 2020).

“Christina performed a fantastic editing service for my novel. I was blown away by the pace she worked at, her accuracy, and the improvements she made. It would be no understatement to say she went above and beyond what I expected and was incredible value for the more than reasonable cost for her services. I look forward to using Christina again in the future as I know I’ll be in safe hands.” – Steve McElhenny, author of “Avenging Aranis” (Sept 07, 2020).

“In running Moon Books Publishing I know the value of a good proofreader and editor. Christina is a proven author who has released over 30 books, so she knows the ins and outs of writing. I’ve discovered that not only is she witty, bright and verbose in her writing, but she is also meticulous and professional in her proofreading and editing skills. You won’t find a more professional proofreader and editor than Christina. That is why I will ALWAYS choose her to handle proofreading and editing at Moon Books Publishing.” – Brandon Mullins, publisher, CEO Moon Books Publishing (Aug 29, 2020).

“I recently had the pleasure of an editorial experience with Ms. Engela. As an entry level author and with some trepidation, I submitted work to Ms. Engela for editing, uncertain of what to expect from the process. Ms. Engela read and corrected my work. Her approach is professional, encouraging yet precisely on point. There was not ever a need to query the work she did on my script. I was also particularly impressed with her turn around time. I would strongly recommend her editorial services and I look forward to a time when I can work with her again.” – Cedar J. Lockheart, author of “Skinwalker” (Aug 28, 2020).

“Christina Engela is an excellent editor. She helped me open my mind to a different perspective, to see my work through the eyes of the reader. Most importantly she taught me more about writing than any teacher in my entire 12 years of education! I’d rate her at 100 out of 10!” – Anya Louw, author of “The Darkness Within Me” and “Normanwood” (Aug 28, 2020).

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