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A Date With The Devil: Occult & Satanic Calendars Debunked

A Date With The Devil: Occult & Satanic Calendars Debunked

In this book I address the so-called “occult calendars” referenced in news media in order to connect crimes to new religious movements like Satanism, Neo-Paganism etc.

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The aim of this book is to examine in detail so-called “occult” or “satanic” calendars which have been in circulation since 1986; circulated chiefly by Christian religious figures, organizations and elements within law enforcement agencies and media in the USA, UK and South Africa; and in so doing, to demonstrate conclusively that these calendars have no basis in fact when used to denote or describe the religious practices or beliefs of new religious movements such as Satanism or Neo-paganism; and – once and for all – to define such “occult/satanic calendars” as being no more than a vicious slander, a propaganda tool created and used by modern Christian witch hunters to sustain belief in the myth of “Satanic Ritual Abuse” – and ultimately, as a tool used to persecute occult religions and those who identify with them.

Keywords: Satanism, Neo-paganism, Witchcraft, New Religious Movements, conflation, pseudo-satanism, satanic-panic hysteria, Balsiger, misconceptions, deception, satanic ritual abuse, law enforcement, occult related crimes unit, South Africa, Christianity, persecution.

Originally released in 2021 as an academic paper, now also available as an eBook, coming soon in paperback form.

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