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Having come from a musical family, Christina Engela had a love for music from a young age. Her father’s side of the family was incredibly musical – her grandmother had been an organist and pianist, and most of her aunts and uncles were either pianists or singers. Her mother Yvonne Engela also played the piano, and one of her maternal aunts was principal violinist in the East London Philharmonic Orchestra. Her dad, Theo Engela had studied music at Rhodes University with the intention of becoming a classical pianist, and had already started schooling her in music theory from the age of 5. She started piano lessons from 8 years of age, but later gave them up at 16 as she felt less interested in piano playing than in writing.

In 1986, she wrote lyrics to a piece she’d been learning in music lessons, “The Sleighride” by Mozart, as if just to prove a point.

In 2012 Christina restored one of three dilapidated antique violins left to her by her father after his death in 1985, and began to teach herself to play – just to see if she could.

Making Music

Beginning in 1999, Christina created a few mixed genre (house, techno) tracks using a plethora of tools (like eJay, SoundForge and so on). Initially she compiled a few albums mostly for her own pleasure, and also handed out the occasional demo disc with printed covers to show what she can do!

 Here is a short list of her self-made albums:

  • “Sonic Dread” (1999)
  • “Maybe Forever” (2005)
  • “New Love” (2006)
  • “Majestic (demo)” (2008)
  • “Majestic – The Best of Christina Engela 1999-2008” (2020)

Some of her friends enjoyed some of her creations, so she thought why not post them here for everyone to enjoy as well?

This is a selection of tracks, including the nice ones and maybe some not-so-nice ones – that greatly depends on your taste! If you like them, let her know. If not, well… c’est la vie – and just keep it to yourself if you can’t say something nice! Fun was had by all. So here you go, listen, enjoy!

Just click and enjoy via YouTube.

“Majestic – The Best of Christina Engela 1999-2008” (Artist Name: “Christina Engela” Year: 2020 Genre: House, Techno, Mixed.)

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